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Bie Liao (Goodbye) (別了(ビエラ) Bie ra?) is the 36th chapter of the manga it is also the sixth and final chapter of the Shampoo Intro Arc.


Ranma tells Ryoga about his plan to "almost kill" female Ranma and needs Ryoga to beat him up for it to work. Ryoga won't have anything to do with helping Akane remember Ranma, until Ranma insults him one too many times. Ranma winds up beating Ryoga instead, so Genma and Soun step in and kick Ranma around a bit.

Plot Overview

Ryoga imagines himself with Akane if she can't remember Ranma.

Ranma has returned to the training hall of the Tendo Dojo, where he explains to Ryoga that he made Shampoo agree to only "almost kill" female Ranma (although Shampoo doesn't know what Ranma means by this) in order to get the 911 shampoo.

Ranma turns to Ryoga and tells him to beat the crap out of him. This causes Ryoga to reply that he would love to, but won't. Ryoga continues by telling Ranma just to give up and surrender Akane to him. After having a fantasy of holding Akane in his arms, Ranma hits Ryoga over the head with his foot and ask him if could bend a little on that idea.

Despite trying to get Ryoga to agree, Ranma is unsuccessful and the pair begin to fight each other. During the fight, Ryoga tells Ranma he'll rip his head off, to which Ranma gladly replies that's what he wants. Unfortunately, Ranma is the one who does the beating, leaving Ryoga collapsed on the floor.

Soun and Genma appear to help beat up Ranma.

Suddenly, both Soun and Genma (in his panda form) appear and punch Ranma, sending him flying. The pair continue by kicking Ranma, saying that they're so grateful that he's doing this.

Akane walks into the training hall and asks Soun and Genma what they're doing. Soun then shows Akane the beaten up Ranma, who's been beaten up so much that the sight of him causes Akane to tell Soun to kill it. Ranma then asks Akane who is she calling "it", to which Akane asks Ranma who is he again.

While Ranma's guard is down, Soun attacks him again, this time making him fall face first onto the floor. This sight upsets and annoys Akane, who tells Soun not to pick on this weakling and if he wants to fight, he should fight her. Ranma gets up and tells Akane to keep out of this and when Akane asks why, Ranma angrily shouts at her asking who she thinks he's doing all this for anyway.

Ranma continues by telling Akane he's sorry he ever called her cute. The word cute causes an odd reaction in Akane who begins to stare into space, Soun notices this and tells Ranma to call her cute again.

As Akane's reaction gets more and more extreme, Soun tells Ranma to make his comments meaner, to which Ranma says that that's something he's good at. After insulting Akane several times, Ryoga reappears and hits Ranma and calls him a cad. Ranma simply turns to Ryoga and says that he thought he was dead.

Shampoo realises that Akane remembers about Ranma.

Ranma's words fly around in Akane's heads. Suddenly, Akane hits Ranma while saying "Ranma you jerk!", which sends Ranma to the floor. This display makes Soun decide that Akane finally remembers Ranma, which overjoys him.

Just then Shampoo walks in by making a large hole in the side of the training hall. Shampoo sees Ranma on the floor and goes to hug him, but Akane grabs Ranma's pigtail and spins him out of the way.

Shampoo now knows that Akane has remembered Ranma. After exchanging some insults, Shampoo tells Akane it's too bad since if she doesn't remember she doesn't have to die and then tries to strike Akane. Luckily, Ranma interjects which makes Shampoo hug him instead of continuing the attack.

After getting Shampoo off him, Ranma tells her not to hurt Akane, but Shampoo says that Akane is an obstacle and obstacle is for killing. Ranma decides that he has no other choice so picks up a bucket of water and pours it over himself, revealing his curse to Shampoo.

Crying, Shampoo leaves Ranma and co.

The sight of the female Ranma, shocks Shampoo, but Ranma begins to "explain" (while opening her shirt revealing her cleavage to Shampoo) that her male side is just a disguise and she's really a girl. Soun angrily asks Genma if this is true, to which Genma responds by holds a sign saying he had no idea.

As Shampoo's anger grows, Ranma tells her that she's afraid that it just wouldn't work between them. Shampoo then goes in to attack Ranma, but stops a hair before making contact. When Ranma puts his arm she sees that Shampoo is crying.

Still crying, Shampoo turns around and says "Bie Liao", leaving everyone in silence. Later on and it turns out that "Bie Liao" apparently means "we'll never meet again". Ryoga (with a boiled Tetsubin next to him) tells Ranma its not too late and he could be a man and go and stop Shampoo. Ranma tells Ryoga that'll only happen in his dreams. Ranma then thinks to herself that it does seem kind of a waste though.

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  • In the English version, in order to get Akane's memory back Ranma says, "macho chick", "built like a stick", "dumb as a brick", "thighs are too thick", "can't even kick". In the original Japanese he said, "irokeganee (unsexy)", "kyoubou (ferocious/brutal)", "bukiyou (clumsy)", "zundou (stumpy, having no waist)", "manuke (stupid/idiot)".


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