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...I Ate the Whole Thing (全部食っちゃうぞ Zenbu kutchau zo?) is the 84th chapter of the manga it is also the fourth and final chapter of the Akane vs Kodachi - Cookie Battle Arc.


Akane gets trapped in a large vice that springs from the floor in the Kuno home, and Kodachi tells Ranma that to free her he'll have to find the key she dropped in the dinner she made for him.

Plot Overview

While Ranma deals with Kuno, Akane continues her search for Ranma so she can punish him for (she believes) a picture of him kissing Kodachi. Just then Akane, notices a pigtail around a corner, believing it to be Ranma, she quickly runs behind and grabs the pigtail. However, this turns out to be a trap which leaves Akane trapped between two sections of the floor that have raised up in a manner similar to a vice.

Ranma finds Akane caught in the vice.

Ranma (who's changed back into his male form) walks along the Kuno Estate, thinking to himself that he should probably start heading home as he no reason to stay at the Estate anymore. He then comes across Akane, who's stopping the vice from crushing her by pushing on the two floor sections. Before Ranma can learn why Akane's in this predicament, Kuno appears and attempts to give Akane a bouquet of flowers, but is stopped by Ranma jumping on top of him.

Returning to his original plan, Ranma starts to head home, but Akane demands he comes back and assist her. After dealing with Kuno for a second time, Ranma asks Akane if she shouldn't be saying "I'm sorry for doubting you" or "Help me please". Akane, however, tells Ranma not to push his look, this causes Ranma to easily give up before noting that Akane obviously doesn't need him given how macho she is. Angered, Akane attempts to push the two floor sections apart, but when she does both her and Ranma (who's lying on top of the vice at this point) get electrocuted.

The shock causes Akane to lose her holding on the vice and she gets trapped in it before losing consciousness. At that moment, Kodachi appears and explains that forcing the vice open will cause an electric shock. She continues by saying that there is a key, but she's carelessly gotten it mixed in with the food she'd prepared for Ranma.

Ranma finds the key, but it's useless as Akane's already broken the vice.

After a brief examination of the food, Ranma rushes off and brings back and dog along with a fish in a bowl. Ranma then gives the animals some of the food, to check for poisons, but they don't suffer any ill-effects and Kodachi adds that there isn't any poison is the food as well. By the time Akane comes-to, Ranma is already stuffing himself with Kodachi's meal.

Akane tells Ranma that this is no time for him to be stuffing his face, but he just tells her to be quiet. Ranma then compliments Kodachi's cooking, something which Kodachi happily accepts. Akane, meanwhile, is becoming more and more frustrated with Ranma as he wouldn't even try one of her cookies, yet more than gladly gorges himself on Kodachi's cooking. Back at the table, and Ranma has just found the key to the vice. He doesn't have time to use it, however, as Akane has freed herself by breaking the vice and uses the broken section to hit Ranma for insulting her cooking skills.

Once the pair recover from a mild electric shock, Ranma tells Akane that jealously past a certain point stops being cute. Akane shouts at Ranma, asking why she would be jealous over a... Unfortunately, Akane can't get herself to finish her sentence, giving Ranma opportunity to bombard her with questions about why she's so mad and why should she care whose cooking he eats.

Ranma feels the effects of the paralysis potion Kodachi laced his food with.

Unable to think of an answer, Akane decides to go home. Initially Ranma wonders what's up with Akane, so follows her, but soon regrets it when Akane passes a pot Vase, which she uses to hit Ranma. This causes Ranma to begin shouting at Akane that he won't bother helping her ever again, but before he can finish his sentence he begins to feel a bit odd. Kodachi then walks over, carrying the dog from earlier, and notes that it seems the paralysis potion in the food is starting to take effect.

Out the back of the Estate, Akane is walking off with her plate of cookies in her hand. Akane calls Ranma a jerk as she made the cookies just for him, but he won't even try them. She continues by asking herself how Ranma can know if they're awful without trying them, especially when she was so proud of making them...

Back, inside and Ranma has had his arms trapped by the collar which held the film negative. Ranma asks Kodachi what she's planning, Kodachi (who's setting up a camera) explains that she's going to make the altered photograph a reality! Outside the window, Akane is listening in and hears that the picture she saw was altered, and falsely notes that she knew that the whole time. Ranma tries to escape, but gets electrocuted prompting Kodachi to remind Ranma that the collar is made of memory metal and nothing will open it apart from hot water.

Akane allows Ranma to try some of her hand-made cookies.

Kodachi then moves in to try and kiss Ranma, but he begins to jump around the room to avoid her. Ranma then rests on the Chandelier and tells Kodachi to catch him first, however, this is a fruitless effort as the Chandelier is an "easy clean" model, so comes down from the celling. The impact causes Ranma to momentarily lose consciousness, giving Kodachi to opportunity to move in for a kiss. However, suddenly some hot water pours over Ranma and when Kodahci demands to know who's there, Ranma is able to sneak away to the gap above the celling. Oddly, Ranma notices that in the darkness that Akane's plate of cookies is hiding up there.

Some time later, Ranma finds Akane and offers to return her plate of cookies. Akane says that she doesn't want them, so Ranma says that she won't mind if he helped himself to them then. Ranma asks if this is alright, and after a moment of silent shock, Akane says that it's fine. That evening, Kasumi and Genma tend to Ranma who's on the floor in pain. Akane, meanwhile, thinks to herself that was sure she got the recipe correct.

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