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At Long Last... the Date! (憧れのデート Akogare no deto?) is the 91st chapter of the manga it is also the seventh and final chapter of the Ukyo Kuonji Intro Arc.


Ryoga and Akane go out for dinner and a boat ride, but Soun and Kasumi convince Ranma to follow Akane and make sure she is alright. Ranma falls into the water at the park and emerges as "Ryoga's fiancé".

Plot Overview

Soun and Kasumi force Ranma to go find Akane.

Having returned to the Tendo Dojo, Ukyo explains to Kasumi about how Akane and Ryoga are having a date and seem to be hitting it off. Kasumi turns her attention to Ranma and suggests he go and check on Akane, but Ranma replies that there's no way before thinking to himself that whatever happens to Akane is her own dumb fault. Not deterred, Kasumi tells Ranma that he should go and get Akane, but again Ranma says that he's not going to. Just then Ranma senses Soun's angered ki behind him, while Kasumi yet again suggests he goes and finds Akane.

As Ranma walks with Ukyo, she asks him if he's going to save Akane if she gets in trouble, but Ranma tells Ukyo that there's no way he'd do that. Meanwhile, Akane has gone with Ryoga to Café Rendezuous, where Akane tells Ryoga that she's sorry for making him come out with her like this and hopes it isn't too much trouble. Ryoga, however, can't believe that Akane asked him out like this so is sure that he must be dreaming. He then begins hitting his head against a wall to see if it is a dream, and when he doesn't feel any pain he decides that it must be. Luckily, the wall collapses on top of Ryoga, which he states hurt a little, making him change his mind and this must be real.

While Akane suggests to Ryoga that they go somewhere else, Ukyo and Ranma look on from behind some plants, with Ukyo noting that Ryoga and Akane seem to be having fun.

Some time passes and Akane notices a boat rental in a local park, so suggests that they rent a boat. Ryoga panics slightly at this idea, which is worsened when Ranma whispers in his ear that it would be terrible if he fell in. After angrily kicking Ranma into the air, Ryoga agrees to rent a boat.

Ukyo and Ranma continue to follow Rygoa and Akane, causing Ukyo to say that she and Ranma are on a date too.

However, Ranma and Ukyo continue to follow Ryoga and Akane wherever they go. Eventually Ryoga demands they leave them alone, but Ukyo tells the pair not to mind them as they're on their own date. Remembering that first Ranma tried to split up her and Ryoga, only to now turn the tables, Akane angrily throws a "no fishing" sign at Ranma. Ranma easily avoids the sign, but gets hit in the face by Ryoga's oar and falls into the water. As Ranma sinks below the water, Ryoga solemnly tells Ranma that he's a two-timer and as such has lost his rights to call himself Akane's fiancé.

Suddenly Ranma reemerges in his disguise from earlier, much to Ryoga's shock. As Akane looks on in dismay, Ranma continues to play her part and asks how Ryoga dare do this to her. Ranma then asks Ryoga if his jumping all over her was just a lark and begins to slap him furiously. Putting more pressure on Ryoga, Ranma whispers in his ear that she still wants him even if he is a pig. This causes Ryoga great internal turmoil as he doesn't know when another girl will come along who knows he's a pig yet still wants him...

Ukyo swipes off Ranma's wig with her giant Spatula, revealing Ranma's identity to Ryoga.

At that moment, Ukyo angrily swipes at Ranma with her giant Spatula, asking how many times she has to get in the way. Ranma seemingly avoids the attack and tells Ryoga that she's the only one for him, but just then Ryoga and the others notice that Ranma's wig was caught by Ukyo's Spatula, revealing Ranma's identity to Ryoga. Akane advises Ranma that he runs, but before she can, Ryoga grabs her in extreme fury. Ranma attempts to make Ryoga see that lighter side of this whole situation, but he begins to attack Ranma out of pure rage (during this time, Ukyo is curious about this girl being called "Ranma" as well).

Ryoga launches a kick at Ranma, but she avoids it and before Ryoga realises he's just above the cold water of the lake. Desperate, Ryoga grabs Ranma and throws her into the water, before jumping over several over objects until he makes back onto dry land.

Ryoga tells Akane he can no longer see her.

As Ryoga stands on the dock he thinks to himself about how, just for a moment, his heart had betrayed Akane. As Akane pulls up her boat to the dock as well, she slams Ranma onto the dock's walkway and calls him a jerk, before asking her if she enjoys tormenting Ryoga. Akane continues by apologising to Ryoga, but Ryoga sadly tells Akane that he can no longer see her and runs off with tears in his eyes.

Akane and Ranma quickly give chase, while they do so, Akane tells Ranma that this is all his fault, but Ranma is just surprised that this has hurt Ryoga this much. The pair then come across P-chan (Ryoga had gotten sprayed by a sprinkler system) and Akane wonders why he's here, but P-chan then begins to runaway from her as well. Akane quickly calls for P-chan to come back to her, which he soon does. Ukyo then arrives and asks if Ryoga's gone for good, which Akane adds she hopes not. Ranma, meanwhile, looks at P-chan and sarcastically thinks about the great set of romantic principles he's got.

That evening at the Tendo Dojo, Akane tells Ranma to make sure he apologizes to Ryoga when he returns, but Ranma says he thinks Ryoga's already gotten over it (as P-chan is continually biting at his finger). Ukyo, meanwhile, is busily pouring hot and cold water over Ranma to change his form and excitedly notes that it's fun no matter how many times she does it.

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  • This chapter reveals Ranma's curse to Ukyo.


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