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A Woman's Love is War! The Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics Challenge! (女の恋は戦争よ!格闘新体操でいざ勝負 Onna no Koi wa Sensō yo! Kakutō Shintaisō de Iza Shōbu?) is the 12th episode of Ranma ½.

The oncoming Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics match gets extra tense when Kodachi reveals she is not only the younger sister of Tatewaki Kuno, but challenges Akane to make Ranma the stakes in the match - a challenge Akane agrees to! When Akane goes and injures herself the night before the match, who on earth can substitute for her...?

Relation to the Previous Episode

This episode continues on directly from the the previous one.

Plot Overview

Kodachi ambushes

At school the next morning, some of Akane's friends approach her, ask if she is really going to be substituting for the Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics competition, and wish her luck when she confirms that she is. Akane is not pleased when Ranma responds to her attempts to bolster their confidence by pointing out that Akane can't even use the tools yet, though she merely barks an indignant cry at him. Partially, this is because she senses approaching danger, and moments later is preoccupied with holding off the shinai strike of Kodachi. Akane angrily declares that Kodachi has a lot of nerve springing another surprise attack first thing in the morning, and then hurls Kodachi over to Ranma after the Black Rose of St. Hebereke claims she just came to visit Ranma.

Akane holds back

Landing gracefully in front of Ranma, Kodachi playfully asks if they should pick up where they left off last night, which prompts Ranma to nervously decline and explain that he has to get to class, running off as she cries out plaintively. In his haste, he runs into Kuno, who asks Ranma what grudge he bears against him. Ranma tells Kuno he doesn't have the time, then shivers as Kodachi takes advantage of his stillness to latch onto him from behind.

Kuno observes

Kuno walks around the pair thoughtfully, then declares that Ranma may date her; Ranma's own comment to this is drowned out by Kodachi excitedly declaring that they're officially a couple now. At this, Ranma forcibly snaps that he has no intention of going out with Kodachi, only to flinch back when angry tears start pouring down her face and she starts wailing about how Ranma hates her.

Kodachi hugs Ranma

Ranma nervously tries to explain that he doesn't, and ends up running to stand behind Akane, explaining that he's engaged to her and that's why he can't go out with her. Akane is not impressed by Ranma resorting to the mention of their engagement to get away from Kodachi's affections, calling him pathetic.

Kodachi wants to defeat Akane even more

At this, Kodachi's tears dry up and she asks if Akane really is Ranma's fiancee, then speculatively lashes out with her ribbon when Akane reluctantly confirms it. That the teens both leap back out of range does not bother her, and she goes on to suggest that the winner of the tournament gets to take Ranma Saotome.

Ranma and Akane are both outraged and dumbstruck, Akane pointing out such an idea is crazy, before Kuno shoves Ranma aside and confides in Akane that she need but lose to be rid of Ranma forever. Overhearing this, Kodachi laughs and declares Akane won't have to forfeit or fake a loss, as the beating Kodachi intends to dish out will be more than sufficient for Kodachi to win. Angered at this dismissal of her skills, Akane agrees to Kodachi's terms, which prompts the Black Rose to "console" Ranma that he will be all hers once the tournament is over and disappear with her trademark spiralling wind of black rose petals.

After her laughter has died away, Kuno describes Kodachi as totally insane and claps Ranma on the shoulder, telling Kodachi's crush that he is trusting Ranma to look after his sister. A moment passes before Ranma manages to make sense of that comment and incredulously asks Kuno to repeat himself, both Ranma and Akane shocked to hear Kuno confirm Kodachi is his little sister. Kuno asks Ranma to bear with her weakness, which he speculates stems from wayward spirits and no grounded mouth, then warns Akane to take care in the upcoming tournament. Though he is unable to resist a lecherous comment, he continues the warning with the fact that Kodachi is not one to give up lightly on something she has set her sights on and may very well cheat. After he is gone, Ranma declares he's not that surprised to discover Kodachi is a Kuno, while Akane angrily declares she refuses to lose to the likes of her and breaks the shinai that Kodachi left behind.

Akane practices

Several days later, just one day before the match is due, Akane is practicing in the dojo, and has clearly improved in her skills. She is no longer tripping over her own feet, making elegant leaps, and handling her tools without dropping them or hitting herself with them. Ranma is content with sitting by and watching her, until Akane decides to spice things up by attacking him, though Ranma is too agile for thrown clubs or lashing ribbon, finally running up the wall and scurrying across the ceiling to get out of reach.

Ranma delays Akane's training

Akane angrily shouts out at Ranma that he's supposed to be helping her, and when Ranma responds that he thinks she can take Kodachi now, throws a ball at him and yells at him not to make fun of her. Four clubs promptly bury themselves into the roof where he was clinging, forcing him to dive to the floor, where he catches a thrown hoop. Akane tells Ranma she's not doing this for him, which Ranma tiredly responds he knows already, then changes tack and wonders where Ryoga is, as he vanished several days ago. Almost as if summoned, an exhausted P-chan trots in through the door, dragging two boxes of confectionary. As Akane wanders where P-chan has been and scoops him up, Ranma taunts his disguised rival about his sense of direction and pokes him repeatedly in the nose. When Akane declares that P-chan does not get lost all the time, as he's not Ryoga, the pig bites Ranma's finger and is violently tossed to the floor for it, which in turn prompts Akane to kick Ranma in the chin for picking on him.

Akane falls

Taking up positions at different ends of the dojo, Akane declares that she needs to resume practice... but as she advances, she stumbles over the previously discarded ball, her ankle audibly cracking and toppling face first to the floor. When Ranma runs over to check, she tearfully proclaims that it hurts.

P-chan promptly heads to the bathroom and, in a repeat of the last time he was here, dives into the apparently oblivious Soun's water to resume human form.

Kasumi cures Akane's injury

Ranma, meanwhile, has carried Akane to her room, where her sisters are tending her injury. Once Kasumi has finished bandaging it, Nabiki calls Akane out on being a klutz before Kasumi declares Akane will have to drop out of the match tomorrow. Akane is at first defiant, refusing to be defeated by Kodachi -- especially in such a stupid fashion, but is forced to concede that she just can't bear the pain of standing on her injured foot and she won't heal that quickly. When the topic of finding a substitute for her, Akane points out it isn't simple, as they need somebody who is a skilled martial artist, good at gymnastics, female, and good looking enough to pull off a leotard. She trails off in realization, Ranma growing first nervous when the three Tendos all stare at him then angry, declaring his utter refusal to take part in a girls-only fight. At this, Ryoga, who has clearly been eavesdropping from outside the room, splashes Ranma from behind and declares it's going to be an all-nighter training session.

When Ranma, Akane and Ryoga have all returned to the dojo, Ryoga begins his lesson, pointing out that the most important rule about Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics is that bare-hands combat is strictly prohibited, and then the sparring session gets underway, as Ranma only has 12 hours or so to train in. While things get off badly, Ranma unable to resist a leapkick straight to Ryoga's face when he leaves himself open, Ranma quickly proves her natural talent. Akane admiringly declare that Ranma is really good, which Ranma brushes off as due to having watched Akane train up until now, and then goes on that Ranma may not even need to practice.

At this, Ranma declares that maybe a little more practice wouldn't hurt and suggests Akane go to bed. When Akane declares she can't do that, Ranma teases that maybe Akane is worried about her, which Akane insists is not the case. At this, Ryoga chips in and agrees with Ranma that there's no need for Akane to stay up, which prompts Akane to reluctantly agree. After she has gone to bed, though, Ryoga reveals to Ranma that he is aware that Ranma has to go out with Kodachi if Furinkan loses the match tomorrow, and triumphantly points out that if Ranma is with Kodachi, then it's over between Ranma and Akane. And that is why he agreed to "train" Ranma after Akane hurt herself; to make sure that Ranma loses, no matter what the case. Ranma remarks that she thought it was too convenient for Ryoga to show up when he did, but declares that she has no intention of becoming Kodachi's boyfriend. And with that, the two promptly begin fighting.

All night fighting

In fact, when Akane wakes up the next morning to discover Ranma only just managing to finish off Ryoga, having spent the entire night brawling and ripping the dojo apart, she is understandably quite irritated. Ranma tiredly reassures her that it will be okay, but Akane isn't so sure. The fact that the bleary Ranma, at breakfast, is so tired that she fails to register that she's trying to chew on a dishrag even after Kasumi points out that it isn't a fishcake, only makes Akane feel worse. Nevertheless, she is desperate enough to take Ranma to St. Hebereke that afternoon, proclaiming Ranma's female form is a substitute for her injury to Kodachi. Kodachi is a little suspicious, though she agrees to it... Akane still has to prevent her from shaking Ranma's hand, having smuggled tacks in between her fingers, though.

Outside, Ryoga is interrogating some of the unnerved students that this truly is St. Hebereke's, awestruck that he managed to make it here in time for the match and still determined to interfere so that Kodachi wins.

In the guest's dressing room, Ranma and Akane are surprised to discover Genma waiting in panda form. But more so to discover the bouquet of black roses... which promptly begin spraying fumes into the air. The two girls just manage to get out of the room before it fills with vapor, waiting for it to dissipate before looking inside. Seeing Genma sound asleep, they realise it was sleeping gas, though the shock of this further proof of Kodachi's treachery has at least managed to jolt Ranma into full wakefullness.

Ryoga, meanwhile, is now lost on St. Hebereke's grounds, trying to find the gymnasium where the match will be held. He is disrupted when some of the girls tip a pail of cold water out of the window, reducing him to a pig. Though the three girls who find him first are, as ever, overjoyed to find such a cute pig, Kodachi's approach is much less welcome, as she clearly has some scheme in mind.

Kodachi's entrance.

The fight is at last ready to begin, with Ranma the first one to enter the ring -- much to the amazed delight of Kuno, who is in attendance. Kodachi makes a dramatic entrance in an ornate Western-style wedding gown, descending from the ceiling amidst some fireworks -- and a guided bomb that almost blows away Ranma and Akane. The announcer and the referee both seem nonplussed by this and nothing is mentioned of it. Kodachi triumphantly thinks to herself that once she has defeated this stranger, Ranma will be hers and she will wed him in the very dress she is now wearing. Kuno, on the sidelines, comments that Ranma will become his stepbrother if his sister wins... but that means the pigtailed girl and Akane will be his by default, prompting him to loudly declare his encouragment to Kodachi, as well as adding that this is the first time in his life that he has cheered for her.

Ranma gives his name

The referee begins announcing the names of the two competitors, Ranma freely giving her own name, much to Akane's chagrin. Ranma reassures her that it will be alright and, indeed, the Furinkan students seem to make no connection between the girl and the boy with the same name, though somebody does note that they look similar and a suggestion that they might be twins is made. The Kunos, however, are

The Kunos in shock hearing the name

much less nonchalant about this declaration. Kodachi is outraged that her rival would dare share the same name as her "beloved", while Kuno emotionally throws himself on the floor and starts scraping ink to write down the first real name he has managed to find for his "pigtailed girl".

As the girls approach each other to shake hands, Kodachi finally makes use of P-chan; blinding Ranma with her spiralling rose petal wind, she then attaches a set of shackles joined by a lengthy iron chain to Ranma's right wrist, the other end of them attached around P-chan's midriff. Neither the referee nor the announcer make any mention of this, instead ringing the bell to start the fight.

Cast in Order of Appearance

Character Name Japanese Voice English Voice
Akane Tendo Noriko Nagai Myriam Sirois
Ranma Saotome (male) Kappei Yamaguchi Sarah Strange
Yuka and Sayuri Masami Toshima (Yuka)
Yoshiko Kamei (Sayuri)
Cathy Weseluck (Yuka)
Willow Johnson (Sayuri)
Kodachi Kuno Saeko Shimazu Teryl Rothery
Tatewaki Kuno Hirotaka Suzuoki Ted Cole
Ryoga Hibiki (P-chan, human) Koichi Yamadera Michael Donovan
Soun Tendo Ryunosuke Ohbayashi David Kaye
Nabiki Tendo Minami Takayama Angela Costain
Kasumi Tendo Kikuko Inoue Willow Johnson
Ranma Saotome (female) Megumi Hayashibara Venus Terzo
Genma Saotome (panda) Kenichi Ogata Robert O. Smith
Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics Judge (debut) Unknown Janyse Jaud
Hiroshi and Daisuke Koji Tsujitani (Hiroshi)
Takehito Koyasu (Daisuke)
Terry Klassen (Hiroshi)
David Kaye (Daisuke)


  • It's morning already? - Ranma after Akane finds she's been fighting Ryoga all night.
  • This tastes awfully tough Kasumi. That's because that's a dish rag. - Ranma talking to Kasumi at breakfast and Kasumi's response.
  • That's it, we're doomed! - Akane thinking to herself after Ranma tries to eat a dish rag.


  • Ryoga brings Akane some maple leaf manju and red bean triangles when he returns as P-chan, which Ranma notes is evidence he must have been to Hiroshima and Kyoto.
  • Even after learning female Ranma's real name, Kuno still refers to her as the pig-tailed girl.

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