This is a page describing the relationship between Tatewaki Kuno and Akane Tendo.

Tatewaki Kuno is blatantly obsessed with Akane, but his perversions and strange ideas of "courtship" means that if Akane was ever interested in him, she has lost it by the time of the series proper. While it is unknown what caused him to become attracted to her in the first place, or if Akane may have been attracted to him at first, it is defined that at the beginning of the present school year Kuno made a speech that declared he would allow nobody to date Akane unless they could first defeat her in battle, starting what is known among fans as "the hentai horde". This mob of horny young men would assault Akane at the start of every school day, with Tatewaki Kuno waiting in the wings to challenge her after she had defeated the others.

Between this, his tendency to glomp her at unwanted intervals, his flamboyant declarations of amorous intent, the fact he is blatantly buying photos of her to ogle (whatever he can't get from Sasuke or Gosunkugi, depending on canon), and his blunt admission of his desire to two-time her, Akane exhibits no romantic attraction to him. Despite this, and despite the fact that Kuno is a recurring nuisance to both herself and to Ranma, Akane is usually polite, cordial and diplomatic to him. Tatewaki Kuno, in return, can be chivalrous or condescendingly polite to her, though all too often his hormones or impulsiveness get the better of him and he does something stupid.