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A Formidable New Disciple Appears (恐るべき新弟子現わる Osorubeki Shindeshi Arawaru?) is the 56th episode of Ranma ½ Nettohen.

The Tendo Dojo gains a new student when martial arts disciple Genji Heita decides he wants to learn Anything Goes. Unfortunately, the bright but naive young man did so after seeing Happosai in action, meaning he wants to learn from the "great master"...

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Plot Overview

A peaceful day in Nerima is disrupted as Ranma Saotome and Happosai go racing through the streets, Ranma trying to stop yet another of Happosai's panty raids. Though Ranma is dead serious about this, Happosai treats it all as one big joke, effortlessly tripping Ranma up by throwing a can of juice under his foot and then blowing him away with his favorite attack. As the old pervert runs away, a tall, stocky, shaven-headed youth with a large traditional barrel on his back watches him go, repeats the name of Happosai's style and declares that he has got to get into this.

Genji admires Happo-Fire Burst.

Shortly afterwards, the Tendo Dojo is once again a scene of confusion and havoc as Ranma furiously chases Happosai around the house, trying to beat him for interrupting Ranma's bath in the attempt to force Ranma into changing shapes. While Genma, Kasumi, Nabiki and Akane all take this blithely, Soun Tendo dramatically asks how the Anything Goes school can be expected to continue if this keeps up. He is ignored -- in fact, Ranma accidentally slaps him in the face with the towel he is trying to use as a weapon against Happosai. Into this scene of chaos, a stranger's voice comes from the doorway, and Kasumi goes to investigate. When she returns, her report that Soun has a new disciple brings Ranma and Happosai to a literally crashing halt.

While the Tendos meet the stranger at the door, as is proper, Happosai and the Saotomes eavesdrop around the corner. The stranger is the tall youth from earlier that day, who introduces himself as Genji Heita, and humbly asks to be accepted. Curious, Soun asks how Genji became interested in Anything Goes Martial Arts, and grows nervous indeed when Genji explains how enthralled he was by the remarkable strength and talent he saw Happosai displaying in town earlier that day, and thusly Genji wants to become a martial artist just like that. Soun nervously tries to break the subject of Happosai not exactly being an ideal martial artist to emulate, but is cut off when Happosai leaps onto his head, asking if Genji is truly saying that he wants to be like Happosai. Genji insists that this is so, but is bemused when Happosai declares he'll have to hold Genji to that before putting on his sneaking mask and running off. Soun promptly catches hold of Genji's arm, terrified of what might happen if Genji realises that Happosai is vastly more of a pervert than a martial artist, and dissuades him by saying he should not disrupt Happosai's training.

At this, Genji relents, going on to state that if it means mastering Anything Goes himself, there is no sacrifice he's unwilling to make. Soun asks in shock if learning their techniques is really that important to him, while Genma holds up a sign declaring how touched he is, seconds before the two masters of the branches of Anything Goes embrace each other, weeping in joy at finding such a student. While Kasumi idly congratulates her father, Genji turns to Akane in bemusement, asking if it isn't illegal to keep pandas as pets. Akane struggles to explain Genma's unique condition to their new houseguest, when Ranma comes stalking into the room and rudely proclaims that he and his father are guests at the Tendo Dojo; does Genji have a problem with that? Ranma's mood only gets worse when Genji identifies him as the guy he saw Happosai beat up earlier.

Turning back to Soun and Genma, Genji reveals that he doesn't intend to stay at the Tendo Dojo for free. Shrugging the bundle off of his back, he reveals it's a heavily laden traditional rice bale; a down payment for their accepting him as a student. His folks run a farm, so when that runs out, they can easily send out another bale. Delighted by this windfall, Soun and Genma welcome Genji with open arms and lead him inside, while Ranma irritably declares Soun will take in just about anyone. Akane zings him that it's true, he took in the Saotomes after all, and then walks off. Ranma irkedly proclaims that Akane is so uncute once she's gone.

Genji describes his warm-up routine.

Some time later, as a gentle rain falls outside, Genma resumes his human form and joins Soun inside the dojo proper with Genji. Soun and Genma practice some kiais (battlecries) and explain that these are an important part of learning martial arts to their newfound student. Genji confusedly asks if he shouldn't first learn the techniques of Happosai, but Genma cuts him off and patiently tells him that will come in due time. Accepting this, Genji asks if he should go through his usual warm up first, which he proclaims isn't anything difficult. To Soun and Genma's shock, though, it's something far more intense than anything either of them do; 2000 punches, 3000 squats, 4000 pushups and 5000 situps. He begins to extend an invitation to join him, but is cut off when the roof starts to leak, with Soun and Genma declaring that it looks like they'll have to call it a day. Genji then declares he'll just go fix the roof and runs off to do that.

When Akane arrives to find Genji up on the dojo's roof, she is shocked, asking if this was her father's idea and suggesting that he put it off until it's dryer. Genji insists that it's no problem, and besides, the sooner it's fixed, the sooner the problem is dealt with. Akane admits that she admires Genji's sense of responsibility, then rushes to him in concern when he trips and falls off of the ladder halfway down once done. He laughs the injury off and Akane finds herself happily laughing along with him; Ranma walks out, sees this scene, then turns around and stalks right back inside.

At first, Happosai's room is chosen to be Genji's room as well, but Happosai can't concentrate on his little pleasures with Genji in there and prone to staring at him whenever Happosai makes the slightest movement, and so he is ordered into the Saotome's room. Much to Ranma's displeasure.

The next morning, Genji sweeps up leaves in the garden, reassuring Kasumi that it's alright; he actually likes doing this. As Kasumi joins the Saotomes and her sisters at the table, complimenting Genji on his hard work ethic, Akane happily notes that the strong and humble type is rare these days. Nabiki notes Genji is like the complete opposite of Ranma, and begins to suggest that Akane should dump Ranma for Genji, only for Akane to angrily cut her off before she can begin. Kasumi tells Nabiki that her timing for such a suggestion was bad... then turns to Akane and tells her that Nabiki has a point, much to Akane's annoyance.

Genma leans over to Ranma and whispers the question about whether he shouldn't be trying to stop such slander, only for Ranma to declare he doesn't care. When Genma states that Ranma will care once they get thrown out on their butts, Ranma decides to up the stakes and prove he really doesn't care by loudly proclaiming that if "Mr. Dumb-as-an-Ox" wants to marry "Miss. Built-like-an-Ox", then they can go right ahead -- they deserve each other! Akane, insulted, demands Ranma answer for that, but Ranma just casually gets up and walks away, the angry Tendo girl in hot pursuit as he wanders out through the gate and past the sweeping Genji. As he storms away, though, the distinctive umbrella of Ryoga Hibiki comes flying towards him.

Genji gives inspirational talk to Ryoga.

Ranma deflects this with a swat of his arm, but it curves in flight and then comes straight back towards Akane. Luckily, Genji pulls Akane aside at the last moment, but this just makes Ranma madder. Ryoga comes leaping onto the scene, grabs his umbrella and attacks Ranma, declaring that this is for what he did to Akane. Ranma furiously points out Ryoga was the one throwing that umbrella around and after several nimble blows charges in against his opponent, who grabs Ranma and throws him against the wall. While Ranma is stunned, Ryoga comes charging in... only for Genji to grab his arms from behind, lift him off of his feet, and then firmly place him on the ground. To Ranma's disbelief, Genji proceeds to give Ryoga an "inspirational youth" talk that has Ryoga snared hook, line and sinker. The sun proceeds to set almost instantly as the teary-eyed Ryoga goes jogging off into it alongside Genji. Ranma watches them vanish disdainfully, asking who needs them -- when Akane proclaims Ranma clearly does, Ranma is blatantly offended, and once their argument ends with Akane walking off inside, having gotten the last word, he turns around and kicks a can, growling his litany of "uncute, unsexy" to himself... before Akane throws an umbrella at the back of his head.

The next morning, as the household sits down to breakfast, Genji finishes cleaning the hall. Soun comments that Genji works extremely hard... especially for somebody who's staying at the dojo for free. Though he denies insinuating everything, both Genma and Happosai pick up on the underlying menace to Soun's words, Genma with fright, Happosai with anger. Ranma ignores his father's reaction to comment that the breakfast is actually really tasty, only to start choking when Kasumi replies to Akane that it's not a new recipe of hers -- Genji cooked it. As Akane comments in wonder on a martial artist who's also a competent chef, Ranma angrily excuses himself from the table. As he stands up, he deliberately taunts Akane by noting that Genji is a much better cook than she is, the boy in question hurrying to break things up when Akane gets ready to start fighting back with Ranma over that.

Ranma storms off to the dojo and proceeds to spend the rest of the day there, to Genji's confusion and concern about possibly having angered Ranma. Ranma trains all day, while Genji occupies himself with the laundry, fetching groceries, polishing the windows and even sewing a hem for one of the girls, to Genma's dismay. That evening, he comes into the dojo, where he finds Ranma in the upside-down meditation posture he seems to favor. Genma declares he is concerned, noting that Genji is starting to make the two of them look like a couple of good for nothing freeloaders. Ignoring Ranma's question if that's not precisely what they are, Genma tries to argue Ranma into acting more like Genji, reminding Ranma of what it was like before they settled here. Ranma simply points out that they're supposed to be martial artists, not a couple of suckups doing all the chores to prove what good in-laws they'd make. Genma incredulously asks if Ranma wants to be homeless, to which Ranma flatly asks Genma to just admit he's only concerned about himself and couldn't care less about Ranma. Genma's immediate "course not!" is not a very well-thought-out action, and he finds himself backing away from his livid son. Luckily for him, Ranma settles for merely dousing him.

Dinner that night is sukiyaki, and Genji is late. In part because he went out to get some beef for the meal. When he returns, though, he proves he doesn't do anything in short -- the whole cow slung over his shoulders is proof of that.

The next day, Genji spars with Genma, Happosai and Soun observing. Happosai comments that Genji has certainly improved, and when Soun mentions he's still not as good or fast as Ranma, Happosai counters that mental disclipine is just as important, if not more so. He proves his point by calling out that he sees a pork bun, and Genma immediately drops his guard to look for it, which Genji uses to perform a successful shoulder throw. Genma continues to disgrace himself by obliviously continuing to look for it, even as Happosai expresses his disgust in Genma's lack of discipline. Turning to Genji, Happosai compliments him on his mental discipline and fortitude. When the boy asks if it is finally time for him to spar against Happosai, the old pervert rebukes him and leads him out into the garden.

There, he gives Genji a tenugi, the handtowel he uses to make his own panty-stealing mask, and instructs Genji on how to apply it. Despite Genji's increasing nervousness, Happosai takes him to a girl's locker room at a school somewhere nearby, ready to proceed to his part of Anything Goes training. Namely, to become a panty-stealing voyeuristic pervert. Genji tries to politely question Happosai about what's going on, up until he sees him unloading the underwear from the lockers, whereupon he grabs Happosai, pulls him away, and points out in horror that this is a crime. Happosai is outraged, but before he can seriously chew Genji out, the girls return and they are forced to take shelter inside one of the lockers. But the sight of so many girls stripping down to their bras and panties is too much for Genji; he spurts blood from his nose and passes out, falling through the door in front of all the girls, to Happosai's disgust.

Happosai promptly abandons Genji to their wrath, using it as a distraction to grab what underwear he can and flee before Genji escapes. A safe distance away, Genji furiously demands an explanation, to which Happosai angrily retorts that it's Genji's fault his haul wasn't at least twice the size it is. Genji points out that stealing women's underwear is wrong, but is unprepared for the passion with which Happosai defends his "art", and finds himself swayed to the old pervert's side. Proclaiming that this will be the final test he must pass, a test of concentration, he sets Genji to stealing underwear himself. One particular raid on a bathhouse is especially a flop; Genji is beaten savagely, only retrieves one set of underwear, and it's a set of old-fashioned "bloomer" panties that have Happosai berating him fury.

Late that evening, Genji sits on a swing in an abandoned park, depressed; he has failed every time so far. Akane is passing by when she sees him and talks to him; he gives her the basics of what is going on, but not the specifics -- that he must steal underwear to prove that his powers of concentration are strong enough for Happosai's liking. Not knowing the perverse nature of his training, Akane encourages him, filling him with passion and the drive to succeed. That night, the screams of angry women echo throughout the city.

Genji rolls a ball of bras and panties into the dojo.

The next morning, the livid Akane accuses her sisters of stealing her underwear, to which they reply that they too are victims. Akane suggests that Ranma might have stolen, to which the offended teen declares he wouldn't touch her underwear if they paid him, then points out the obvious culprit. They storm into Happosai's room, only to discover that he, too, has been robbed. What feels like an earthquake then shakes the house, before the sound of breaking bricks echoes from the garden. They race there, the other adults in the house in their wake, only to find the wall has been broken down because a huge boulder of bras and panties has slammed into it. Akane and Happosai both recognize some of the samples; they're from their supply.

Which is when Genji pops out, revealing that he has completed the training, to the shock, horror and disbelief of Akane and her father. Happosai, of course, is delighted, and proclaims Genji to be an A student. Sarcastically, Ranma proclaims he's going to give up; if Genji wants the School so bad, he can have it, and asks if Akane is going to marry him to take over the dojo. Akane frantically shakes her head, and Soun desperately tries to charm Ranma into being reasonable. Humbly, Genji thanks Akane for helping him; if it weren't for his encouragement, he never would have done this. Akane is at a loss for words and then turns to Ranma, begging him to say something to help her.

Ranma merely looks at her out of one eye and then grins, thinking to himself that Akane's just realised she needs him more than she thought.

Cast in Order of Appearance

Character Name Japanese Voice English Voice
Happosai Ichirō Nagai Paul Dobson
Ranma Saotome (male) Kappei Yamaguchi Richard Cox
Genji Heita (debut) Shinnosuke Furumoto Tony Sampson
Genma Saotome (panda, human) Kenichi Ogata Robert O. Smith
Nabiki Tendo Minami Takayama Angela Costain
Akane Tendo Noriko Nagai Myriam Sirois
Kasumi Tendo Kikuko Inoue Willow Johnson
Soun Tendo Ryūsuke Ōbayashi David Kaye
Ryoga Hibiki (human) Kōichi Yamadera Michael Donovan



  • In the subtitle version of the next episode preview featuring this episode, its title is given as "The Frightening New Follower".
  • Genji Heita has star-like markings in his eyes, an animation quirk typically used to symbolize excitement, determination and dreams of fame/fortune, which was particularly common in anime and manga (especially sports series) in the seventies. Rumiko Takashi used the same character design for comedy in her earlier series, "Urusei Yatsura", where the Mizunokoji children, Tobimaro and Asuza, inherited it from their mother. Tobimaro in particular is a pastiche of the obsessively determined baseball players from manga such as Kyojin no Hoshi.
  • Happosai's initial Happo-Fire Burst attack against Ranma has fireworks as it detonates.
  • In the dub, Genji proclaims his nickname is "Heita the He-Man", while his sub nickname is "Happy-Go-Lucky Heita".
  • The scene between Ryoga and Genji is a parody of scenes in which an inspirational sensei-type character will give a troubled teenager a motivational speech that inspires them to make the most of their youth before jogging off together into the sunset. The same sort of gag was repeatedly used in the previous episode.
  • In the subtitled version, when Genma argues with Ranma about how Genji is making them look bad, Ranma explicitly notes that Anything Goes can be trained anywhere and so they don't need a dojo. This is similar to Ranma's speech to Kodachi near the end of Kodachi the Black Rose! The Beeline to True Love.
  • The concept of Happosai taking a disciple to learn how to steal underwear appears to be a modified adaptation of the manga chapter Santa's Little Disciples.


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