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Akane-Tofu relationship

Akane thinking about Dr. Tofu.

This is a page describing the romantic relationship between Dr.Tofu Ono and Akane Tendo.

When Akane was still a little child, Kasumi always took her to Dr. Tofu's, the Tendo family's doctor. Whenever Akane saw Tofu lovesick because of her sister's good looks, she promised herself to grow her hair as long as Kasumi's, and gain love from him. As the years went by, she still had that same crush for about 11 years. And, during those 11 years, of course, Akane's hair grew fairly long. Everyday, Akane went to Tofu's, and tried to get his love. But Dr. Tofu only saw Akane as a little child. Akane never gave up until, a certain turn of events came along: Akane was engaged to Ranma Saotome, the heir to The Saotome's School of Anything Goes Martial Arts. Of course, the only reason they were to be wed, is that both Akane and Ranma were both heirs to ther family's dojos, and their fathers wanted both of their dojos combined, since the fathers were good friends. This made Akane mad, because she still loved Dr.Tofu, but no one knew about it.

Since that day, Akane showed no kindness whatsoever to Ranma, and same went for that unlucky boy. But since Ranma was always getting hurt by Akane, Akane had better excuses to go to Dr. Tofu. But, unfortunately, Akane saw Dr. Tofu love Kasumi even more every day, and treated her like a kid. Akane was at the brink of letting it go, until Ranma encouraged her. Although, another problem came: Akane got her hair cut.

On episode 9: "True Confessions! A Girl's Hair Is Her Life!", Ryoga and Ranma (girl-type) were fighting. Ryoga took out his bandana, and straightened it, making a razor sharp boomerang of some sort. He threw it, but didn't hit Ranma. It hit Akane's hair, cutting it short. Everybody knew that Akane wanted her hair long for some kind of reason. Akane was, of course, was devastated because it took her about 11 years for her hair to grow that long. Then she started to think it was time to move on. She already got a fiance, and Tofu clearly loved Kasumi more than her. Akane got the rest of her hair cut, and followed on the relationship beween Dr.Tofu and Kasumi.