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Akane Gets Shampooed (あかねVS.シャンプー Akane VS. Shampoo?) is the 33rd chapter of the manga and the third chapter of the Shampoo Intro Arc.


The day starts off with Ranma sleeping late. Kasumi asks Akane to go wake him up so he won't be late for school, which Akane reluctantly does. When she opens the door she sees Ranma sleeping with Shampoo. In a fit of rage she throws water on Ranma and Shampoo wakes to find female Ranma next to her. On their way to school Ranma and Akane argue while Ryoga looks on.

Plot Overview

Akane runs downstair in her School uniform and slippers. She is then greeted by Kasumi who's enjoying breakfast with Nabiki and Soun. Kasumi then asks Akane if she'll wake up Ranma, to which Akane asks why she should. Slightly surprised by Akane's response, Nabiki explains to Kasumi that Akane's holding a grudge because of Ranma and Shampoo. Akane replies that she isn't.

Akane sees Shampoo seeping on Ranma's chest.

Soun then finished his rice and pipes up, telling Akane that it's time she learns to be more honest with herself. Angrily, Akane stares at Soun and asks him in what way he means, this upsets Soun who goes into a flood of tears at Akane growling at him. As Kasumi comforts Soun, Akane wonders if she's the only one in her family who's not crazy and goes to wake Ranma up.

Akane goes up to Ranma's room and opens the door, asking Ranma if he plans to sleep all day. However, Akane is met with Ranma asleep on his back with Shampoo lying on his chest. Akane's anger grows when Shampoo mutters "Darling" while Ranma (still fairly asleep) scratches his head.

Having seen enough, Akane decides to throw some cold water over Ranma, activating Ranma's curse. Angered, Ranma shouts at Akane asking her what she did that for, but then Shampoo awakes and at first believes Ranma to be her male fiancé. However, she quickly notices Ranma's rather prominent chest.

Shampoo then chases after the female Ranma in order to rectify her defeat. While, Akane has some breakfast and Kasumi notes Shampoo's presence at the Dojo.

Some time has passed and Ranma is now back in his male form and dressed. Ranma and Akane are running so as not to be late for School. As they run, Ranma tries to explain that Shampoo must've snuck into his room without his noticing. Akane simply tells Ranma she doesn't want to hear any excuses, quickly followed by calling Ranma a deviant. Ranma hears this and asks Akane is she's hearing what he's saying.

Ryoga thinks about Akane telling him she still loves Ranma despite what's happening.

Ranma continues by asking Akane how can he be a deviant when she sleeps with a pig, to which Akane asks Ranma what P-chan has to do with anything. Akane then tells Ranma he's asinine for getting jealous over a pig. Ranma then sticks out his tongue at Akane and laughs at her thinking he's jealous about her.

Meanwhile, Ryoga is on a rooftop and watches as Akane attacks Ranma with her satchel, but misses. Ryoga then begins talking to himself about how he'll have to leave Akane without a farewell as to her he's nothing more than her pet pig "P-chan".

Ryoga's conscience begins to play on him, telling him that as Akane's hurt by what Ranma did this is the time to move in. However, Ryoga refuses to follow his conscience as he thinks about what if Akane told him that even now she loves Ranma and that if she did say that his heart of glass would be shattered.

Finished debating with himself, Ryoga jumps off the rooftop, but gets splashed by the Old Washer Woman and turns into his cursed form. Just then Shampoo appears, holds out a hand and tells P-chan to come to her. P-chan does so and Shampoo pats him on the head while smiling at him.

The lunch bell just rang and the students of class 1-F begin eating when they hear an ominous sound that appears to be getting closer. Suddenly, the wall behind Ranma begins to bulge and is destroyed, revealing Shampoo was responsible.

Shampoo shows Ranma the lunch she made for him.

When Ranma enquires to Shampoo why she's here, Shampoo replies that she made lunch. Shampoo then lifts the lid of the meal, revealing that P-chan has been used as one of the ingredients (albeit just knocked unconscious). Horrified, Akane picks up P-chan from the meal, but is soon taken back by Shampoo.

Shampoo then offers P-chan to Ranma on some chopsticks. Ranma takes P-chan and begins to hit him gently on the cheek to wake him up, P-chan come to and bites Ranma's wrist. Overjoyed that P-chan isn't dead, Akane takes him off Ranma and cries tears of joy while telling P-chan she's so glad he's safe. Ranma meanwhile rubs his wrist where P-chan bit him.

Suddenly, Shampoo puts her hand under Akane's chin and gives her the Kiss of Death on her cheek, although only Ranma realises the seriousness of this kiss. Akane agrees to Shampoo's challenge and when Ranma tries to change her mind, she punches him out of the window. Ranma tries to re-enter the room telling Akane she's too slow to take on Shampoo, but this angers Akane further so she shuts the window in Ranma's face as he tries to get back in.

Shampoo gives Akane the kiss of Death.

Ranma slides down the side of the School building, but soon clambers back up again. When Ranma reaches back into the classroom one of the female students tells him that Akane and Shampoo went through the large hole in the side of the room.

Worried for Akane's safety, Ranma runs across the School looking for her. He then hears the squeal of P-chan and heads to the sports area of the field, where he finds P-chan and an unconscious Akane. Ranma then shouts at Akane telling her to wake up and she soon does.

Ranma continues by saying that he told her not to fight Shampoo, but Akane looks at Ranma confused and asks him who he is (much to Ranma's confusion).

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