Anna (安奈 Anna?), sometimes referred to as Anna Brown, is the daughter of Farmer Brown. She lives on a farm with her father and their bull, Gertie. When Ryoga appears she at first believes him to be the legendary hero Joe, but soon develops romantic feelings for Ryoga after he saves her from Ushinosuke Oshamanbe and a group of his thugs.

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Anna, along with her father, challenge Ryoga after he attacks and defeats their bull, Gertie. However, Ryoga just deflects their tools with his umbrella. Terrified by this Anna and her father are about to run away, but Ryoga chases after them trying to explain he doesn't mean them any harm; only for Ryoga to be knocked out by the Rake that had fallen on the floor. While unconscious Anna and her father tie up Ryoga and place on the back of their cart. When Ryoga comes to they are all attacked by a group of thugs on motorcycles. Ryoga is then used as an bargaining tool by Farmer Brown. Ryoga then fights the motorcycle thugs and quickly defeats them, but just as he's about to leave Anna and her father are now convinced that he is the legendary hero Joe who comes to save those in trouble.

Welcome "Joe"

Anna welcomes her hero.

Anna and her father take Ryoga back to their farm then explain that they've had no peace since these outlaws showed up. Despite Ryoga's attempts to leave, given his complete lack of direction, he is unable to find the door that leads outside. Anna and her father are at first confused by this behaviour but then decide that Ryoga's just doing this for comic effect. Ryoga then explains he's not Joe and he's just passing through, which brings Anna and her father to tears. Farmer Brown then tells Anna that "if those "varmints think they can come here and take what's rightfully mine, they've got another thing coming", but then Farmer Brown begins coughing violently and then tells Anna that he'll be watching out for her from above. Anna then continues to cry, until Ryoga agrees to say a little but longer so he can help out.

Anna, her father, Ryoga (who are dressed in cow outfits) along with Gertie then go another ranch and begin to vandalise it by writing "Dummy" and "Idiot" on the cattle they find. When some more thugs appear Anna and Farmer Brown use Ryoga to defend themselves, as they steal several vegetables and run away when Ryoga realises what they're doing he quickly runs after them, with the thugs in hot pursuit.

Ryoga Leaves

Ryoga leaves Anna to return to Akane.

Later that day, Ryoga is having a bath in an oil drum, with Anna helping keep the fire going. When Farmer Brown and Gertie are about to leave Ryoga panics and stands up telling them not to go. Anna then screams and covers her eyes, only to look through her fingers, as Ryoga quickly gets back into the oil drum. Anna then begins to get help from Ryoga around the farm by using his Bakusai Tenketsu technique to make it easier for Anna to plant some seeds. Anna then goes to pick some flowers (whilst thinking about Ryoga) only to be kidnapped by some thugs.

Anna is then taken to Hell Canyon and tided to a large bolder. Anna then watches the fight between Ryoga and Ushinosuke Oshamanbe. After Ryoga wins she manages to carry the bolder she was tied to on her back and run to Ryoga. When the other remaining thugs are about to attack Ryoga uses his Bakusai Tenketsu technique to break the bolder Anna's tied to and cover the thugs with the debris. At sunset Anna meets up with Ryoga and explains to him that she's never been happier. Ryoga, however, explains he isn't Joe and that his heart belongs to another, much to Anna's dismay. Anna then refuses to let Ryoga go and so chases after him, but she gives up when she can't see him anywhere (as Ryoga has turned into P-chan) and instead looks towards the sunset.


Anna is one of the many guests at the Tendo family Christmas party.


Anna's Strength

Anna's strength.

Despite seeming to lack any training in any form of martial arts, Anna is shown to have great strength as she is able to carry a large boulder on her back seemingly with great ease. She is also presumed to have a good knowledge of growing crops etc due to her being a Farmer's daughter.


With Ryoga: At first Anna seemed to only be interested in Ryoga as she thought he was the legendary hero Joe, however, after Ryoga saves her from Ushinosuke Oshamanbe and his group of thugs she develops feelings for Ryoga himself. Despite the same emotions being felt by Ryoga at the time (due to him deciding to leave Akane) he ultimately ended the relationship by leaving Anna and returning back to Furinkan in order to be with Akane.

With Farmer Brown: Anna is shown to be very close to her father, Farmer Brown, especially when he says he'll soon be watching her from above and she begins to cry excessively at him saying such things. She seems slightly comforted by him after Ryoga leaves.


  • Anna and her home appear to be North American or Japanese with an American Wild West theme. Both she, her father, and pet bull have English names.
  • She is similar to, but predates Akari Unryu. As such she may have been her inspiration.


  • There's two of us. I'm sure we can take him Pa. - Anna talking to her father about them fighting Ryoga.
  • It's Joe! - Anna when she first believes to Ryoga to be Joe.
  • Don't worry about a thing Joe, because in the end the good guys always win. - Anna convincing Ryoga to go along with their plan.
  • Oh come on Pa... you're embarrassing me. - Anna talking to her father after he says he's about to leave in order for Anna and Ryoga to get to know each other.


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