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Akane's Power-Up! (あかね パワーアップ Akane pawa appu?) is the 111th chapter of the manga and the first chapter of the Super Soba Arc.


On New Year's Eve Akane is out arm-wrestling one of the electronic sumo machines, until Shampoo comes along and easily beats her. Akane, tired of losing to Shampoo, asks Ranma to help train her. That night at dinner, Happosai makes a bowl of Super Soba, a soba noodle that will make anyone that eats it incredibly strong. Instead of eating it immediately, Happosai watches a swimsuit contest and Akane eats his noodles.

Plot Overview

Under the instructions from Kasumi, Ranma begins scouring Furinkan in order to find Akane. When Ranma arrives at the bustling New Year's festival, Ranma spots Akane Arm wrestling against the middle (Ōzeki) rank arm wrestling machine. After Akane defeats the middle rank, much to the spectators awe, the vender brings out the heavy (Yokozuna) weight machine to see if she can defeat it. Akane struggles slightly against the heavy weight when suddenly a female voice rings out telling she's a hundred years too early to defeat her.

Shampoo emerges from the arm wrestling machine.

Recognising the voice, Akane is distracted long enough for the heavy weight machine to defeat Akane. Ranma then looks on as Shampoo bursts out of the machine and declares her victory of the final battle of the year. The spectators are shocked that an even stronger woman was inside the machine, meanwhile Shampoo arrogantly notes how Akane is weak as always. Angered by Shampoo's trickery, Akane demands to have another go, but Shampoo remembers she has no time as she's in the middle of a delivery. Shampoo then quickly hopes onto her bike and rushes off with the delivery (running over Akane in the process). As Shampoo cycles away she tells Akane that if they're fighting over Ranma then she'll fight her anytime.

Infuriated at Shampoo beating her, Akane gets Ranma to help her train. However, Ranma just continually dodges her whilst using a Skipping rope. Ranma asks Akane why she's getting so upset about this now, since Shampoo always beats her. He then continues by landing atop Akane, while she angrily replies that that's why she's upset. Meanwhile, Happosai has just finished creating a bowl of what he calls Super Soba which he declares will make him invincible. Happosai prepares to dig in, but the television begins broadcasting a "swimsuit Jamboree" programme and, unsurprisingly, Happosai gets distracted.

Before Happosai realises what's going on, Kasumi has sent several other bowls of Soba and everyone is digging in. He then notices that his bowl of Super Soba has gone missing and he begins crying (although Soun believes him to be laughing). Just then Akane finishes her Soba and places the bowl on the table, suddenly causing it to split in half. This is more than enough evidence for Happosai to declare that Akane ate his Super Soba.

Akane easily sends Happosai flying, convincing her of the Soba's power.

Happosai explains that the noodles make whoever eat them become super strong, however, nobody is buying the story and believe the table breaking could've been down to Dry rot. In order to make himself feel better, Happosai attempts to cry in Akane's bosom, but she manages to stop him with one hand before flicking him away, causing a violent swirl which launches Happosai into the television. Seeing what just happened, Akane decides that she must be super, but Ranma still believes it to be a trick of Happosai's and challenges Akane to an arm wrestle. Unfortunately, for Ranma, not only does Akane beat him, he ends up falling through the floor at the strength Akane used.

Ranma then proceeds to challenge Akane to multiple rematches, but every bout ends in his defeat. As the New Year's bell rings out, Akane cries with happiness and declares that somebody up there must like her while Soun comments on how proud he is of her. Meanwhile, Ranma sits glumly in the corner of the room while Genma hits him and Nabiki notes he should've quit while he had a little pride left.

The next morning, Akane (dressed in an Kimono) and Ranma go to the local shrine as part of the Hatsumōde. As they walk to the shrine, Akane says her wish to be super strong forever, causing Ranma to think about he thought Akane couldn't get anymore stuck-up. Ranma then tells Akane that he wants to fight her when they get back, to which Akane responds to by laughing and playfully slapping Ranma on the shoulder for being such a glutton for punishment. The Super Soba then kicks in and Ranma is sent flying.

Shampoo agrees to fight Akane, with Ranma as the prize.

Elsewhere, Shampoo has just finished with her fifth consecutive win in Martial Arts Badminton when suddenly Ranma comes falling from the sky. Shampoo grabs Ranma by the leg just before he hits the ground. She continues by declaring her joy at Ranma coming flying to see her and hugs him. Akane then catches up and is infuriated to see Ranma being hugged by Shampoo. She continues by jumping towards the pair and Shampoo prepares to fight her, but Ranma quickly intervenes by making Shampoo duck as Akane slams into the ground and creates a crater.

Shampoo looks down at Akane from the ring and notes that she appears to have gotten a little better, to which Akane retorts to Shampoo that if she thinks she can beat her like yesterday she's got another thing going. Akane continues by snobbishly asking Shampoo if she wants to give her a try. Shampoo accepts and throws her a paddle, she (Shampoo) that they'll stake Ranma on the match, although Akane says she'll throw in Genma as well. Meanwhile, Ranma looks on and grumbly notes to himself that Akane was meant to fight him first.

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  • In Japan it is traditional to serve special toshikoshi Soba on New Year's Eve, similar to how Black-eyed peas are served in the Southern United States during New Year's.
  • The game Shampoo and Akane play that resembles badminton is called "Hanetsuki" and is traditionally played by girls.


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