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All's Fair at the Fair (夜店でバトル Yomise de batoru?) is the 47th chapter of the manga and the sixth chapter of the Full Body Cat's Tongue Arc.


Soun decides to take the family to the fair in hopes of cheering Ranma up. While there Ranma plays the goldfish dipping game and discovers that if he moves fast enough he can catch all the fist before the paper ladle breaks. Ranma manages to catch all the fish, and discovers he's mastered the essence of the Katchu Tenshin Amaguriken (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire).

Plot Overview

Soun (with Genma in hot pursuit) asks if everybody's ready. Akane, dressed in a traditional Kimono, replies that she is. Kasumi and Nabiki, also dressed in Kimonos, are ready as well, when Kasumi asks Nabiki where Ranma is, to which Nabiki replies she's probably starting fires in the garden again. Ranma is then shown to be practising the "Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire", but is still yet to master it.

Ranma tries to get the Phoenix Pill yet again, but is still too slow.

At that moment, the old ghoul appears and asks Ranma if she's mastered the technique yet. The ghoul continues by teasing Ranma with the Phoenix Pill. Ranma takes the bait and tries to grab the pill, but isn't fast enough and so the ghoul writes "Reject" in Kanji on her hands before saying to Ranma that she's still to slow.

Just then the other Tendo Dojo residents arrive and watch the ghoul perform the technique flawlessly, to the enjoyment of Nabiki and Kasumi who compliment her skill as well as giving her a round of applause. The ghoul then takes her leave, telling Ranma she'll see her soon. Soun tells Ranma that's some lady he's gotten himself mixed up with, to which Ranma replies that to turn back to a man she has master enough speed to catch the Chestnuts.

Akane then interjects that due to the "Full-Body Cat-Tongue" Ranma is super sensitive to heat, so can't practice properly. As Ranma hits the ground and wonders what she is going to do, Soun walks over and tells her to buck up and adds that she'll find a cure at the fair. Despite Ranma's preconceptions, Soun then adds that the fair is the best place to forget about all this craziness. Ranma, slightly annoyed, sarcastically comments that forgetting about it is going to fix anything.

Ranma goes with everyone to the Fair, where she accidentally ends up enjoying herself.

Some time has passed and Ranma is now also in a Kimono and at the fair with the rest of the group. At first Ranma seems to be against the idea, but Akane says that a little fun can't hurt. Ranma still disagrees and says this is no time to be having fun (while she says this Ranma is playing a shooting game at one of the stalls). As Ranma runs from one stall to another, Kasumi says that Ranma appears to be trying really hard to pretend to be having a good time. Akane, however, disagrees and says that "pretend" isn't the word she would use.

Akane and Ranma then pass a stall where you can try and catch a fish for ¥100 and if you catch all the fish they can take them home for free. Akane is intrigued and decides to have a go, but her small nets breaks as soon as it touches the water. Determined to win, Akane tries again and again, but still to no avail and ends up declaring to the stall owner that the nets are defective.

By this point Ranma has had enough of watching Akane fail due to her clumsiness and decides to try herself. Ranma then begins to pick up the fish with ease and puts the fish in multiple separate bowls, making Akane tell Ranma to keep going and they'll all be hers. The stall holder, however, panics that he'll be put out of business so in a desperate attempt declares that there's another part, in which Ranma has to catch a tank of Piranhas barehanded and should she fail she has to give back the other fish.

While Akane notes the unfairness of the challenge, Ranma on the other hand is interested in the challenge and notes it's a game of speed, where she has to catch the Piranhas before they get her. Ranma then suddenly has an epiphany that this is special training and if she can catch the fish before they bite she can master the "Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire" technique.

Ranma finds Shampoo, now ready to get the Phoenix Pill.

The scene then cuts to Shampoo outside a Haunted House attraction and welcoming people in to it. Ranma runs up to Shampoo and asks where the ghoul is. Suddenly, the ghouls appears behind Ranma and pokes her in the back, saying that she's here. The ghoul then runs into the Haunted House and is quickly followed by Ranma.

Inside, Ranma is faced with several people dressed up in animal outfits who try and attack her, but all are soon defeated by Ranma. Ranma then arrives at a hot spring, where the ghoul is floating in a wooden bucket in the centre of. The ghoul then taunts Ranma that if she wants the pill she'll have to cross the water and get it. Undeterred, Ranma jumps high into the air and tries to grab the pill, but misses.

At first Ranma pretends to panic about falling into the water, but just uses the pole she took from the animals she fought earlier to stop her from falling in. Ranma then reveals she actually managed to take the case with the Phoenix Pill, much to the surprise of the ghoul. Ranma then proceeds to open the case and take the pill, as she does this Ranma comments on how the pill looks like a candy drop.

Ranma sits in shock after what just happened to her.

After Ranma has taken the pill she falls into the water, when the ghoul reveals that it was a candy drop. As Ranma screams in pain, Akane runs up and throws the tank of fish over her. The ghoul as reveals she switched the contents just in case, she then continues by noting that it appears Ranma has mastered the "Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire" and also says that Ranma's the man for Shampoo alight. Shampoo (who has suddenly reappeared) questions Ranma if she caught all these fish, while Akane notes it was good the tank was here. Ranma, however, just sits stunned, as the Piranhas either flop around or bite parts of her body.

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