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天道 あかね
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Akane Tendo is the secondary main protagonist throughout most of the Ranma ½ manga. This is the original depiction of Akane Tendo, as created by Rumiko Takahashi.

Akane is one of the three daughters of Soun and Mrs. Tendo. She is sixteen years old and Kasumi, her eldest sister is nineteen years old with her middle sister, Nabiki being seventeen years old. The agreement between Soun and Genma was that one of the three would marry Genma's son, Ranma. However the two older girls demurr the arranged engagement more or less obliging Akane to fulfill its requirements. Their excuses were that Akane and Ranma are the same age, sixteen, and it is Akane who practices martial arts. Neither of the older girls are the least bit interested in being martial artists, let alone the wife of a martial artist. Akane is the only one of the three who is even slightly interested in the Martial Arts.

Despite being extremely hostile towards Ranma initially, she eventually comes to harbor romantic feelings for Ranma. After the events of Jusendo Akane and Ranma are finally willing to get married, although the wedding does not go as planned. It is disrupted and destroyed by Ranma and Akane's suitors.



Akane is the youngest of the three daughters of Soun and Mrs. Tendo. Akane's mother died when she was very young. Perhaps because of this, she appears not to have learned many traditionally feminine skills, and her terrible cooking is a running joke during the series as nearly everything she cooks ends up making people sick, except for her curry. Akane may see her sister Kasumi as a surrogate mother figure, since she helps her with more traditionally feminine chores.

Akane plays Romeo, despite wanting to be Juliet.

Akane grows up as a tomboy, getting into fights, acting tough, and improving her martial arts. While on a holiday with the rest of her family (presumably before she went to School), Akane got lost in the forests of Ryugenzawa, where she encountered a young Shinnosuke who saved her from a giant Platypus (at the cost of his personal health). In elementary school, her classmates thought she was so much like a boy that she was cast to play Romeo in their production of Romeo and Juliet; Akane accepts the role and plays a very cute Romeo, though deep down she always wanted to be cast as Juliet.

Akane as she thinks back to her childhood and early infatuation with Dr. Tofu.

Some point about this time, Akane develops a crush on Dr. Tofu who patches her up after one of her many fights. However, Akane notices that Dr. Tofu appears to be more interested in Kasumi than her, so begins to grow her hair so as she can appear to be "more feminine" and hopefully get affection from Dr. Tofu. This could have led to Akane having Kausmi teach her Japanese tea ceremony, although Akane is unable to maintain the clam and patient personality required for tea ceremony and so can't perform it correctly.

Due to her crush of Dr. Tofu, Akane outright states that she hates boys. This is worsened when she enters Furinkan High School, where Tatewaki Kuno declares that only those who can defeat her have the right to go out with her. Because of this, Akane is attacked daily by all the strong male athletes en mass. Akane, however, is able to defeat them all without being late for class.


After Soun had received news of his old friend, Genma Saotome, bringing his son Ranma for a visit he gathers his daughters to explain the situation to them. At first Akane isn't present due to her being out running, but is soon found by Nabiki and the two and Kasumi learn that Ranma is going to become the fiancé of one of them, so as the School of Anything Goes Martial Arts can continue on.

The three sisters obvious has reservations about becoming engaged to a man whom they've met before. A girl and panda then arrive (who are actually Ranma and Genma in their respective cursed forms) and the girl introduces herself as "Ranma". This initially causes confusion amongst the Tendos, but Akane accepts this female Ranma and asks if she'd like to spar with her.

Akane sees the male Ranma for the first time.

Ranma manages to defeat Akane. Akane then confides in Ranma that she's glad she's (Ranma) isn't a boy. Ranma goes off to the bathroom to have a wash. A bit later Akane decides to do the same. However, when she enters (with nothing but a towel), Akane is faced with a naked man who she doesn't know and campy closes the door to the bathroom. She then goes downstairs and screams and explains the situation of the unknown male to her sisters. The male, fully dressed, introduces as "Ranma" as well.

A bit of time passes and Akane along with her sisters learn of the events leading up to the current situation, with Ranma and Genma having fallen into the Cursed Springs of Jusenkyo and now change form when splashed with cold water along with Genma's reasoning to going somewhere so dangerous. Akane is then chosen by Nabiki and Kasumi to be Ranma's fiancé since Ranma's perfect as she hates boys and he's half girl.

Akane and Ranma see each other naked yet again.

Akane and Ranma fall into an argument over what happened in the bathroom, which ultimately results in Akane knocking Ranma unconscious with a table. While Ranma's unconscious, Akane goes to have a bath herself. Everything's uneventful until Akane tries to go out of the bathroom and is met face-to-face with a naked female Ranma and so she slaps Ranma for seeing her naked again. Nabiki then chats with Akane about this, but Akane disagrees with Nabiki's reasoning that it was okay since they were both girls at the time.

Tatewaki Kuno Intro

Ranma notices Akane's change in behaviour around Dr. Tofu.

Ranma learns he'll be attending Furinkan High School with Akane and Nabiki, so Akane ends up escorting Ranma there. On the way Genma ends up making Ranma fall into the flood drains, so the pair have to go to Dr. Tofu's Clinic so Akane can get Ranma some hot water (and turn her back to her male form). When she returns, Dr. Tofu is talking to Ranma and Akane forces Ranma to bow as she says hello to him. Ranma just looks at Akane and wonders about this odd change in behaviour.

After discussing a bit about Dr. Tofu with Ranma the pair arrive to what is a usual sight for Akane; a large group of male students all trying to defeat her. Once the other male students have been defeated, Tatewaki Kuno arrives and after a quick conversation with Ranma ends up fighting him as Akane watches.

Kuno is eventually defeated by Ranma, however, the fight caused both Akane and Ranma to be late, so are forced to stand outside holding water buckets. Kuno soon reappears and challenges Ranma again. During this time the other students learn of Ranma and Akane's engagement. Akane and the other students chase after Ranma and Kuno as they go somewhere more suitable for a rematch.

Akane watches as Kuno gropes the now female Ranma.

Unfortunately this causes Ranma and Kuno to end up in the School pool and, when Kuno gropes Ranma, Akane thinks this could mean that Ranma's secret has been revealed. Luckily, Kuno thinks Ranma just pulled a trick and replaced himself with a young girl. A little bit later Akane has gotten some hot water for Ranma and decides to fight Kuno as a distraction while Ranma changes back. This doesn't go to plan as Kuno destroys the kettle and so Ranma just defeats him as she is.

At the Tendo Dojo after school, Akane talks to Nabiki about the day's events and her comments (heard unknowingly by Ranma outside her door) causes Ranma to decide not to thanks her for what she did.

The next day things seem to be as they usually are, with Akane and Ranma defeating the daily hoard of male students. Later that day, Akane observes the fight between Kuno and Ranma as well as being the ultimate reason why Ranma was able to succeed. Despite seeming unharmed, Ranma is actually hurt (suffering serve pain when touched) so Akane takes him to see Dr. Tofu.

Ranma is made temporarily unable to walk thanks to Dr. Tofu.

While there Ranma is treated for his injuries (despite how many more Akane tried to cause when he insulted her), however, Dr. Tofu touches a part of Ranma's back which causes him to be temporarily unable to walk after a few minutes. Once Akane has turned Ranma into a girl so he won't be embarrassed, she gives Ranma a piggyback home (Ranma thinks about what Dr. Tofu said earlier regarding Akane actually being a really sweet girl).

Dr. Tofu Intro

The next day, after Akane has scrutinised Ranma for his "lack of female modesty", Akane is faced with the male students again. Oddly though, they declare that they've accepted her engagement to Ranma and won't fight her in the morning anymore; albeit all of them except Kuno. Akane can't stand Kuno talking to Ranma (who Kuno dubs as his "pigtailed girl" since he doesn't know it's actually Ranma), so she leaves.

Akane accidentally hits Ranma with the Baseball.

Later that day, while playing Baseball as part of her P.E. lesson, Akane inadvertently hits Ranma with the ball when is flies in his direction after she'd hit it. Subsequently, Ranma has to go and see Dr. Tofu after School so he can get patched up again.

Once at the clinic, Akane ends up answering a call for Genma (who's become Dr. Tofu's assistant but can't talk in his panda form). However, after she's finished Akane tries to leave as quickly as possible but is questioned by Ranma who wants to know what's going on. Akane reveals to Ranma that Dr. Tofu loves her sister, Kasumi.

Ranma comments on Akane smiling at herself in the mirror.

When Kasumi appears and at the clinic, Dr. Tofu goes into his usual odd state around her. Akane soon decides she's had enough and abruptly leaves to go back to the Dojo. Some time passes and Akane breaks concrete blocks to distract herself from Dr. Tofu and Kasumi. Ranma, however, tries to cheer her up and the pair end up sparring with each other.

During the fight, Ranma tells Akane she's cute when she smiles which throws her off completely and Ranma touches her forehead, declaring himself the winner. That evening Akane thinks about what Ranma said and so looks at herself smiling in a mirror. This doesn't last long as Ranma soon appears outside her window asking if she always smiles at herself, which angers Akane and so she causes Ranma's neck to get stuck at a right angle again (it had previously been stuck by Dr. Tofu and accidentally fixed by Akane later on).

Ryoga Hibiki Intro

Involuntary, Akane is made to have Ranma (in his female form) try her clothes while all his are being washed. Eventually Ranma seems to have an outfit which fits, although Ranma says that chest is too tight and the hips are too big and is quickly attacked by Akane.

One week later, Akane meets Ryoga Hibiki for the first time where she observes Ranma explaining about his history with Ryoga. After Ryoga challenges Ranma to fight, that evening she helps Ranma remember about a feud over some bread the two had during middle School. When the time of the fight arrives, Akane watches the pair fight but is still in support of Ranma when she reveals that Ryoga's umbrella is extremely heavy so must be ridiculously strong.

As the fight goes on, Ranma turns into his female form out of sight to the other students. When Akane learns of this she tries to get some hot water for Ranma, but trips and is about to get hit by Ryoga's bandanas and umbrella until Ranma steps in manages to stop both. Ranma then takes Akane away from the fight and the pair end up having an awkward moment of silence, until being interrupted by Ryoga.

Akane shortly after having her hair cut by Ryoga.

A bit later into the fight, Akane begins to argue with Ranma. When Ranma tries to talk to her, he has to kick Ryoga's arm, unfortunately, this causes it so spin uncontrollably and ultimately cuts Akane's hair when she turns to shout at Ranma. This obviously upsets Akane for the reasons why she grew it long, so leaves Ryoga and Ranma by slapping them both hard on the face.

Back at the Tendo Dojo, Akane thinks back to why she grew her and hair and early crush on Dr. Tofu (Ranma tries to cheer her up, but to no avail). She then has Kasumi (who's shocked at Akane's new look) clean up her hair. Akane leaves to get her ankle looked at by Dr. Tofu, and ends up being escorted there by Ranma after he learns of this. Once there, Dr. Tofu quickly fixes Akane's ankle. Suddenly, Akane starts crying on Dr. Tofu's chest and says that she can't stop.

Some time passes and Akane is walking back to the Dojo with Ranma silently. The pair begin talking again (during this time Akane reveals she's gotten over her crush on Dr. Tofu), resulting in Akane thanking Ranma for him saying he thinks her new hairstyle is cute. Of course with Ranma off guard, Akane uses the opportunity to jokingly poke his forehead and make him fall into the storm drain.

Akane finds the piglet in her bedroom.

On a stormy night, Akane is awoken by Kasumi who believes she can hear a burglar. The pair head downstairs where they see a shadowed Ryoga who they believe to be the burglar. Akane eventually returns to her room, where she discovers a small black piglet (which is actually Ryoga's cursed form) and decides to make it her pet. After Ranma returns with a neighbours dog, Bess, she notices Ranma is about to take a bath and asks her to take the piglet as well since it's freezing from being in the rain. Ranma reluctantly agrees (while there Ranma learns that piglet is actually Ryoga).

Akane hears a lot of noise and when she looks to see what's going on, she sees Ranma chasing after her piglet. This causes Akane to protect her piglet from Ranma and kisses it so it won't cry anymore. She then proceeds take the piglet to bed with her. However, Akane doesn't get a very peaceful sleep as she is awoken by Ranma (who was pushed into Akane by the still-in-pig-form Ryoga) so, in anger, she throws Ranma out of the window. Next morning Akane wonders about how her family can have such varying opinions on this event.

Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics

Some days later, Akane is asked by the members of the Furinkan High Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics team to take their place in the upcoming match and avenge the defeat they were handed at the hands of Kodachi Kuno. Despite being sceptical at first, Akane agrees and begins to train for the match. During the training Akane also reveals she's named her piglet "P-chan", being short for "pig cute".

Unfortunately, Akane is hopeless at Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics, so Ryoga decides to turn back into his human form in order to help train her. Late into the evening, Ryoga decides to call it a night and so Akane decides to go to bed. Akane doesn't get chance to get some sleep however, as Kodachi was hiding in her room waiting for a chance to attack her.

Akane's room after Kodachi leaves.

A fight soon ensues between the pair, where Kodachi introduces herself to Akane. This doesn't last long, as Ranma (while chasing P-chan) slams Kodachi between the door and wall. Akane then takes the upper hand and so Kodachi quickly makes her exit, leaving Akane's room in a complete mess in the process.

A few minutes later, Akane tries to get some sleep, but can't due to Kodachi trying to have her way with Ranma over her portion of the roof. So to get some peace, Akane goes up to the roof and deals with the situation. Once Kodachi has finally left, she leaves the paralysed Ranma atop the cold roof all night.

The next day Akane is attacked by Kodachi again. Luckily, Kodachi gets distracted by Ranma's presence and begins to chase after him. After Kuno has allowed Kodachi to go steady with Ranma, Kodachi suggests they wager Ranma in the match. At first Akane couldn't careless, but after some more provoking by Kodachi she agrees.

Akane slips on the ball, twisting her ankle and unable to compete against Kodachi.

The night before the match soon arrives and Akane continues to train for it. Unfortunately, while practising with Ranma she slips on a ball and so twists her ankle and is unable to compete. Ryoga then does some emergency training with Ranma's female form being the substitute for Akane.

After finding Ranma and Ryoga having been fighting each other all night, Akane worries if Ranma will be ready for the fight in her state. When they arrive at St. Hebereke's School for Girls, Akane helps Ranma avoid Kodachi's traps to make her unable to fight until the time of the match arrives.

When the match does finally begin, Akane watches as Ranma desperately tries to get Kodachi out of the ring. Akane also gives Ranma items like batons etc for her to use in the fight as well as giving general support. Most prominently, Akane produces a hosepipe which she uses to turn Ranma back into her female form before anyone notices. Once Kodachi is defeated, Akane watches as she sobs for losing her passion for Ranma and subsequent new passion for him (causing Ranma to collapse out of shock).

Martial Arts Figure Skating

Some days later, Akane goes to the local Skating Rink with her friends, Yuka and Sayuri. She also brings P-chan with her, but loses him when she forgets about him when Yuka and Sayuri call her over to take a break.

Akane finds Ranma and explains about her losing P-chan.

Realising that she's lost P-chan, Akane goes into a panic and finds Ranma in a restaurant. After explaining the situation, Ranma points out that a girl is carrying P-chan has just walked in while she was talking. Akane questions the girl, who claims that P-chan is her "Charlotte", and eventually learns that the girl is Azusa Shiratori and along with her Skating partner, Mikado Sanzenin, form the "Golden Pair of Kolhotz High School".

This meeting with the Golden Pair results in Akane and Ranma agreeing to have a Skating match over the ownership of P-chan/Charlotte. After leaving the restaurant and returning to the Tendo Dojo, Akane is asked by Ryoga if he can be her skating partner instead of Ranma. Ranma and Ryoga decide to have a one-to-one skate off, but neither is able to stand on the ice, let alone skate.

Some time passes and Ranma turns into his female form so as not to be as embarrassed with his lack of skating skills. Thinks seem to be going okay, until Azusa arrives and knocks Akane to the floor and sends Ranma shouting across the rink. After Ranma is caught by Mikado, Akane and Ranma watch as the Golden Pair defeat 100 foes dressed in Hokey Gear in 9 seconds flat.

Akane watches as Ranma fights Mikado.

P-chan suddenly reappears and is being chased by a group of females. Akane tries to get him, but is ultimately cut off at the last second by Azusa, who then places a collar on P-chan which won't come off unless Akane wins the match. Ranma, meanwhile, has gone shouting across the skating rink again but is caught by Mikado who then kisses Ranma as Akane and Azusa look on.

Akane watches as an angered male Ranma (who'd fled in tears before changing form in the male bathing room) fight against Mikado, which results in a draw as Mikado is unconscious and Ranma is severely injured by the end of the fight. The two return to the Tendo Dojo, where Kasumi and Nabiki learn of Ranma's kiss with Mikado.

Ranma and Akane about to kiss, until being disrupted by the rest of the Dojo residents.

Ranma goes off the mope on his own, but Akane follows and treats his wounds. The two then have a conversation about what happened at the skating rink and the romantic tension between them builds. The two are about to kiss, until Soun, Genma, Kasumi and Nabiki appear and tell them to hurry up with it as they haven't got all day.

The day of the match soon arrives and as Akane gets changed in the female changing room of Kolhotz High, she sneezes believing that someone must be talking about her (this being as Ranma and Mikado are doing so in the male changing room). After a less than impressive entrance to the skating rink, Akane and Ranma begin to fight the Golden Pair. At first the pairs seem rather evenly matched, however, after numerous attempts from Mikado to kiss Akane, Ranma finally tells Mikado that he lays a lip on his fiancé he'll kill him.

This comment sends Akane aback and after some more threats between Ranma and Mikado the two pairs return to fighting each other. Shortly into this bout, Mikado and Azusa manage to perform the "Good-Bye Whirl" on Ranma and Akane, which is meant to split the pair up, but instead results in Ranma getting rather badly hurt when he hits a wall to protect Akane. Ranma is still able to fight, but, due to the intervention of Ryoga, Ranma is turned into his female form causing the audience to assume this pair (of the now female Ranma and Ryoga) is a substitute. Because of this Akane is left watching the fight from the sidelines.

Akane is confused by the sudden appearance of the Chinese girl.

Akane watches the fight unfold, with Ryoga becoming more and more violent. After the Golden Pair has been declared defeated, Ryoga continues to fight Ranma. This causes Akane to decide to intervene and she desperately climbs across several ice flows in order to reach the pair. Unfortunately, Akane falls into the water and when Ranma and Ryoga realise she can't swim they jump in after her. Despite Ryoga turning into P-chan he still desperately tries to save Akane, but both get saved by Ranma.

Now unconscious, Akane is taken to another room to recover. When she awakens, Ranma throws the soaked P-chan at Akane and explains the events that occurred while she was unconscious. Just as Ranma decides that the match between him and Ryoga was a draw, the wall behind her bulges and a girl wearing Chinese clothing appears declaring that she's going to kill Ranma. Akane looks on confused at this situation as Ranma panics.

Shampoo Intro

Ranma manages to hide in a locker, so Akane lies to the girl (identified as Shampoo) goes on a wild-goose-chase for Ranma. Confused about what's going on, Akane asks for an explanation from Ranma. Ranma tells Akane about, when he was in China, he beat Shampoo, but as he was a girl at the time, Shampoo had to follow the rules of her tribe (the Joketsuzoku) so gave Ranma the Kiss of Death, thus devoting herself to hunting Ranma down and killing her.

Shampoo kisses Ranma, much to Akane's confusion and anger.

When they return, Ranma is horrified to find Shampoo followed Genma back to the Dojo. After Shampoo demands Akane tell her where Ranma is, Ranma accidentally knocks Shampoo out. This causes more panic in Ranma as now he thinks Shampoo will be after both of his forms. However, when Shampoo awakes she suddenly declares she loves Ranma and kisses him, leaving Akane angered and confused.

The two girls start a fierce hatred of the other over who Ranma will love. Eventually Akane tells Ranma as far as she's concerned their engagement never happened and she leaves. After doing so, Akane goes to the Dojo's garden and (once she's broken the training dummy in a way of venting her frustration) thinks back to what Ranma said when they faced Mikado. She then finds Ranma trying unsuccessfully trying to change Shampoo's mind. After listening to Nabiki's translation of what Shampoo's saying (as Shampoo is speaking Chinese), Akane is prepared to hit Ranma only for Genma to get there first.

That evening, Akane finds Ranma (now in his female form), who asks her if she's jealous. Akane gives Ranma a smile, saying that she's not jealous and slaps Ranma while telling her to go and get to know Shampoo better. Akane then heads to her room to lift some dumbbells while Ranma is chased around the Dojo by Shampoo.

Next morning, Akane is reluctantly forced to wake up Ranma so he won't be late for School. However, when Akane goes into his room she is horrified to see Shampoo sleeping on Ranma's chest. So to break up this scene, Akane throws some cold water onto the pair leading to Shampoo yet again chasing after Ranma in order to kill her.

Shampoo gives Akane the Kiss of Death.

When the two eventually get to Furinkan High, Shampoo comes and visits Ranma in order to give him lunch. Shampoo reveals that the lunch is actually P-chan who she found while she was out. Horrified, Akane grabs P-chan off the platter, but Shampoo takes it back and tries to feed P-chan to Ranma. Luckily, P-chan comes round so Akane defensively takes him back again. Having had enough of Akane's interfering, Shampoo gives Akane the Kiss of Death as well. Accepting the challenge, Akane (after she's out Ranma from the classroom) goes with Shampoo to the sports fields.

As Ranma tries to get back to the classroom, Akane faces Shampoo. Despite her initial confidence, Shampoo uses the Xi Fa Xiang Gao (washing Akane's hair with special shampoo while touching specific points on the scalp) in order to erase Akane's memories of Ranma. When Ranma finally manages to catch up Akane, she is told by the other students that he's her fiancé much to her shock. Ranma takes P-chan from Akane to ask him something, which Akane protests against, but is unable to hit Ranma in time.

With help from Genma (who witnessed the fight) and Dr. Tofu, they are able to figure out just what Shampoo did. Dr. Tofu also explains there is a way to return Akane's memory, so Ranma takes Akane to try and find Shampoo (who happened to arrive at the Clinic moments later they leave).

Shampoo prepares to kill Akane after her memories return.

Akane returns to the Dojo, where Nabiki and Kasumi have learned of her memory lose. Shampoo soon arrives at the Dojo as well. Suddenly, when Shampoo hugs Ranma, Akane hits Ranma on the head. Nabiki and Kasumi decide this must be a built in reflex of Akane's, so she must remember Ranma somewhere deep down. To secure her plan works, Shampoo tries using the Xi Fa Xiang Gao on Akane again, but is stopped by Ranma grabbing her wrist. Ranma takes the shampoo from Shampoo and tries to restore Akane's memory, only to be told by Dr. Tofu he needs Formula #911, not the Formula #411 which Ranma just took. Once Dr. Tofu rips up the instructions for Formula #911, Ranma decides to go to China in order to get the shampoo himself. This odd behaviour causes Akane to wonder why this boy if going through all this trouble.

Later that evening, Akane finds Ranma being beaten up by Soun and Genma (in an attempt to nearly kill Ranma so he can get the shampoo). Soon after her intervention, Ranma begins to insult Akane, this causes a reaction in Akane that (after Ranma throws some more insults) restores her memory of Ranma. Soon afterwards, Shampoo walks in a realises Akane's memories have returned and she prepares to kill Akane again. Ranma, however, steps in and reveals his curse to Shampoo, but lies by telling her the male form is his cursed form and not the other way around. Distraught by this news, Shampoo leaves crying as Ranma and Akane stand in silence.


Some days afterwards, Akane is having a Gym class at School, while being watched through a small window by the shy Hikaru Gosunkugi. As Ranma talks to Gosunkugi he begins to insult Akane, she seems to hear this and hits him for it. Later that day, Ranma is heard giving out a loud, terrified, scream so Akane and some other students go to investigate. However, when they arrive all they find is a petrified Ranma lying on the ground. This scene makes Akane wonder what could've caused this.

Akane questions Ranma about what scared him so much.

Still curious about what happened, Akane goes to see Ranma while he's training with Genma to ask what terrified him. Genma nearly reveals what Ranma's weakness is, but is stopped by Ranma. Slightly annoyed by this, Akane prepares to leave, but Ranma shows the reason why he won't say and punches a hole in the floorboards of the training hall, exposing Gosunkugi hiding underneath. After she leaves the training hall, Akane finds Nabiki and Kasumi searching for Hanachiyo who's the cat of one of Kasumi's friends.

As they search, Ranma is heard screaming again, so everyone rushes to see what's going on. When they arrive the group see Hanachiyo sat on Ranma. It is then revealed that Ranma developed ailurophobia when Genma tried to teach him a fake technique "The Cat-fist". Later, Akane tells Ranma she thinks it's cute to have a little weak spot. Akane also hears a cat yowling outside, which, unbeknownst to her is Gosunkugi being attacked by Hanachiyo.

The next day, Ranma receives a letter saying that Akane's been kidnapped and he's to come to the gym in order to save her. Akane, however, hasn't been kidnapped so the pair go to see what's going on. When they arrive the two are met with the sight of Gosunkugi dressed as Akane (which obviously infuriates her). The pair go up to the stage, but this is actually an elaborate trap by Gosunkugi who opens the trapdoor to cause Ranma and Akane to fall into the basement beneath the stage, which he's filled with cats!

All of the cats surrounding him soon becomes too much Ranma, who is reduced to hysterics. Akane tries to get out, but actually opens a door which happens to have a Tiger behind. With all of the other cats piled on top of him in terror from the Tiger, Ranma's fear eventually reaches it's peak and he begins to act like a cat.

Ranma, still in his cat mindset, kisses Akane.

With his mind now complete immersed, Ranma quickly deals with the cats as well as the Tiger and begins to run rampant around the School grounds. Genma is unable to stop Ranma, so Akane decides to shot and arrow carrying a large bag of catnip in Ranma's direction. Ranma falls for it and ends up rolling around in the catnip. He then launches himself at Akane, only to sit on her lap. While sat there, Ranma puts his head up and kisses Akane, much to the shock of her and the other students. Embarrassed by such a public display, Akane punches Ranma skyward (where he fortunately lands in the swimming pool).

Akane finds Ranma in the bath with Shampoo.

Akane decides to go and see Dr. Tofu, but just sighs continuously from the point she enters his treatment room. Eventually, Dr. Tofu asks her if there's something bothering her, but Akane decides she can just beat up Ranma so goes towards the door. As she is about to leave, Ranma appears (having learned of the events while in his cat state) and the two just stand silently until Dr. Tofu leaves to get a delivery. Ranma apologises for kissing Akane, as he would've kissed anybody in that state. This comment angers Akane so the pair begin arguing. Akane ends up pouring cold water over Ranma before sending Ranma flying through the Clinic roof. Akane returns to the Dojo, still thinking about what Ranma said, and heads to the bathroom. However, when she gets there, Akane is met with the sight of Ranma being held by a recently returned Shampoo.

Full Body Cat's Tongue

The next day, Ranma confronts Akane about the incident with Shampoo. At first Akane seems to have no qualms about it, but soon shows her true feelings when she throws cold water over Ranma and kicking her into the air. Later on when Shampoo returns with some noodles from her new restaurant, Akane is told by Nabiki to try some, but she refuses. Akane continues to sit and look out at the garden while Ranma talks with Shampoo and her Great-Grandmother about Ranma's engagement to Shampoo. Despite not seeming to be listening, Akane does perk some interest when Ranma notes that he has no intentions in marrying Shampoo.

Akane watches with Ranma and Shampoo as Mousse arrives to challenge Ranma.

At school the following day Akane hears Shampoo and subsequently sees her chasing him on her bike. Akane then watches as Mousse arrives and is even hugged by him when he mistakes her for Shampoo. Mousse's agenda is soon revealed as he wants Shampoo with him instead of Ranma, but when he's told by Shampoo's Great-Grandmother that he can't have Shampoo, Mousse settles for taking Akane away from Ranma (much to Akane's distaste). That evening Akane talks to Kasumi about the events with Mousse when they hear Ranma screaming. The go to investigate and learn from Shampoo's Great-Grandmother that she's hit a pressure point on Ranma's body which now makes even lukewarm water will feel scolding to him. Akane ends up asking Ranma what he intends to do with his "pledge as a man" to Mousse earlier if he can't turn back into his male form, leaving Ranma in a stunned silence.

Before the fight with Mousse, Akane observes Ranma making a disguise so nobody will know that Ranma's in his female form. Akane initially doesn't think this "plan" will work, but Ranma's disguise and subsequent faux magic show seems to be enough to convince the spectators that Ranma is disguised as a woman rather than actually being one. Akane watches as the fight processes and only intervenes when Ranma's outfit is cut to ribbons by Mousse's hidden weapons as she quickly places a new pair of trousers over Ranma's torso, much to the disappointment of the perverted male spectators.

After Dr. Tofu uses the Tokyo Grandpa Point on Ranma so he'll be immune to the to Full-Body Cat's Tongue, Akane prepares a boiled kettle and throws the water over Ranma, giving him the edge to defeat Mousse. As the rain turns Ranma back into his female form (thus rendering the one-time-only Tokyo Grandpa Point inoperable), Mousse grabs Akane's waist and calls Shampoo's name, this causes Akane to hit Mousse and inform him she's not Shampoo.

Akane and Ranma learn about the Phoenix Pill.

As Ranma has no over choice, she begins attending school in her cursed form resulting in students asking Akane when Ranma will be "back to normal". After about a week of this, Shampoo comes to the school and explains about the Phoenix Pill, an item which is able to undo the Full Body Cat's Tongue. At first Akane is suspicious of this too-good-to-be-true news, but Shampoo quickly diffuses the suspicious by suggesting that Akane is a "pervert girl" for seemingly not wanting Ranma to return to being male.

Ranma spends the next week working at the Cat Café by which point Akane goes in to suggest to Ranma that she just give up, but Ranma disagrees with Akane. Just then Akane, Ranma and Shampoo go out the back of the restaurant where they observe Shampoo's Great-Grandmother perform the "Kachū Tenshin Amaguriken" technique which Ranma needs to master is she stands any chance of getting the Phoenix Pill. As Akane watches the demonstration, she notes how she couldn't even see Shampoo's Great-Grandmother's hands move. When Ranma accidentally stands in the fire and nearly sets herself a light, Akane suggests that Ranma doesn't start practicing today.

Ranma goes with Akane to the fair.

When the Tendos decide to go to the fair, Akane watches as Ranma (who initially didn't want to come) ends up enjoying herself on the multitude of stalls. Akane comes across a fish catching game and decides to try it. However, due to her heavy-handedness, Akane doesn't manage to catch a single fish. Ranma then tries and catches ever fish with ease. When the store owner panics and adds that Ranma also has to catch a tank of Piranhas as well Akane protests at how unfair that is given the stall's advertisement not mentioning anything about it. Despite this Ranma manages to catch the Piranha as well, meaning Akane does get to keep all of the fish. Later that night when Ranma accidentally falls into a hot spring (which thanks to the Full-Body Cat's-Tongue feels even hotter), Akane throws the cold water from the Piranha tank over Ranma and notes how fortunate it was that they had it.

Akane goes with the rest of the Tendo Dojo residents to a beach when the Cat Café relocates for the summer, so Ranma can still have a chance of getting the Phoenix Pill. After learning about the Melon Race and that the winner gets Shampoo and the Phoenix Pill, Akane enters to help Ranma as well as for the chance of facing Shampoo. Unfortunately for Akane her hopes are short lived as just as she's about to fight Shampoo, Ranma destroys both of their Melons meaning both are knocked out of the race. Ranma is then forced by Soun to choose between Akane and Shampoo, to which Ranma eventually walks towards Akane. After being reminded that they're both girls by Akane, Ranma notes that she did it only as a joke, this angers Akane who kicks Ranma into the air (coincidentally also towards the finishing line).

Akane calls Ranma over to her, before Ranma can do anymore damage.

While Ranma fights with Shampoo's Great-Grandmother, Akane watches with the other spectators. However, when a shark appears (by which time Ranma is in the ocean), Akane jumps into the water to save Ranma, but ends up being saved by Ranma herself since she never learned to swim. After being saved Akane continues to observe the fight as Ranma resorts to using the Nekoken to defeat Shampoo's Great-Grandmother. As Ranma recovers on Akane's lap, she receives the Phoenix Pill from Shampoo's Great-Grandmother in Ranma's place. Once Ranma's used the Phoenix Pill he ends up unconscious when Shampoo suddenly appears naked next to him in the bathtub. As Ranma recovers yet again, Akane breaks some Melons in half while stating that she refuses to accept any apologises from Ranma (which was something Ranma had been practicing in the bathtub earlier).

Breaking Point

While out for a walk, Akane comes across Ranma and Ryoga fighting each other. She bids Ryoga hello, just before he's about to fall into a nearby fountain. This causes Ranma to grab Ryoga by the nose so his curse won't be revealed to Akane. Ranma, still holding Ryoga, starts talking to Akane about P-chan not being around recently as he talks to Akane, Ranma continuously nearly drops Ryoga into the fountain before catching him again. Eventually Akane kicks Ranma into the air and tells him to stop picking on Ryoga. As Akane unsuccessfully tries to unravel Ryoga's body she tells him not to challenge Ranma as he's gotten better thanks to Shampoo's Great-Grandmother. Ryoga sees the pity in Akane's eyes and can't take it, so scampers away while screaming that he won't have it.

By the next day, Akane has travelled with Ranma and Genma to the forests of Japan so she can do the cooking while they train (although Akane is against the idea, Soun and Kasumi convince her to go as a sort of "bridal training").

Ranma and Genma learn of Akane's inability to cook.

Towards the end of the day, Ranma and Genma decide to try some of the curry which Akane has made them. However, when they try it the pair only have one spoonful before resuming training. Wondering if there's something wrong with the food, Akane tries some herself and realises how horrible it tastes, she later decides that it must be because she accidentally used Vinegar instead of Wine. Akane then becomes angered with how the Saotomes ran out on her just because of the food, so she throws a medium-sized boulder into some woodland, but ends up hitting Ryoga with it.

As way of apology, Akane gives Ryoga some of her curry. Ryoga in initially in tears of joy at being able to taste Akane's cooking, but soon starts following tears of pain at the horrible food. Not wanting to upset Akane, however, Ryoga lies and says her food is wonderful, cheering up Akane immensely. After an argument ensues between Akane and Ranma (who happened to see the whole scene with Ryoga trying Akane's food), Ryoga attempts to fight Ranma then-and-there, but is stopped when Shampoo's Great-Grandmother (who's training Ryoga) appears and quickly renders Ryoga unconscious. Akane decides to go with Ryoga as she feels a need to help him, as well as him liking her cooking.

Akane watches Ryoga training and what it would mean for Ranma should Ryoga master his new technique.

Akane prepares some more food for Ryoga as he trains to try and master a new technique from Shampoo's Great-Grandmother. When she spots Ranma trying her food again and still finding it disgusting she starts to beat him up, but soon changes her attention when she sees the state of Ryoga. When Ranma begins to leave, Shampoo's Great-Grandmother asks him if he didn't come her to try and win his fiancé back, to which Ranma says he was just worried. Ranma and Akane then look at each other, until Ranma destroys the atmosphere by telling Akane not to poison Ryoga with her food as they have a fight coming up, causing Akane to angrily kick Ranma into the air. Just then Ryoga regains consciousness and declares his mind is only set on defeating Ranma. That night as Akane sleeps, Ryoga continues to train with Shampoo's Great-Grandmother.

The day of the fight, and Akane is tied up to a nearby tree by Shampoo's Great-Grandmother (although greatly to Akane's protest). Shampoo's Great-Grandmother explains that she thought it would be more exciting if there was a "prize" for the fight. Akane watches the fight and is initially confused as to why Ryoga was taught the Bakusai Tenketsu since he takes more damage than Ranma, but soon realises that because of this technique Ryoga's body has become more resilient to kicks and punches. Once Shampoo's Great-Grandmother has cut down Akane from the tree in an attempt to make Ranma return to his fight, Akane continues to watch the fight from the sidelines with Genma.

After Ryoga leaves, Akane tells Ranma not to be mean to P-chan as he's just returned home.

After Ranma uses his "Fast Break" technique against to Ryoga to basically run away from him, Akane discusses the "technique" with Genma and ends up shouting at him for it not really being a technique at all. Akane and Genma then head into the forest to watch the rest of the fight between Ranma and Ryoga, where Akane notices that Ranma has started to use his Kachū Tenshin Amaguriken to hit Ryoga in one spot in multiple times in order to increase the damage Ryoga feels. Akane continues to watch the fight until Ranma and the defeated Ryoga fall off the cliff edge.

When Ranma and Akane return to the Tendo Dojo, Ranma asks P-chan if he was meant to be going somewhere (since Ryoga told Ranma to say goodbye to Akane for him). Akane tells Ranma she won't have him making P-chan feel unwelcome as he just came home.

Martial Arts Tea Ceremony

Akane sees Ranma unconscious and being taken away on a horse.

While walking the streets of Furinkan, shortly after a rainstorm had finished, Akane sees a horse as it gallops past her. As the horse passes her, Akane notices that Ranma (in his female form) in unconscious on the back of the back of the horse. This prompts Akane to throw her umbrella at the rider, but they use a Tea ceremony spoon to not only cut Akane's umbrella in half, but also pin the hood of her raincoat to a nearby lamppost. When the horse, it's rider and Ranma disappear, Akane takes out the spoon from her raincoat and wonders the rider was. At this moment Shampoo arrives (in her cat form), meowing frantically as she chased after Ranma when she was initially kidnapped.

By the next day Akane attempts to find Ranma by looking at a local temple for Tea ceremony, where sure enough she finds Ranma with his kidnapper, Sentaro Daimonji. Initially Sentaro is very grateful for Akane returning the spoon which he "carelessly dropped" so hugs Akane as way of thanks, but get's hit by both Ranma and Akane.

Some time later Akane suggests her taking the place of Ranma in the Martial Arts Tea Ceremony which Ranma has been dragged into by Sentaro's Grandmother. However, after Sentaro and Ranma see how hopeless Akane is at Tea ceremony they agree to continue with Ranma being the one to partake in the match. Akane then watches Ranma's training, and is initially surprised by the speed which Sentaro can move despite being in the Seiza position, but her interest begins to wain as Ranma's training goes on into the wee hours.

Once Ranma has mastered all the techniques Sentaro has taught her of Martial Arts Tea ceremony, Akane, Sentaro and Ranma head over to the building which'll host the match. On the way there they ask Sentaro about Miss Satsuki who Sentaro's been engaged to and is the reason for the whole Tea ceremony match. Sentaro describes her as beautiful as well as bright and very sociable, causing questions as to why Sentaro doesn't want to be engaged to her. This mystery is soon solved, as "Miss Satsuki" turns out to be a monkey.

Sentaro tells Akane that he'll fatally wound Ranma and Miss Satsuki so he can marry her instead.

Initially Ranma refuses to fight a monkey, but soon ends up doing so after an unprovoked attack from the monkey. As the pair fight, Sentaro takes Akane outside where Akane asks him why he's engaged to a monkey. Sentaro quickly puts Akane's question to one side and reveals he now intends to marry Akane by fatally wounding Ranma and "Miss Satsuki", although Akane can't believe that Sentaro is being serious about this. Sentaro is then mowed down by Ranma and "Miss Satsuki", leaving Akane to continue watching the fight until Sentaro attempts to stab Ranma, resulting in Akane kicking Sentaro into the air given her complete demur to his ideology.

Coincidentally, Akane's kicked causes Sentaro to meet the real Miss Satsuki, who'd sent her monkey Sanae instead going herself as she became shy at the last minute. Sentaro and Satsuki are happy to be engaged to each other, and set off on their honeymoon. However, they seemingly become lost and end up at the Tendo Dojo just as Ranma is reading the letter they sent him.

Martial Arts Takeout

Through her father's greed, Akane is entered into the "Miss Martial Arts Takeout" Contest. The next day, Akane enters the race alongside Ranma (disguised in his female form) and Shampoo. Ranma and Shampoo soon begin a fierce competition with each other and knockout everyone else in the contest apart from Akane. After falling behind the pair, Akane eventually finds Shampoo in her cat form attached to Ranma's face and terrifying her. Akane quickly takes Shampoo off Ranma and throws her away.

After getting rid of Shampoo, Akane slaps Ranma to bring her back round.

After slapping Ranma a few times to bring her back round, Ranma remembers about her Ramen and rushes off to retrieve it, with Akane following in hot pursuit on a Skateboard. Unfortunately, Akane, Ranma and Shampoo arrive at the designated location at the exact same time (which turns out to be the Kuno Estate), causing the race to go into overtime where the first to have Kuno eat their delivery will be declared the winner.

Despite her best efforts, Akane is far outclasses by Ranma and Shampoo so struggles to get Kuno to eat her delivery. Shortly after the trio end up in the Kuno family's secret underground training facility, Shampoo manages to make Ranma eat the eel in Akane's delivery, disqualifying her. In a fit of rage, Akane takes a hosepipe and attempts to spray Shampoo with the cold water. However, Ranma (who doesn't want Shampoo to turn into a cat again) begins to protect Shampoo from the water, although Akane is too angry to understand why Ranma's doing this.

Akane is knocked unconscious when the hosepipe explodes.

Ranma soon tires of Akane and stands on the hosepipe so they can try to talk to each other. Unfortunately, before the conversation comes to a conclusion, the hosepipe swells and explodes, knocking out Akane temporarily and disqualifying Shampoo from the contest as well. Akane later recovers and goes with Kuno to the bathroom, where they find Ranma in his male from with a now naked Shampoo clinging onto him. Akane then watches as Ranma tries to get to eat his now very watery delivery. Eventually a large water spout of water launches Ranma and Kuno into a pond, where Kuno decides to eat the delivery from his beautiful pigtailed girl.

Happosai Intro

Akane meets Happosai for the first time.

Whilst out walking the streets of Furinkan, Akane comes across a group of girls being groped by an old lecherous man. After Ranma arrives to stop the old lecher from groping Akane as well, the pair learn that the old lecher is called Happosai and is the master of Anything Goes Martial Arts and taught Soun and Genma several years ago. Akane later gets to observe the strength of Happosai back at the Tendo Dojo, where he throws Ranma through the roof of the Dojo and even manages to make Ranma throw his back out (although Ranma refuses to admit it).

The next day, Happosai begins to cause a great deal of trouble for Ranma by asking him to wear a luxury bra for him and even goes to Furinkan High School where he stages the first of what will become regular panty raids. Akane manages to put a stop to Happosai's antics by grabbing him by the scruff of his shirt and after hearing what started the whole situation tells Ranma to just wear the bra as it's "no big deal". Ranma refuses, but does agree he'll wear it if he loses to Happosai in a fight.

Akane watches the fight, but when Happosai begins to project his Battle Aura onto Ranma she begins to worry that Ranma will soon lose. When Happosai is about to finish Ranma off, Akane covers her eyes in dread, however, Happosai forfeits the fight so he can sneak off to the girls' Locker Room and spy on the girls as they get changed. Unfortunately for Happosai, however, the girls soon find him and begins to attack him whilst demanding he leave.

Akane and Nabiki fool Happosai's perverted tactics by wearing swimsuits.

A few days later and the bathtub at the Tendo Dojo springs a leak, meaning that everyone will have to use the local Sentō for now. Akane goes with Nabiki and is horrified to learn that Ranma and Happosai are there as well. Akane asks Nabiki why they couldn't come later, but Nabiki simply notes that that wouldn't be as fun. Akane and Nabiki then look on as Ranma continues to struggle with Happosai. Eventually, the pair decide to intervene, but only when they've gotten some swimsuits on so as not to fuel Happosai's perverted tendencies.

Once Happosai's been sent back to male side of the bath, Akane and Nabiki look on as Ranma yet again has to try to stop Happosai from sneaking over to the female side. Akane decides to help Ranma by falsely shouting she's going to take her swimsuit off, causing Happosai to blow his cover and giving Ranma the chance to hit him. Happosai does eventually manage to get over to the female side again, but is shocked when, other than Nabiki and Akane, there are only old woman left. He then spots a young girl and rushes towards her, but soon suffers when it turns out to be Ranma's female form who finally manages to stop Happosai by punching him into the ground.

Ranma and Ryoga look on as Happosai is beaten up by the sleeping Akane.

Some days later, Akane receives a letter from Ryoga. She then goes up to her room, where she finds P-chan fighting Happosai. After learning that P-chan sleeps with Akane, Happosai becomes determined to do the same and disguises himself as P-chan to try and fool Akane. After multiple attempts from Ranma to try and stop the old lecher, Akane is eventually rendered unconscious by Happosai when he hits her Shiatsu sleep-point. Happosai then carries Akane over several rooftops and is soon attacked by both Ranma and Ryoga, but both are easily defeated by the old lecher. With all the obstacles dealt with, Happosai prepares to go to sleep next to Akane, but soon suffers the consequences when Akane begins to violently toss and turn in her sleep and hit Happosai continuously (although Ryoga notes that this is a lot calmer than usual).

Akane helps Ranma by sowing the Woman Repellent into Happosai's clothes.

When Ranma invokes Happosai's wrath, who in turn makes life a living hell for everyone at the Dojo, everyone agrees that Ranma be outcast from the Dojo until further notice. Akane goes to see Ranma and together the pair devise a plan to get the ultimate revenge on Happosai. The next morning, Akane begins to plan by sowing a packet of "Woman Repellant" into Happosai's clothes (disguise as a cute animal which Akane stitches in), which will produce a horrible smell only noticeable to women when heated by the human body.

After Ranma gets turned into his female form and begins to suffer the effects of the repellent herself, Akane arrives in a gas mask and helps Ranma overcome the smell and get rid of Happosai long enough for him to turn back into his male form. Akane then looks on as Soun protects them from Happosai's Battle Aura (only because he wasn't fast enough to get out of the way himself), whilst Genma projects his own aura against Happosai's and both use up all their energy doing so. She later watches the news report of the incident with Happosai and the other younger Dojo residents.

Dojo Destroyer

Akane notices that the Dojo sign has disappeared.

After returning from one of her usual early morning jogs, Akane is shocked to see that the sign for the Dojo has disappeared. She immediately goes to find out what's going on and learns from her father that the sign was stolen by the Dojo Destroyer (who Soun and Genma had made up at this point) and in order to retrieve it her and Ranma will need to defeat him together. Despite being convinced that she can defeat the Destroyer herself, Akane soon agrees to Soun's request when he begins projecting his Battle Aura on them.

Later that day during P.E., Soun rushes in and declares the Dojo Destroyer has taken their sign. Shampoo then arrives and demonstrates the Instant Nannīchuan Powder which she recently purchased. Unsurprisingly, Ranma and Genma go in frenzy about getting rid of their curses, but Akane can see through Shampoo's guise and makes her reveal the catch in order for her to give the powder to Ranma. Shampoo simply tells Ranma that to get the powder he'll have to date her on Saturday, the same day the Dojo Destroyer will return for his rematch. Once Shampoo leaves, Ranma arrogantly reassures Akane that her brute strength should be enough to defeat the Destroyer. Angered by this comment, Akane throws Ranma through the Gym's roof and decides she'll beat the Destroyer on her own.

Akane accidentally ends up punching the Destroyer just before the hour needed for her hand to recover is over.

Next Saturday, Akane sees Soun trying to convince Ranma to give up on his date with Shampoo and help instead. Akane tells Ranma not to bother coming as she'll defeat the Destroyer with her left arm alone and subsequently destroys the wall Ranma was stood on. Unfortunately, this servilely damages Akane's left hand, forcing her to go to Dr. Tofu's Clinic in order to have it looked at. Dr. Tofu bandages Akane's hand and instructs her not to hit anything with it for the next hour. When the hour is nearly over, Akane sees Ranma cycle past whilst on his date with Shampoo. Akane reiterates to herself that she'll defeat the Destroyer herself and punches the air with her left hand. However, just as Akane does this an extremely large man appears, causing Akane to punch him instead and damage her hand again. Ranma then comes back to see what's wrong, but Akane just sends him and Shampoo flying in a fit of rage.

Nevertheless, Akane decides to still face the Destroyer herself. Akane initially puts up a good offensive against the Destroyer, but can't break through his multitude of Dojo signs, and her injured hand isn't making things easier. She then proceeds to break through anything the Destroyer puts in her way, this plan soon falls through, however, when the Destroyer puts up the Tendo's sign. The Destroyer then seizes his chance to pin Akane to the wall with multiple Dojo signs in an attempt to finish her off. Luckily Ranma arrives at the last moment and blocks the attack, she then decides to finish off the fight for Akane, but Shampoo places several Instant Nannīchuan Powder packets over the Destroyer and explains that the fake packets will explode on contact.

Ranma blocks the Destroyers attack.

Akane watches the fight with Kasumi and Soun from the sidelines. After the Destroyer is taken down by Ranma, Shampoo tells him she'll hand over the Instant Nannīchuan Powder... for one more kiss. This information leaves Akane in a state of shock and asks Ranma if he really kissed Shampoo. After trying to figure out who-kissed-whom, Ranma shows Akane he wouldn't toy with a girl's emotions and rips up the last Instant Nannīchuan Powder packet which he took from Shampoo. Immediately Akane begins apologising to Ranma for not believing her and asks him if there's she can do to make it up. Ranma quickly gives Akane a list of things she can do, fortunately the Destroyer steps in and reveals that Ranma was hiding the real packet of Instant Nannīchuan in his hair. This prompts Akane to calmly tell Ranma she was going to thank him, but she continues by violently slapping him for lying.

Later that day Akane watches as Ranma and Genma use the powder to final rid themselves of their curse, until it starts raining and they turn back into their cursed forms yet again.

Romeo and Juliet

Whilst cleaning up the classroom, Akane is asked by The Drama Club's Director and Assistant to play the lead in Romeo & Juliet. Initially believing the pair to want her to play Romeo, Akane outright refuses to take part and offers Ranma (in his female form) take her place. However, when Akane learns that they're asking her to play Juliet, Akane does a complete 3-60 and agrees to be in the play. Unfortunately before Akane realises it Kuno, Gosunkugi and Happosai all begin fighting over who will get to play the role of Romeo.

Akane thinks to the last time she was in Romeo & Juliet.

That evening, Akane begins remembering to when she was cast as Romeo. She proudly declares that she'll finally get to put on a pretty dress and play the role of the most beautiful girl in... At that moment Ranma taunts Akane by declaring "Oh, Romeo!" to her, prompting Akane to send Ranma flying. The next day at rehearsals, Akane prepares for her role while Ranma hears that if the play wins there's a prize to see China. Inevitably Ranma's interest in the play increases ten-fold and decides to try for the part of Romeo too. Akane doesn't share Ranma's enthusiasm, however, and tells him he's turning the play into a massacre by challenging the other would-be Romeos to see who's the last one standing on the stage. She then runs off crying, only to find out later on that Ranma has no idea who Romeo is.

The day of the play soon arrives, but Akane can't find Ranma anywhere. She decides to go to the changing room for Romeo, but can't him there either. Fortunately, Ranma arrives, having been encased in concrete and buried by Happosai earlier. After Ranma deals with the other Romeos attempts to get rid of him, Akane follows him outside and asks him if he can handle the play. Ranma reassures Akane that he can handle it and tells her to become Juliet just as he'll become Romeo. Curious, Akane asks Ranma if he knows what Romeo & Juliet are to each other, to which Ranma responds by asking if their father and daughter. This prompts Akane to hit Ranma with a large copy of the script and tell him to at least learn the story before the curtain opens.

The play begins, with Happosai being the first Romeo to emerge.

By the time of Furinkan High's performance, Akane is dressed and begins acting her role as the Romeos rush over to her. Once Ranma has dealt with the other Romeos they attempt to continue the play, but Ranma never learned his lines so the pair stare at each other in silence. Soun (dressed as a Kuroko) appears and "helps" Ranma with his lines before he and Genma attempt to force their children to kiss. However, Ranma refuses to kiss Akane, much to Akane's annoyance and the audience's anger. After Ranma leaves the stage, Akane has all but given up on the performance. Luckily Kasumi shouts out from the audience to give Akane some words of encouragement which give Akane the will to continue, but she still can't bring herself to kiss Kuno.

Happosai quickly steps in and kidnaps Akane by tying her up in a fish net. As Happosai argues over the Director's description of him, Ranma (now in his female form) takes Akane backstage and ties her up so that she can deal with the Romeos. Once Happosai is dealt with, Ranma moves onto Kuno, however, through her accidentally consuming some alcohol, Ranma is quickly outmatched by Kuno causing Akane to step in while Ranma sobers up. Unfortunately Akane is no match for Kuno's superior swordsmanship and has to rely on Ranma to stop him. Ranma then continues by kissing Kuno (with tape over his mouth) so that she'll win the prize to see China. But by the time Ranma returns to his male form to finish the play, Akane has had enough of his antics and decides to slap him before stomping off stage.

Romeo and Juliet kiss (with Akane having secretly put tape over Ranma's mouth).

Ranma and Akane begins arguing with each other over their actions, giving Gosunkugi a chance to use some Chloroform in order to render Akane unconscious and mount an unsuccessful kidnapping. This causes the Director to improvise and have Juliet suffer from poison, with only a kiss from Romeo being able to awake her. Ranma eventually to go through with the scene as the Guest Judge tells him if he kisses Akane then he'll be the winner. Despite this Ranma struggles to bring himself to kiss Akane. After trying to put off the kiss for as long as possible, Akane wakes up and quietly tells Ranma she'll help him. Seeing how cute Akane looks Ranma finally kisses Akane, but after their declared the winners Akane sticks out her tongue at Ranma who'd she had placed tape over his mouth like Ranma did to Kuno earlier.

As they walk home, Akane playfully notes how she wishes she could've done the kiss without the tape, taking Ranma by complete surprise. When they arrive home, however, the pair learn that the prize to "see China" was to meet Mr. China, a foreign actor. This leaves Ranma devastated and after the party finishes, Nabiki suggests Akane kisses Ranma awake, but Akane thinks it's better just to let Ranma sleep.

Japanese Nannīchuan

Akane accepts her gift from Ryoga.

Some time after this Happosai returns to preforming his usual panty raids. After one of these raids Akane and the other Furinkan students give pursuit through the streets of Furinkan until they finally loose sight of the old lecher and regroup to formulate a plan to final catch him. However, before any plan can be made, Akane notices that she's stood on Ryoga who's recently found his way back to Furinkan.

A little while later Ryoga, who is now alone with Akane, tries to ask Akane if she'll go out with a date with him when he returns from his training journey, unfortunately, his nervousness gets the better of him and he can only give Akane a gift he bought her before she heads off home.

By the next day, Akane reassures the other girls that they won't have to worry about Happosai peeping on them as she's set various traps to catch him. Instead of Happosai, however, the traps are set off by Ryoga and Ranma in their search for the Japanese Nannīchuan who narrowly avoid being caught themselves. The girls then proceeds to get changed when Ranma stumbles in disguised in his female form (setting off another trap in the process). Akane immediately sees through the disguise, but it isn't until after managing to cover Ranma with hot water do the other horrified students realise that it was Ranma.

Akane and the other female students prepare to defend the locker room from Ranma and Happosai.

Once Ranma retreats, the girls return to getting changed when suddenly P-chan comes flying through the window. Hearing that her pet is here, Akane wastes no time is going to see him, but the sight of Akane in her underwear is too much for P-chan who gets a noise bleed before losing consciousness. At that moment, Ranma walks in and slaps P-chan repeatedly before he realises what he's done and gets beaten up by the female students.

After she finishes changing Akane goes out to find Ranma, but finds Ryoga instead so tells him about (what she believes) was Ranma's attempts to peep on her and the other students. The pair then devise a plan where Ryoga will wait in the changing room whilst the girls hide in the lockers. Once Ranma falls for the trap, Akane is surprised to see that Ranma is seemingly in cahoots with Happosai to steal their panties.

Angered, Akane and other students beat up the pair before preparing to defend the locker to the death. Despite their best efforts, however, Ranma manages to get past the barricade, whilst Happosai gets sent flying by Akane.

Akane is surprised to see the Japanese Nannīchuan (although it was just a burst water main).

When Akane returns to the changing room she finds Ranma yet again disguised in his female form and seducing Ryoga. Seeing that there's nothing else she can do, Akane gives in to Ranma's seeming desire for female underwear and hands him a large pile of it, but as she runs away in tears, Ranma finally gets the chance to tell her about the Japanese Nannīchuan underneath the changing room. Akane, however, doesn't believe the story at all until Ryoga and Ranma are sent flying by an eruption of water after punching the floor (which turns out to just be the now-burst water main).

That evening, Akane notices how downhearted P-chan is and asks him what's wrong, whilst Ranma looks on and comments that she's beginning to think that he (P-chan) likes things better this way.

Akane vs Kodachi - Cookie Battle