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Because There's a Girl He Likes (好きな女がいるんだから Suki na hito ga irun dakara?) is the is the eighth chapter of the first volume of the manga and first chapter of the Dr. Tofu Intro Arc.


After continuous failed attempts at defeating Akane the male students, apart from Upperclassman Kuno, give up and allow Ranma to be her fiancé. On the way back, after stopping at Dr. Tofu's Clinic, Akane reveals to Ranma why she can't tell Dr. Tofu her feelings for him and who Dr. Tofu is really in love with.

Plot Overview

Genma and Ranma are having an early morning spar in the garden of the Tendo Dojo. Kasumi then tells them that breakfast is ready, this distracts Ranma and Genma enough that they both fall into the pond, thus turning into their cursed forms. Genma, who's in his panda form, uses a sign to explain that he's gotten a job. Which Ranma, who's getting the water out of her shirt, asks Genma is he's working for the zoo, this annoys Genma and uses another sign to say that is wrong. Nabiki then asks Genma to pass the Soy sauce. Soun then appears and compliments Ranma on doing a morning workout, however, Soun is very shocked when he realises that Ranma's in his female form with her shirt off thus exposing her breasts.

Soun's reaction to seeing the female Ranma topless.

This lack of feminine modesty forces Akane to poor a boiled Tetsubin onto Ranma, turning back to his male form. At breakfast Ranma asks why he should have any feminine modesty. Akane replies by asking Ranma is he has no shame, which Ranma responds by saying that's rich coming from a tomboy like her. Kasumi interrupts by asking Akane to stop by Dr. Tofu's Clinic on her way home from School, in order to return a book she borrowed from him. Akane is very reluctant to so she tells Kasumi it's better if she does it herself, however, Ranma sees through the bluff and tells Akane that she knows she's dying to go there. Meanwhile, Kasumi tells Soun it's probably a good idea to take the toothbrush in his mouth out. Akane pulls Ranma by his ponytail, saying that they're going to be late.

Akane realizes Ranma's changed gender.

Akane runs to School, still pulling Ranma by the ponytail. However, as Akane's running they pass the Old Washer Woman who splashes Ranma with cold water without Akane noticing. When they get to Furinkan High School Ranma tells Akane to wait a second. This causes Akane to slam Ranma against a wall and tell him to keep his big mouth shut about her liking Dr. Tofu. Just as Akane finishes she finally realizes that Ranma has turned into his female form and asks when this happened. The same group of male students who challenge Akane every morning gather behind her. After Ranma calls them a bunch of perverts (as Ranma's top was undone by Akane and her cleavage was visible), they begin crying and say they have all given up trying to fight for her love and they admit her engagement to Ranma Saotome. Both Akane and Ranma are surprised by this.

Upperclassman Kuno then appears, his face covered with bandages, and says to group of male students that they must've heard this false rumour of Ranma defeating Kuno. Kuno continues by saying he doesn't admit defeat, some of the male students then say that Kuno was their greatest fighter and their greatest pervert; the latter of the two statements shocks and surprises Kuno slightly. Kuno then removes his bandages, revealing the marks left on his face from Ranma's kicks, he then says two hundred kicks from a coward like Ranma wouldn't even itch. Ranma is angered by Kuno calling him a coward and shouts to Kuno that he just can't admit he's lost. Kuno looks to see who shouted at him and when he realizes it's his pigtailed girl he is overjoyed, much to Ranma's surprise (since he'd forgotten he was in his female form).

Kuno then grabs Ranma's hands and says he's pined to see her. Ranma then asks Kuno wasn't it Akane he loves, to which Kuno says he does. Upon hearing this Ranma tells Kuno that she's listening to what he's saying. The two of them then look and see Akane walking away. When Ranma asks where Akane thinks she's going, Akane replies by telling Kuno that if he really loves this girl (Ranma) then she won't stand in his way. After some internal debate Kuno declares that he loves them both, Kuno then goes to hug his two loves but is knocked unconscious by Ranma, and Akane. Akane then leaves with Ranma as the remaining male students tell Akane to tell their congratulations to Ranma.

Ranma gets hit by the Baseball.

Ranma has turned back into his male form and is doing some Physical education with other students. Two male students then begin talking to Ranma and suggest all the things he must've done to or with Akane, all of which Ranma denies. After one of the two male students from earlier comments on how cute Akane is Ranma says that she isn't and that she already has someone she likes. Just then Akane, who's playing Baseball, misses the ball and it hits Ranma in the side of his face. When the other students ask him why he didn't dodge it, Ranma simply replies he had something on his mind.

After trying to get Ranma to accept her apology Akane finally gives up trying. The two of them then see Genma (who's in his Panda form) sweeping the entrance to Dr. Tofu's Clinic. When Ranma asks why Genma's here, Dr. Tofu walks out and says that Mr. Saotome has starting working for him. The four of them go back inside and Ranma tells Dr. Tofu that Genma's his father, much to the surprise of Dr. Tofu. Dr. Tofu then notices the bandages on Ranma's face and goes to get a balm to help it heal up.

Akane explains about Dr. Tofu liking someone else.

The phone then rings and Dr. Tofu asks Genma to pick it up for him. But when Genma remembers Pandas can't talk Akane answers it for him. Once she's finished Akane quickly goes through the door and tries to leave. When Ranma asks why she doesn't want to stay with Dr. Tofu, Akane says that there's a girl that Dr. Tofu likes and she's on her way to the clinic. Just then someone is about to walk into the clinic, at first Ranma thinks this is Dr. Tofu's love but it just the Old Washer Woman from before. Meanwhile, Kasumi is asked if she's going shopping again, to which Kasumi replies that she's just going to see Dr. Tofu.

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  • Arrrrgh! Pandas can't talk! - Genma's sign when he remembers he can't talk as a panda when he tries to answer the phone.
  • Oh Man! I gotta say... your boy Tofu... has got some taste! That's not her! - Ranma when he sees the Old Washer Woman who he believes is Dr. Tofu's love interest and Akane's response.


  • This chapter marks the debut of Genma using a sign in order to communicate as a panda.
  • Akane mentions that she tried to apologize to Ranma 30 times for hitting him with the baseball before giving up.
  • This chapter reveals Dr. Tofu's love for Kasumi.
  • In the scene where Hiroshi and Daisuke are suggesting all the sexual things Ranma has done with Akane, Hiroshi's face was redrawn in the English translation since the speech bubble in front of his face needed to be resized. This caused his face to look rather odd in comparison to the other characters.


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