Gosunkugi fantasy

Gosunkugi's fantasy

This is a page describing the relationship between Akane Tendo and Hikaru Gosunkugi.

Hikaru Gosunkugi is perhaps the strangest of Akane's would-be suitors. Physically frail and inept even by the standards of the other normal students, he lurks in the background worshipping Akane from afar -- in fact, Akane isn't even aware of his feelings for her. This does not seem to bother Gosunkugi much, as he is content with dreaming about her, attempting to use ushi koku no mairi to make Ranma die or otherwise vanish from her life, and taking photos of her from hidden locales, with occasional attempts to talk to her or use love magic on her that usually fail.

It is not explained where or why he developed his crush on her in the manga, but in the anime, he is shown as having fallen for her as she was the first pretty girl to be nice to him after he transferred to Furinkan.