Bathhouse Fu is a minor fighting style in the world of Ranma 1/2, about which little is known.

Basic Concept

Similar to Martial Arts Figure Skating, Bathhouse Fu can be best summarized as an "environmental" fighting style; an adaptation of martial arts techniques and stances to better suit combat within the confines of a public bathhouse, hot spring, or other Japanese bathing area. Practitioners are highly adept at amphibious combat, moving from the land to water surface to underwater and back again for tactical advantage, and likewise employ bathhouse paraphernalia such as washtubs, soap, towels, etcetera as weapons. By inferral, they also hone their ability to hold their breath for prolonged periods, and to fight unimpeded by both the extreme heat of the water or the visual impairment of heavy steam.

Whilst never described in series, logic would suggest that this style would also be very adaptable to battles on riverbanks and beaches.

Special Techniques

  • Fist of the Hermit Crab: Also known as the Hermit Crab Fist or Hermit Crab Punch, this technique is used by Happosai and may only work for somebody with his diminutive frame. Happosai flings a barrage of washtubs into the air and then uses his great speed to conceal himself in one faster than an observer can follow. As the tubs fall to the ground around his adversary, he uses his concealment to deliver a flurry of blows in passing.

Known Practitioners

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