Aloha School (人形の罠 Ningyo no wana?) is the 333rd chapter of the manga it is also the first and only chapter of the Aloha School Arc.

A disastrous field trip leads to Ranma's class getting stranded on a deserted island, thanks to the Principal's reckless attitude. It quickly becomes apparent that some great tragedy forced everyone to abandon the island.

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Marooned Edit

Female Ranma is on top of a palm tree dressed in a bikini looking for boats.

Three days ago, Principal Kuno issued another ridiculous rule saying that in order to move up to the next grade all students must pass a canoe test. The students struggle to pass as the principal laughs in his hot air balloon until Ranma shoots a dart and destroys his balloon. But before he falls in the water the principal tosses grenades in their direction, destroying all the canoes.

The students manage to wash up on an uninhabited island. There are twenty boys and three girls, including Ranma. As Miss Hinako take attendance, Akane and Ukyo find an abandoned resort. Ranma finds a log in one of the buildings dated to 1990 that says all the food became contaminated with the Aloha Virus, forcing them to abandon the area.

Aloha Virus Edit


The boys are infected with Aloha Virus.

Before Ranma can warn the boys, the principal arrive and offers them variety of fruits. While they feast on the principal's generosities, Ranma tells him about the Aloha Virus, which he apparently knows about. He tells Ranma that the virus will turn anyone who eats the food contaminated with it into tourists on honeymoon. The food he provided was all contaminated with this virus, infecting all the boys.

They are now sporting a Hawaiian shirt, camera, and a lei around their neck. Just as Ranma says that it's not so bad, she's grabbed by Hiroshi and subsequently all the other boys who start believing that the three girls on the island are their wives. Hinako becomes frightened and cowers, but realizes that the boys are only targeting Ranma, Ukyo, and Akane. She uses a 50 yen coin to turn into her adult form, which attracts all the boys to her. She then blasts them all away with Happo No-Yen Coin Return and the girls hide in a cave.

In the cave, they find Principal Kuno, holding the cure to the virus in his hands. When Ranma ask for the antidote, the principal suddenly realizes something important that he must do. Teach them about an important hawaiian culture: A marathon race around the island! He then sprints off with the cure and Ranma chases him around the island when she sees the twenty boys behind her. Suddenly a banana peel appears and Ranma slips, allowing all the boys to catch her. The boys then apply sunscreen, take pictures, and offer food to Ranma. She kicks them all away and returns to the girls.

The Cure Edit

The girls plan their next move in an outpost. While applying sunscreen, the boys apparently made a pattern to read "Love" on Ranma's back, and Akane and Ukyo fears for what could happen if the boys catch one of them. Off in the distance they notice the boys wielding torches and asking the girls to come with them. They also find Principal Kuno, who was below the outpost teaching the boys how to make blow guns. They go down and start beating up the boys and attempt to get to the antidote. In a last ditch effort the principal drinks it down to prevent anyone else from getting it. The boys seem to keep coming back no matter how hard they are hit and the girls are already weak from starving.


Principal is tied up and sweated out the antidote.

Ranma remembers that the island used to be a vacation resort and comes up with a plan. They tie up the principal and drag him off. Meanwhile, Hinako is still sitting on top of the outpost bummed that none of the boys are going after her. As the boys search the island, they find Ukyo and Akane in the hot spring, beckoning them to come in. They jump in without hesitation and Akane and Ukyo sneak around a rock to the other side of the spring. Once the boys touch the water they instantly get cured of the Aloha Virus. On the other side, Ranma reveals that he simply made Principal Kuno sweat out the antidote to release the cure into the water.

Back in Furinkan High, it's apparent that the Principal didn't learn anything from the ordeal as he suggests to the injured students that they all go camping.

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