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Ranma ½: The Battle of Nekonron China! Fight to Break the Rules!! (らんま½ 中国寝崑崙大決戦!掟やぶりの激闘篇!! Ranma Nibun-no-ichi: Chūgoku Nekonron Daikessen! Okite Yaburi no Gekitō Hen!!?), also known as Ranma ½: Big Trouble in Nekonron, China is the first film in the Ranma ½ franchise. It features an original, standalone story.

When Prince Kirin of the Seven Lucky Gods shows up at the Tendo Dojo looking for his bride-to-be, guess who's accidentally holding the scroll that signifies his future mate? Why, Akane, of course, and the rest of the Ranma crew is forced to take a boat to China in order to save her from the horrors of marriage and a diet of pickled vegetables.

Plot Overview

Another Day for Happosai

A woman is hanging a shirt out to dry and puts out her underwear to dry as well. However, after she walks back from the balcony she feels something's wrong and turns around, only to see Happosai on one of his usual panty raids. As the woman screams in terror, Happosai runs off yelling his usual "what a haul!". After jumping across several rooftops he runs across the fence to a construction site.

Happosai stops when he senses something behind him.

As Happosai runs across the fence, a black object amongst the building waste produces some red sparks. Happosai doesn't see this, but senses something, stops and looks behind him, he then declares "I see you there", however, this turns out to be a bra someone has hung out to dry. The large black object then moves through the streets of Furinkan as Happosai continues to take more panties, much to the distress and annoyance of their owners.

Happosai's spoils from his panty raid fall across Furinkan.

Having now collected a large number of panties in his arms, Happosai hugs them and pretends that they're saying they want to go with him. Meanwhile, the black object struggles to walk through the more narrow streets. Once again, Happosai senses something and turns around, then runs on to another street thinking he has found what he's sensing, but it is actually an oncoming car which runs into him and sends him flying into the air, causing the underwear he stole to fall across Furinkan.

At the Tendo Dojo

With his raid being thwarted, Happosai returns to the Dojo to steal some panties from the Tendo sisters. After being careful to avoid Soun and Genma (who are playing a game of Go), Happosai's plan is ultimately foiled by Ranma who grabs Happosai on the washing line leading to the girls' underwear. Trying to squirm his way of this situation, Happosai first says he dropped something and when that fails he offers the split the panties with Ranma.

Ranma confronts Happosai when he tries to steal panties from Akane, Nabiki and Kasumi.

In response to this offer, Ranma (who's grabbed Happosai by the back of his shirt by this point) outright refuses the offer. Not giving up, Happosai then asks Ranma if he'll make him a deal, and in return Happosai will give him a pair of Akane's panties. Ranma quickly answers by asking Happosai what would he want with that tomboy's panties.

Unfortunately for Ranma, Akane heard what he just said about calling her a tomboy. She then begins to remove the wire holding up the washing line which Ranma and Happosai are stood on, so both try to run off the line before she does. However, both are too slow so Akane then pulls on the line, causing it to bounce and make both Ranma and Happosai fall into the Koi pond.

Ranma notices Akane's panties in her hand, which Happosai slipped in.

Quickly emerging from the pond, Ranma (now in his female form) begins to shout at Akane asking why she did that as she was only... However, before Ranma can finish she notices the panties which Happosai placed in her hand when she was shouting. This sight makes Akane declare that she's finally seen Ranma's true colors of being a pervert, she then pulls out a mallet and tries to hit Ranma with it.

As Ranma tries to dodge Akane, Happosai makes a run for it and is followed by Ranma and Akane. While the trio leave, Nabiki appears and asks if they ever get tired of their constant fighting, while Kasumi shouts that dinner is ready.

The Great Chase

Elsewhere in Furinkan, Ryoga is wandering a street completely lost and wondering just where he could be this time. On the parallel street, Happosai is being chased by Ranma and is loving the fact he's being chased by "two lovely girls". Ranma, who in turn, is being chased by Akane, tells Happosai to just give up, while Akane tells her that she's the one that should give up and takes at her with the mallet she's still carrying.

Ryoga wanders Furinkan, as Ranma pursuits Happosai down the adjacent street.

Ryoga hears the mallet clash followed by Akane's voice and wonders why he hears it wherever he goes. However, he then hears the voices of Ranma and Happosai and turns around confused, only to be met by the face of Happosai (which scares Ryoga) that then steps on his face. Ryoga is then subject to Ranma jumping off his back, sending Ryoga to the floor. This makes Ryoga have no doubt that that was Happosai and Ranma just then. Angered, Ryoga declares that they won't make a mockery of him, but Akane (not looking where she's going) steps on Ryoga's head, but when she looks back and sees him, she apologizes to him.

This scene makes Ryoga decide that Happosai and Ranma had to have done something horrible to Akane, and so he must protect her from their evil clutches. Unfortunately, a Moped drives past and splashes the water in the puddle in front of Ryoga onto him, changing him into his cursed form. This only delays Ryoga slightly, however, as he's soon chasing after Ranma as well.

The chase has now ended up with Happosai and Ranma jumping over rooftops, with Ranma desperate to get Happosai to stop and throwing a roof tile at him, but this has the opposite effect and Happosai ends up going faster (much to his delight), flying through some woman's house. As Ranma calls Happosai a freak of nature, she hears a bike bell and is subsequently run over by Shampoo on her bike.

Shampoo asks Ranma to go on a date with her.

Shampoo proceeds to say Nihao to Ranma and continues by commenting on how beautiful a day it is, and that Ranma should go on a date with her this afternoon. Ranma gets out from under Shampoo's bike and demands to know what she's thinking of riding her bike on top of roofs. Shampoo just ignores Ranma and, while pouring some boiled water over her, tells Ranma to just take her on a date. With Shampoo hugging Ranma's waist, the pair jump off the roof, but when they land, Akane is right next to them, quickly throwing a bucket of cold water over the pair, making Ranma run in fear of Shampoo's cat form. Shampoo, Akane and P-chan give chase.

As Ranma runs, she wonders why this is happening to her. Suddenly, Kuno appears from a side-street and tells the "pigtailed girl" to jump into his arms, but Ranma just punches Kuno in the face, sending him flying. Kuno, while in the air, decides to follow his love.

After being hit by Cologne, Mousse joins the chase as well.

With the group getting larger by the second, they pass the Cat Café, where Mousse is finishing off some noodles when he hears the group running past. After asking Shampoo (although she obviously isn't there) if that was Ranma who just ran past, Cologne confirms that it was and she saw Shampoo as well; she also wonders what could be going on. Mousse, after putting his glasses back on, walks up to Cologne and mistakes her for Mackerel Jerky, angering Cologne that sends Mousse flying out the window. Outside, Mousse makes a successful landing and shouts to Ranma that he's going to die for messing with his future bride. After Mousse runs off, Cologne leaves the Cat Café and thinks this situation looks interesting, so she decides to follow as well.

Ukyo Kuonji is about to open Okonomiyaki Ucchan's when she notices the group run past. As she wonders what's going on, Tsubasa (disguised as the sign to Ucchan's) appears and beings to rub her buttocks with his head/the sign. Angered, Ukyo sends him flying with the shop curtain she brought out with her. Learning that she can't open her store without the curtain, Ukyo joins the chase as well.

The chase is now along the Furinkan High Street, passing Mikado and Azusa. While Mikado remembers about his past encounters with the "pigtailed girl", Azusa notices her Charlotte (P-chan) and says that they should join them. Before Mikado can say anything, Azusa's shoes have changed into four-wheeled skates and she is chasing after the group as well (dragging Mikado by his scarf along with her).

Mikado and Azusa appears.

As the chase continues down the High Street, the group passes Kodachi that removes her St. Hebereke's uniform (revealing her leotard underneath) and Principal Kuno, both of whom join in the chase as well. Happosai, meanwhile, is slightly out of breath, runs into a store, and steals some food (not before telling them to send the bill to the Tendo Dojo, courtesy of Ranma Saotome) that he quickly devours before deciding to return to the Dojo for lunch.

Ranma, having grabbed Happosai, continues running from the others who've joined the chase.

Just then Happosai is grabbed from behind by Ranma (who's still running). Seeing who's grabbed him, he asks Ranma what she's doing, to which she turns him to face behind her, revealing the extremely large crowd of people that still chases after her. Happosai wonders if this is meant to be some kind of marathon, to which Ranma asks him who he thinks is responsible for this fiasco and then proceeds to kick him into the air. As he screams, a Chinese woman is standing atop a tall chimney and notices him. She then declares that she's at last found Happosai and lets out a loud whistle, which is picked up by the large black object from earlier.

Happosai lands safely, but is no longer running in front of Ranma and Akane (who are still running from the large crowd behind them). Ranma then tells Happosai that as the leader, he should do something, but Happosai says that as the pupil, Ranma must sacrifice himself to get out of this predicament. Akane then butts in and tells Ranma that this is her fault as she does this every time. Ranma objects to Akane's view and demands her to listen to her side of the story for once. Akane, however, asks Ranma if he has an excuse for his flirting with Shampoo. Ranma replies by saying that she didn't know she was the jealous type, to which Akane retorts that she's not the kind of girl to just shut up at a comment like that.

After Ranma insults Akane and says that she's not really a girl, they hear a large explosion from behind them and wonder what's going on. Behind the crowd the large black object appears, sending several of the chasers flying in every direction. It then attacks the rest of the group, much to their shock.

Back at the Dojo

Kasumi has set out the lunch, which Genma (now in his human form), Soun, Nabiki and Kasumi herself are enjoying. After Genma compliments Kasumi on her cooking, she begins to wonder when the others will return, to which Genma replies that he's sure they'll smell her food and come running. At that moment, the ground begins to shake, and Nabiki gets up and walks off, saying that it sounds like they're already on their way.

Nabiki is right, and as soon as she leaves Soun, Genma and Kasumi are sent flying by all the others arriving. With the living room now ruined, Soun goes to Ranma (who turned back into his male form thanks to a teapot spilling on him) and demands that he and Akane explains themselves. Nabiki pokes her head through the remains of the door and tells Soun what she expects them to explain when he should look behind him. Soun does, and sees the large black creature from a few moments earlier.

The creature that's been chasing everyone turns out to be an elephant.

While Soun screams in terror, the black object begins to reduce in size, ultimately revealing it to be a simple elephant. After Kasumi comments on how cute she thinks the elephant is, Cologne explains that it isn't an ordinary elephant as what they thought was its body was actually the aura of its fighting spirit.

At this point, Akane comes to on Ranma's lap and punches him, while asking him what he thinks he's doing. Ryoga also appears (still steaming from the hot water he poured on himself) and asks Akane if she's all right. The elephant then notices that Happosai is stuck in the door above the trio, so breathes in until Happosai is pulled out, and begins to beat up Happosai by landing on him.

A whistle is then heard by the elephant, so it turns and holds out its truck, so as the Chinese woman seen earlier can stand on it. The Chinese girl dismounts from the elephant, and says "Good girl, Jasmine" (at this point, Akane wonders if the woman is an elephant trainer). The Chinese woman then looks at Happosai and throws half a scroll at his head, which bounces into Akane's hands.

Referring to herself in the third-person, the woman identifies herself as Lychee and she demands of Happosai that he gives her her childhood back!

A Storm Brews

The ship of Prince Kirin descends to the Tendo Dojo.

Lightning then begins to fall behind Lychee and Jasmine, and soon a large flying ship appears from the clouds and makes its way to the Tendo Dojo. Everyone looks at the flying boat, except Lychee who gets annoyed at being ignored by everyone while she's talking. Some of the passengers of the boat come into view, one being a man holding a bowl of rice and some long chopsticks. The man then begins to laugh and introduces himself as Kirin, one the patrons of Seven Lucky Gods Martial Arts.

Lychee calls Kirin her prince. Kirin then declares that he has at last found the one chosen by the Seven Lucky Gods who shall come with them. Hearing this, Lychee runs towards Kirin and declares that he's come to make her happy forever after. Kirin, however, asks Lychee who she is and continues by saying he has no business with her as she does not possess the scroll.

As Lychee is set aback by this statement, Nabiki puts her hand on Akane's shoulder and asks if she thinks he's talking about the scroll she's holding. As Kirin detects that Akane is holding the scroll, he calls Ebiten who uses a long fishing line to bring Akane up to the ship. Ryoga runs to save Akane, but is used as a jumping off point by Ranma so he can reach the ship.

Kirin takes Akane as she was holding the Scroll of Luck.

Ranma manages to get to the ship and tries to punch Kirin, who stops his attack with his chopsticks alone; much to Ranma's shock and confusion. Kirin tells Ranma to not assume he can step aboard his ship and that as punishment he'll feel the wrath of the "Pinch of a Hundred Chopsticks". The attack Kirin then performs sends him back to the ground, landing on Ryoga.

Despite Ranma wanting to continue the fight, Kirin leaves with Akane declaring that since the two scrolls can now be joined, the world will be theirs. The clouds above the ship clear, revealing the large balloon holding the ship in the air; the ship then leaves. Lychee doesn't want her prince to leave, so desperately tries to keep up with it on the back of Jasmine.

After Kirin Leaves

Some time has passed since Kirin left, and Soun has been reduced to an almost incoherent state due to the events which have taken place to his daughter and Dojo. As Soun sings to himself, Shampoo bandages Ranma's arm while Mousse wonders what the ultimate technique they talked about actually is. Happosai, meanwhile, nods in thought with himself but is soon noticed by Ryoga who demands to know what Happosai knows since his face is telling them he knows something.

At this point, Cologne pipes up and says the Seven Lucky Gods are great warriors from a remote region in China, Nekonron. She continues by staring at Happosai and wondering out loud that she is curious as to why they would've come to Japan. This finally forces Happosai to agree to explain the situation.

Happosai's flashback to being extremely injured, shortly before handing over the Scroll.

Happosai explains that when he was 18 he came across a strange procession, where he sees a young maiden who he learns is going to be sacrificed so the Scrolls of the Seven Lucky Gods can become one again. This news angers Happosai, who decides to steal half of the Scroll but gets severely injured during the attempt, leaving him with only enough strength to crawl ashore. There he is found by a young Jasmine and Lychee, who are given the Scroll by Happosai.

Remembering all this makes Happosai very emotional and so he begins to sob, but is soon angered when he realises nobody is listening anymore. Nabiki interjects that she was listening, but basically sums up Happosai's story as: if he hadn't taken that Scroll Akane wouldn't have been kidnapped. Ranma then notes that this must mean Akane's being used as some sort of sacrifice, setting a high tension in the room. Suddenly, Ryoga declares he's going to Nekonron, but is soon shot down by Ranma due to his lack of direction and soon Ranma, Shampoo and Mousse agree to go as well.

Soun scares Happosai and Genma into going as well.

Soun is touched by this strong sense of friendship and then scares Happosai and Genma into going with them as well. On the spur of the moment everyone is hyped up to go to Nekonron, until Kasumi bursts everyone's bubble by politely asking Ranma how he plans to get to China. At this moment, Kuno breaks through the door and offers his assistance, including the use of his family boat, Subdragon V. Ranma, Ryoga and Soun thank Kuno for his help.

Off to China

Everyone is in Kuno's boat, however, the boat is just a simple rowing boat with Mousse and Ryoga doing the rowing. Ranma isn't surprised that this has happened, and begins to wonder if they'll make it to China at all in this thing. Happosai, meanwhile, is thinking about Akane and how much he longs to see her. However, Happosai then pulls out one of Akane's Bras, which is noticed by Ryoga and questions Happosai what he's holding. When Happosai reveals that it is Akane's Bra, Ryoga goes berserk and begins hitting Happosai with the oar. Ranma tells Ryoga to stop, but Ryoga replies he won't until Happosai's feeding the fish of Pacific Ocean (Shampoo corrects Ryoga, saying that they're in the Sea of Japan).

The ship Shampoo sees, shortly before Jasmine is seen aboard it.

The inevitable happens and the boat capsizes, leaving Genma, Ranma and Soun to do all the swimming while Ryoga, Mousse, Shampoo (all in their cursed forms), Happosai and an unconscious Kuno are carried. Luckily this doesn't last long as Shampoo notices an large ship coming towards them. Ranma tries to get their attention, but everyone is shocked when they see Jasmine on the ship, meaning Lychee must be there as well.

Meanwhile, back on Kirin's flying ship, Akane is formally introduced to Kirin. Akane, however, is still angry about being kidnapped and demands an explanation about what's going on. Despite Ebiten's protests about how informal and rude Akane is addressing Kirin, Kirin tells Ebiten not to worry. Kirin then reminds Akane that she is to become his bride, as according to Nekonron law the holders of the two halves of the Scrolls must marry and Kirin is the holder of the other half.

Akane "formally" meets Prince Kirin.

Kirin then asks Akane if they shall begin their new lives together, continuing by asking Ebiten if that's what he's meant to say to which Ebiten replies he said it correctly. Akane, on the other hand, is getting even more angry at these statements and so tries to punch Kirin only for him to block with his Chopsticks. Unfortunately for Kirin, Akane then uses her other hand and manages to punch Kirin in the face and send him slamming into the large pot he was previously sat on.

As Kirin lies motionless the pickle on the bowl of rice he was carrying falls. This causes an extremely negative reaction from one of the other Seven Lucky Gods (who Kirin later identifies as Bishamonten), who is about to attack Akane for laying a hand on Prince Kirin. However, before he can, Kirin stands back up and tells him not to, opting instead to lock Akane where she can't do anyone any harm.

Akane looks at the Moon while wishing Ranma would save her.

Akane is soon thrown into a cell (although the tight space makes it appear more like a closet) and given a meal of Rice and Pickles, much to her distaste. After complaining about the meal, Akane pulls back a small curtain so she can see the moon. At that moment Akane thinks about Ranma and says his name, before putting her head on her knees.

Back with Ranma

Ranma and co are trying to get abroad Lychee's boat, but are continually being thrown back into the ocean by Jasmine. After Ranma's attempt Kuno regains consciousness and Shampoo also lands on her head, this causes Ranma's Ailurophobia to set in and she (while carrying the pair of Kuno and Shampoo) quickly gets aboard the boat. Unfortunately Ranma keeps running until she bumps into Lychee, who screams and so Jasmine promptly throws them back into the ocean.

Lychee uses a megaphone to tell Soun, Genma and Ranma to shut up.

Ranma has had enough now so demands that Lychee lets them onboard. Kuno quickly tries to make a move on his pigtailed girl, but is just as quickly rendered unconscious by Ranma again. Soun and Genma also join in with trying to convince Lychee to let them onboard. These comments causes Lychee to bring out a megaphone and tell the trio to shut up. She continues by saying that they have the nerve to ask her for a ride when they took her prince away from her.

Just then some steam appears behind Lychee along with Happosai's voice, saying that she's only too right and they should go off on their own. Happosai (revealed to be enjoying some tea) then rubs his head against Lychee's back, much to her displeasure, and is soon thrown off the ship and high into the air by Jasmine. With Happosai gone, Lychee explains about how she's traveled 1000s of miles to find her prince and so she deserves him; she then continues by becoming teary-eyed and wanting her prince to return to her.

During Lychee's amateur dramatics, Ranma and co have finally gotten aboard the ship and have started a fire to dry themselves off. When Lychee realises no one is paying attention to her, she shouts at the group through her megaphone again. Happosai then suddenly reappears and tells Lychee not to worry; and that a kiss will make it all better. Obviously, Lychee is disgusted by this and instructs Jasmine to throw Happosai to the floor of the ship and stand on him (much to the excitement of Ranma, Soun and Genma).

In trying to squash Happosai, Lychee's boat begins taking on water.

Unfortunately, Happosai dodges at the last second, causing Jasmine to make a hole in the bottom of the ship. As Happosai addresses his students' betrayal, water begins to spout out of the hole made by Jasmine. Some time passes and Genma, Ryoga, Shampoo and Mousse are removing the water that got onboard, while Soun and Kuno man the oars (much to Kuno's distaste). Ranma, meanwhile, is plugging up the hole made by Jasmine, by using Happosai (who'd been beaten up by Soun, Genma and Ranma earlier) along with some rope and a few boxes.

After Lychee comes to inspect Ranma's handiwork and decides she's done a good job of it, Ranma asks her why she came to the Tendo's anyway. Lychee then quickly grabs Ranma's shirt (at first seeming angry) and asks Ranma if she really wants to hear what she's gone through, Ranma agrees so Lychee begins that it all started when she was six years old...

Kirin Arrives in China

Akane has breakfast of Rice and Pickled Vegetables with Kirin.

Kirin's ship has finished crossing the ocean and is now over a mountain range. Inside, Akane has been allowed out and is having breakfast with Kirin. However, Akane is soon frustrated with the food she is presented with (rice with a range of pickled vegetables) and decides that she's not hungry. At first, Kirin thinks something is wrong and asks someone to get Akane a digestive, but she quickly explains that this isn't the problem and asks Kirin if he doesn't get bored from eating the same food day-after-day. Kirin argues by saying that yesterday they had pickled cucumbers and pickled Chinese cabbage, which causes Akane to reiterate what she said by suggesting animal-based foods.

Akane storms off, having had enough of Rice and Pickles.

This shocks Kirin, who misunderstands what Akane is talking about and suggests more pickled meals, such as beets. At that moment, Ebiten walks up and implies that it's traditional for the people of Nekonron to eat rice and pickled vegetables. Akane finally gives up and angrily stalks out of the room. She continues to do so, until her stomach growls (much to her slight embarrassment).

Meanwhile, Ranma and co are nearly at China themselves and Ranma reiterates what Lychee told her. It turns out the Scroll was given to her ten years ago by her Grandmother, who got it from a man called Happosai. Lychee adds that tragedy follows her wherever she goes, with her house burning down and having Pirates attack her. Disguising themselves as a group of traveling acrobats to get into the Harbour, Genma asks Soun why it's called the "Scroll of Luck" when it contains a Secret Technique. Soun says he has no idea, to which Ranma says he thinks Happosai probably skipped out on paying a restaurant bill and left the Scroll saying "have this and one day your prince will come". Lychee hears this comment of Ranma's and asks how he knew her family ran a restaurant, Happosai said they shouldn't dwell on the past as Lychee has forgiven him now. Lychee, however, disagrees.

That Evening

Kirin's flying ship is sailing past the Moon. Akane, meanwhile, is sneaking around while everyone else is asleep and makes her way to the kitchen. Once there she begins to prepare some food. Just as quickly as she entered, Akane leaves the kitchen and begins to sneak around the ship, until she comes face-to-face with a large jar blocking her way. However, this a futile obstacle and Akane quickly destroys the jar. Despite the loud noise this creates, nobody seems to be awaken to scared Akane's relief.

Akane finds the entrance to the room where the pickle vats are stored.

Akane is now faced with a large room full of slightly smaller jars, all filled with the pickled vegetables. This is what Akane's been looking for and so she takes the jars two-at-a-time until she's taken all of them to the hatch that opens at the bottom of the ship. In order to awaken everyone, Akane raises the alarm which causes the Ship to suddenly flood the sky with search lights (which are noticed by Jasmine from the ground, who in turn makes everyone else notice as well).

Akane threatens to drop the pickle vats if nobody tries her cooking.

Back aboard Kirin's Ship, the Seven Lucky Gods have all gathered and demand to know what's going on as it's the middle of the night. Kirin recognises the vats of pickled vegetables, but Akane threatens that if they come any closer she'll pull the lever next to her and make the vats fall out of the bottom of the ship. Kirin asks Akane why she is doing this and is it her way of saying she doesn't want to be his bride. Akane explains that it's not that she doesn't like him, she just can't stand his people's eating habits and then puts both hands on the lever.

As the other Lucky Gods panic, Kirin steps forward and demands Akane to let go of the lever. Kirin continues by asking Akane if this means they should only eat rice from now on, Akane retorts by saying they don't understand at all that what she wants is them to eat something else! As she says this, Akane pulls the cloth off the table which was next to her the whole time, revealing what she had cooked earlier.

Kirin tries some of Akane's cooking.

The Gods look on in shock at the food Akane has prepared. After Akane offers for them to try some, Kirin slowly walks up (telling the others to stay back when they protest) to the table. The tension builds as Kirin looks over the table, until he finally takes his chopsticks and picks up a small portion of the food. Kirin places the food in his mouth then slowly chews and swallows. The taste of food which isn't pickled is a new, amazing, experience for Kirin, which makes Akane believe he finally understands the world has more to offer than Rice and Pickles.

Unfortunately, this enjoyment of Kirin's doesn't last long as he soon begins to look like he's about to collapse and demands pickles. The other Lucky Gods rush to his side, where Ebiten explains that their people can't take anything other than Rice and pickles. Akane is about to retort something back, but is interrupted by Kirin demanding pickles so she runs to the vats to go and get some. As she does this, Kirin falls backwards but is caught by Ebiten, however, this causes Ebiten to push the lever which opens up the bottom of the ship.

Ranma's Crusade

Akane has just picked out a pickled vegetable when the platform beneath her begins to open and the vats fall from the ship. Kirin tells Ebiten to return the lever and goes after her. Unfortunately, when Kirin gets to Akane the vat tips off the edge just as the platform is about to close and so the pair begin to plummet towards the ocean.

Ranma and co, however, are rowing frantically (or at least everyone except Jasmine, Lychee, Shampoo and Happosai) to try and catch the pair. However, the boat is slightly off and so Akane and Kirin fall into the ocean, as Mousse gets covered in the pickled water and vegetables (Ryoga and Kuno are also crushed by the vat itself).

Kirin, Lychee, Ranma and Akane are taken up to Kirin's ship.

With Akane and Kirin now in the ocean, Ranma and Lychee jump in to get Akane and Kirin respectively. The four resurface only to be caught in a net which takes them back up to the ship. Everyone else looks on in horror, with Kuno commenting on the disaster of both his lovers being taken in one fell swoop, but is then stood on by an equally upset Jasmine. Happosai then joins in and, after saying Ranma, Akane and Lychee's names, declares that he wants to come too. Hearing this Soun and Genma are all too happy to help and so tie up Happosai and use Jasmine to launch him up to the side of the Ship.

Meanwhile, inside Kirin's Ship, the other Lucky Gods rush to the net for their master. Ebiten notes that it oddly seems the number of brides has increased. The Lucky Gods then hear Happosai hitting the Ship and decide to go and deal with the intruders.

Happosai is used to get the others up to the ship.

Happosai manages to crawl up to the top deck of the Ship, but as soon as he tries to run off he's suddenly, and painfully, pulled to the edge of the deck. When Happosai looks down he sees that everyone from the boat (including Jasmine) is holding onto the rope that he's tied to. The Lucky Gods then arrive to deal with him, as Happosai looks over the group he notices the attractive female amongst them (Monlon). Happosai's perverted nature takes over and he tries desperately to get to her, but only manages to pull up everyone else instead.

The group then demand the return of Ranma and Akane (and the pigtailed girl, as demanded by Kuno). The Lucky Gods, retort that they'll have to defeat them first and so the two groups fight. Unfortunately, the Lucky Gods are excellent fighters and easily defeat everyone.

While the others are fighting the Lucky Gods, Lychee (who's dreaming of her prince Kirin) begins saying his name and mistakes Ranma for Kirin in her sleeping state. Akane obviously notices this, but is quickly put down by Ranma who says she has no excuse given how she's got Kirin resting on her lap. Ranma continues by saying that she's gone for a minute and Akane's taste in men gets even worse. In response to this, Akane tells Ranma about Kirin trying her cooking and saying that it was good. Of course Ranma is skeptical of this and decides that that's the reason why Kirin looks half-dead now.

At this moment, Lychee awakes and, after seeing the state Kirin's in, tells him to hang in there. Akane is confused by this scene, so Ranma explains that Lychee is meant to be Kirin's fiancé. This information makes Akane slightly disappointed, which Ranma notices but is soon punched by Akane in the face when she mentions it.

Akane punches Ranma, which causes the net to break.

Luckily this punch of Akane's makes the net swing slightly and then it breaks. Angered, Ranma wants to know why Akane punched her, but only gets Akane looking back at her with an angry and upset look on her face. Just then Kirin comes round and asks what happened to him, he then sees Lychee looking over him and asks who she is. Lychee explains that she's the original bearer of the Scroll and the one who's meant to be his bride. Kirin, however, disagrees and says that Akane is the only bride for him.

Ranma's reaction to being reminded of her current gender.

As Lychee begins to cry at this comment, Ranma asks Kirin what he means by "bride". So Kirin obligees by giving Ranma a Dictionary definition of a bride, this obviously isn't what Ranma meant. Ranma then tells Kirin she'll never let him take Akane as his bride. Akane stands up at this comment as she is taken to Kirin's side, who then tells Ranma that he doesn't need her permission to marry Akane. Ranma then reveals that she's Akane's fiancé. As Akane is seemingly touched by this, Kirin doesn't believe this as Ranma is a woman (Ranma had forgotten she'd changed form after going into the ocean).

This showing of stupidity causes Akane to call Ranma an idiot. Ranma is undeterred however, and begins to build the tension by saying that if they take Akane... they'll all... die from her horrible cooking! This obviously insults Akane greatly, so she hits Ranma with a large mallet.

Returning to the top of the Ship, Kirin (who's being supported in walking by leaning on Akane) tells the Lucky Gods to set off. After the Gods have finished off the last few of the group, Lychee and Ranma emerge as well and run up to the defeated group. Kirin then commands that the interlopers are to be thrown into the ocean. Just then the front of the Ship turns until the group fall off the edge of the Ship.

The front of Kirin's ship tips, forcing Ranma and co. off the ship.

Akane watches as some objects fall into the ocean, Kirin then comes up next to her and tells her to come with him. However, Kirin then falls to his knees again, causing the other Lucky Gods to rush to his side. Meanwhile, Happosai clings desperately onto the side of the Ship, holding up everyone else via the rope still tied around him.

In Kirin's Room

Some time has passed and Kirin has retired to his room, where Akane stays at his side caring for him. Akane apologises to Kirin as she sees this as all her fault for forcing her cooking upon him. Kirin tells Akane not to worry as he'll be fine. Akane then goes on to saying that she did it since having only pickled vegetables and rice must be boring, but she only looked at it from her viewpoint and she isn't a very good cook anyway. Akane continues by asking for forgiveness from Kirin.

Akane sits with the still recovering Kirin.

Akane puts her head down and shortly after feels something on her shoulder. When she looks up Akane sees that it's Kirin's hands and he's put down his chopsticks for the first time since she met him. Kirin then comforts Akane by telling her that mistakes of the past are behind them and she did all for his sake. He then explains that from birth he's been raised to lead the Seven Lucky Gods... but nobody has cared for him as much as she has.

At this moment, Kirin puts down his rice bowl as well so he put his other hand of Akane's shoulder. He proceeds to ask Akane to become his bride. The sun rises and fills the room with light and Akane runs to a nearby wall and asks Kirin yet again to forgive her. This sight causes Kirin to get out of his bed and walk over to Akane, all the time asking her if she loves this "Ranma" who she called for in Japan who he easily defeated.

Kirin tells Akane that he will defeat Ranma.

Kirin finishes by saying that he is the only man worthy of her. Suddenly, Akane tries to slap Kirin, but he manages to stop her. When Akane tells Kirin Ranma will be back, he retorts that he doesn't care who comes he won't release her to anyone. Kirin continues by moving closer to Akane, as if to kiss her, but Akane moves her head away in refusal.

Accepting this, Kirin proceeds to walk to his bed and says that he'll use all of his strength to win her. Akane is adamant that Ranma will win, but Kirin simply shrugs it off by saying that "defeat" isn't in his dictionary. He continues by saying that when he brings Ranma to his knees a second time she'll agree to quietly accept being his bride. Akane agrees to the terms. Kirin proceeds to walk out of the room while telling Akane to prepare for a wedding ceremony when they arrive in Nekonron. After Kirin leaves, Akane just falls to the floor and sits there silently.

Facing the Lucky Gods

Happosai loses his grip and goes into the large Geyser.

Kirin's ship has finally arrived at Nekonron. Ranma and co have managed to stay on the hull on the ship thanks to Happosai. As they approach the castle of the Seven Lucky Gods, Ranma notes the large geysers spouting around it. Just then the rope passes through one of these geysers and the movement caused by everyone being in pain from the scalding water causes Happosai to lose his grip on the hull and so the group fall, spinning around the geyser.

Meanwhile, with the ship finally at the castle, Kirin silently commands the other Lucky Gods to leave to which they obediently do so and disappear. Kirin continues by telling Akane to come with him.

The invite to Kirin and Akane's wedding.

Back with Ranma and co, the group have managed to survive the fall but are seemingly separated. Ranma, Jasmine, Lychee, and Happosai notice the path leading to the castle when a large stone lands in front of them, which has a letter attached written in Chinese. Ranma asks Lychee to translate and reads that Akane and Kirin are to be married at sunset, also the seven Lucky Gods await their "guests" at the castle gates.

Unsurprisingly, Ranma takes this to be a challenge so rips up the invite before running down the long path to the castle, with Lychee and Jasmine following in pursuit. Happosai darkly notes that Ranma first has to beat the Seven Lucky Gods and wishes him the best. However, Happosai then realises this means he can see the girl from earlier (Monlon) so quickly runs after the trio as well.

Challenging the Gates

Happosai, fueled by wanting to see Monlon, uses his Happo Fire Burst to defeat Bishamonten.

Ranma, Jasmine, and Lychee arrive at the first gate, which is being guarded by Bishamonten, who talks about how he won't let them pass easily, but before they can fight, Happosai catches up powered by the perversion of seeing Monlon. Happosai declares that nothing is going to stop him to see the pretty lady, and so prepares to throw a Happo-Fire Burst bomb. However, he trips and the bomb blows up, leaving him and Bishamonten buried in the rubble of Bishamonten's gate. With the first God defeated, Ranma and Lychee carry on ahead. Happosai, meanwhile, tries desperately to get out of the rubble and see Monlon.

The trio arrive at the second gate with the doors opening, but there is nobody else in sight. Ranma assumes that they should go in, and is followed by Lychee and Jasmine. Ranma and Lychee walk into a large room with black lines on the floor along with twin Gods, Daihakuse and Daikokuse, playing a game of Go in the middle of the room.

Ranma splits the Go board in the middle of the castle gate, causing the whole gate to split as well.

After questioning the twins, Ranma decides to just ignore them and continue to the next gate, but before he can, Daikokuse (playing black) makes a move and a large Go stone nearly lands on Ranma. The twins explain that the gate is a large Go board and as they play, the stones will fall on Ranma. The two then proceed to play each other, placing stones in quick concession (all of which Ranma manages to dodge). Unfortunately for them, Ranma jumps over each stone (where new Go stones can't be placed) and manages to get to the Go board the twins are using, breaking it in half.

Unfortunately, this causes the board the castle is made of to break in half as well. With the twins defeated, the trio leave them lying unconscious in the rubble as they proceed to the third gate.

Jasmine stays with Wu, allowing Ranma and Lychee to continue on.

When they arrive at the third gate, there seems to be no-one there. However, when Ranma tries to make the short walk through the castle, the massive Wu appears to block their path. After a few moments, Jasmine slowly walks up to him, and the pair stare at each other. Suddenly, Wu gently grabs Jasmine's trunk when she holds it up and begins to stroke it. Deciding that the pair must be friends now, Ranma and Lychee go on. Lychee tells Jasmine to keep Wu company for a while.

Back at Kirin's castle, Kirin is looking at the setting sun. He then turns around and sees Akane dressed in her wedding dress. Despite Akane seeming unhappy about this attire, Kirin thinks it makes her look lovely, but she doesn't reply and the pair stare at each other in silence.

Meanwhile, Ranma has just arrived at the fourth gate, where Monlon is sitting on top of it and playing her Lute. Ranma puts up a big front about not wanting to hurt anyone and to just let them pass, but Monlon won't have any of it and quickly moves in front of Ranma when he tells her to get down and fight.

Ranma and Lychee struggle against Monlon's special technique.

Once Ranma jumps back from Monlon, she formally introduces herself to the pair before using her "Phantom Restriction Attack" to tie Ranma and Lychee in her Lute strings. She explains that they become tighter as Ranma and Lychee struggle more, and continues to pluck one of the strings, cutting Ranma's arm.

Monlon proceeds to tell Ranma to just go home, but he refuses as he has to get through the gate. This slightly saddens her, who plucks multiple strings tied around Ranma's neck and body. However, just before the vibrations reach him, Shampoo arrives, cutting all of the strings. She then instructs Ranma to take Lychee and go while she fights Monlon, and the pair moves on. Monlon proceeds to fight Shampoo, but all Ranma and Lychee see is a large explosion behind them as they flee. Reluctantly, Ranma continues with Lychee to the fifth and final gate.

Ranma about to be defeated by Ebiten, before Ryoga intervenes.

The pair arrive at the final castle gate, guarded by Ebiten. At first Ranma decides to just push past him, but struggles to get by him and his fishing pole. After an initial onslaught by Ebiten, Ranma coughs up some blood and seems like he's about to lose when Ebiten launches a second assault. But suddenly a yellow spinning projectile appears, breaking the fishing pole. Ryoga then appears, running quickly towards Kirin's castle as he steps on Ebiten's face and tells Ranma to leave Akane to him.

Ebiten is angered by this humiliation, but before he can get revenge, he is attacked by Kuno and then stepped over by everyone that tried to seize Kirin's flying ship earlier (except for Jasmine). With all these people stepping on him, Ebiten lays defeated and repeats "none shall pass" until he loses consciousness.

Wedding Crashers

Everyone except Ranma and Lychee arrive just before the scrolls are joined.

Inside the main castle, Kirin is starting the ceremony of joining the scrolls together. Akane hesitantly moves her half of the scroll to Kirin's, wondering if Ranma won't arrive in time. But just before the two halves join, Ryoga comes rushing into the room (breaking down the door in the process). The others, apart from Ranma and Lychee, all quickly follow Ryoga, and stand ready to fight Kirin. Akane is glad everyone has come to save her, but is worried about why Ranma isn't with them. Ryoga tells Kirin that they're taking Akane, but Kirin is furious that they have interrupted the sacred ceremony and attacks them.

Outside, Ranma and Lychee see a bright light coming from the top of Kirin's castle, and quickly run to find out what's happening. Back inside, Akane looks on at her defeated rescue party lying on the floor. Kirin is curious as to why Akane is displeased that he has dealt with the meddlers. Angered, Akane asks Kirin if he'd be pleased if his father and friends were beaten up.

Before Kirin can answer, Ranma's voice booms out asking where Kirin is. The sound of Ranma brings tears to Akane's eyes as she is overjoyed that he has come. Even though Kirin complains that Ranma can't defeat him, Ranma challenges him, and they both start to fight.

Ranma starts by using his "Katchu Tenshin Amaguriken", but Kirin uses his chopsticks to block every one of Ranma's punches. Kirin tells Ranma he already knows how to counter this technique, and suddenly moves in front of Ranma, hitting him with the chopsticks.

Ranma notices the pinch marks on his hand.

Kirin's strike sends Ranma flying across the floor and into a wall. Ranma then wonders what's going on, thinking Kirin has an invisible forcefield. However, Ranma then notices his hand feels like it's been pinched and realises himself that it must be Kirin's chopsticks blocking his punches. Akane then suddenly tries to intervene, but Ranma says that girls shouldn't butt in to a fight between men.

Akane is annoyed and angered by this comment and justifies her actions by saying she's doing this since he's losing and she was worried about him. Ranma retorts by asking Akane if he gives up now how is he going to get her back, which leaves Akane in a stunned silence. Kirin agrees with Ranma and tells Akane to stand back, and then continues to walk towards Ranma and ask for them to end this farce.

As Kirin does this, Ranma desperately thinks about what can he use which chopsticks can't block. Just then some sweat lands on his hand which gives Ranma his answer. Ranma and Kirin then begin to fight again, while Akane, Lychee and the others from earlier who seemed to have recovered watch on. The pair prepare to strike each other, only Ranma punches a large hole in the floor which reaches to the very bottom of the castle. Kirin is curious about this and asks Ranma if this a sign of surrender, Ranma replies that this is when he breaks Kirin's iron defence.

The Final Battle

Ranma uses the Geyser to fill the room with water.

At that moment a small sized geyser appears through the hole and covers the floor of the room (as well as completely flooding the lower floors of Kirin's castle) with water. The others wonder why Ranma wasted the last of his energy just to do this. Ranma then decides to continue fighting Kirin with his "new and improved Katchu Tenshin Amaguriken". At first it seems just the same as before, but then Ranma manages to hit Kirin in the body.

To begin with Kirin thinks this is just a lucky shot, but then he gets hit with several more blows. This confuses Kirin who wonders how this is possible when the speed of Ranma's punches hasn't increased. Ranma then reveals what he's doing as he punches some water into Kirin's face, which Kirin unsuccessfully tries to block with his chopsticks and is knocked to the floor.

Ranma uses water so he can hit Kirin, even when he uses his chopsticks.

After the others declare the impressiveness of Ranma being able to use water to get past Kirin's chopsticks, Kirin gets back up and tells Ranma he's never faced an opponent like him before. Kirin continues by saying he'll have to use his full strength to defeat Ranma, while Ranma thinks to himself he'll have to put all his energy into on final punch. The pair then begin to charge their battle auras as they stare at each other.

Kirin attacks first using his secret attack the "Hundred Chopstick Sting" and quick launches a flurry of punches with his chopsticks. Ranma counters using his "Hiryū Shōten Ha" and the two powerful attacks collide, releasing great amounts of energy to make it difficult for the spectators to remain upright. At first the attacks seem equally matched, but Ranma's "Hiryū Shōten Ha" comes out on top and Kirin is defeated.

The Aftermath

A very large Geyser springs up due to Ranma's Hiryū Shōten Ha.

Ranma doesn't have much chance to celebrate, however, as the spiralling energy which the "Hiryū Shōten Ha" creates causes all the water from the geyser to spin and destroy Kirin's castle. While the group are caught in the spinning water, Lychee notices the Scroll stuck on some wreckage and desperately swims to try and get it. Meanwhile, Ranma notices Akane is unconscious and tries to swim towards her, but the current is too strong. Kirin appears and grabs Akane.

At first Kirin refuses, but then notices that Lychee is trying to get the scroll so he throws away Akane and goes towards it, while Ranma goes towards Akane. Lychee touches the Scroll first as Kirin then arrives, he then takes both away just before some much larger wreckage lands on them. Ranma also manages to reach Akane, where he tells her to wake up. Ranma then looks and sees Kirin holding the now seemingly unconscious Lychee, who is firmly holding onto the scroll.

Akane and Ranma watch as Kirin carries Lychee out of the water.

Once the waters subside, Kirin's castle is left in ruins. In the water where the base of the castle once stood, Ranma and the again conscious Akane emerge. After Akane thanks Ranma for saving her, they notice Kirin carrying Lychee out of the water.

When Lychee has regained consciousness, Kirin puts her down. She then gives Kirin her scroll half and he puts the two together. The two of them then stare at each other silently as the sun rises behind them.

Some time passes and Kirin has organised another flying ship to take Ranma and co back to Japan. Kirin thanks Akane for all the new experiences she's given him, as well as thanking Ranma as he's never met anyone like him before. He continues by admitting that Ranma defeated him earlier, as well giving up on Akane as he chose saving the scroll over her while he (Ranma) saved Akane so is therefore worthy of her. The couple turns away from each other in awkwardness by this statement.

Ranma turns his attention to Lychee and asks her what she plans to do, to which Lychee says that she's going to start from the beginning again and search for a prince of his white horse. She then looks at Kirin before shyly looking at the ground instead. The question about what is written on the Scroll is raised, so Kirin opens it with Shampoo translating. She translates that the secret technique is about how to make delicious pickled vegetables, and then reads the instructions that involve the husband and wife making the food together as part of the first steps towards a happy marriage.

Happosai is attacked by the others for all the unnecessary trouble he put them through.

With this finally revealed, the group turn on Happosai who was the one talking about "sacrifices" and it being the "ultimate technique" (which is noted by Mousse that it is an ultimate technique, just only for making pickles). Happosai tries to justify himself by making everyone view it as a "training journey", but the others are having none of it and send him flying skyward.

Kirin's ship leaves with Ranma and his friends on it. The two groups then wave goodbye to each other. Once Lychee (who's stood with the Lucky Gods) finishes waving, she detects that Kirin has walked up next to her and the two stare at each other. Ranma and Akane looks at each other for a bit but Ranma faces away from her. But Akane keeps looking at him smiling.

One Month Later


Ranma and his friends all receive a picture of Lychee and Kirin, now happily married together, as well as a large vat of pickled vegetables. While the others enjoy the vegetables, Genma and Soun are playing a game of Go together. Soun then tells Genma that while they were in China, they should have visited Jusenkyo. The cursed characters are shocked of forgetting this and scream at their stupidity.

Cast in Order of Appearance

Character Name Japanese Voice English Voice
Happosai Ichirō Nagai Paul Dobson
Jasmine (debut) N/A N/A
Soun Tendo Ryunosuke Ohbayashi David Kaye
Genma Saotome (panda, human) Kenichi Ogata Robert O. Smith
Ranma Saotome (male) Kappei Yamaguchi Sarah Strange
Akane Tendo Noriko Nagai Myriam Sirois
Ranma Saotome (female) Megumi Hayashibara Venus Terzo
Nabiki Tendo Minami Takayama Angela Costain
Ryoga Hibiki (human, P-chan) Koichi Yamadera Michael Donovan
Shampoo (human, cat) Rei Sakuma Cathy Weseluck
Tatewaki Kuno Hirotaka Suzuoki Ted Cole
Mousse (human, duck) Toshihiko Seki Brad Swaile
Cologne Miyoko Asou Kathleen Barr
Ukyo Kuonji Hiromi Tsuru Kelly Sheridan
Tsubasa Kurenai Eiko Yamada Saffron Henderson
Mikado Sanzenin Kazuhiko Inoue Ian Corlett
Azusa Shiratori Naoko Matsui Cathy Weseluck
Kodachi Kuno Saeko Shimazu Teryl Rothery
Principal Kuno N/A N/A
Dojo Destroyer (cameo) N/A N/A
Maomolin (cameo) N/A N/A
Niku Men (cameo) N/A N/A
Hikaru Gosunkugi (cameo) N/A N/A
Gambling King (cameo) N/A N/A
Sentaro Daimonji (cameo) N/A N/A
Sanae (cameo) N/A N/A
Hanako & her Brother (cameo) N/A N/A
Lychee (debut) Sakiko Tamagawa Diana Wong
Kasumi Tendo Kikuko Inoue Willow Johnson
Kirin (debut) Kaneto Shiozawa John Payne
Ebiten (debut) Yo Yoshimura Nick Misura
Daihakuse & Daikokuse (debut) Mitsuaki Madono (Daihakuse)
Takehito Koyasu (Daikokuse)
Michael Dobson (Daihakuse)
Paul Dobson (Daikokuse)
Bishamonten (debut) Kazuhiko Inoue Robert O. Smith
Monlon (debut) Eiko Yamada Linda Boyd
Wu (debut) Yo Yoshimura Terry Klassen




A poster for both films.

  • In Japan the film was originally part of a double feature with the sixth Urusei Yatsura movie, Always My Darling.
  • The little-known original Japanese title for this film is "The Battle of Nekonron, China - A Battle To Defy the Rules".
  • The films's English title is a parody of the 1986 film Big Trouble in Little China.
  • There are some scenes which never made it into the final cut. For "Big Trouble in Nekonron, China" there are two known scenes which never made it past the storyboard stage:
    • The first is when Ranma and co. try to take Akane from Kirin's ship while flying above the ocean, the scene involves Kuno fighting Daihakuse and Daikokuse blindfolded only to be defeated by the pair. The second scene is after Ebiten gets run down by the other characters as they rush to Kirin's castle, originally he was to get up only for Ranma to knock him down with a flurry of punches.
  • When Ryoga gets hit by Happosai an image of a blond woman followed by an image of Happosai flash on the screen, then when Ryoga gets kicked by Ranma a white cat (mostly likely Maomolin) flashes on the screen.
  • This movie debuted between the episodes Ryoga Inherits the Saotome School? and Tendo Family Goes to the Amusement Park!.
  • In the sub, Akane asks Kirin if they have any pigs in a blanket, causing him to ask about them cooking pigs in bedding. In the dub this is changed to fried eggs, causing Kirin to question her about eating bird embryos, which are obviously called baluts.
    • Both the dub and sub mention hamburgers.
  • When Akane is sneaking out to the kitchen to cook something, she briefly has a see-through hand.
  • It is never explicitly shown what the yellow spinning projectile that was used to break Ebiten's fishing pole was, but given Ryoga's appearance shortly afterwards it was most likely one of his bandanas.


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