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Body and Soul (心も体も Kokoro mo karada mo?) is the sixth chapter of the first volume of the manga and the fourth chapter in the Tatewaki Kuno Intro Arc.


After Kuno declares his love to the Ranma's female form, Ranma begins to have vivid nightmares about Kuno telling Ranma he loves her. Meanwhile, Nabiki sees a way she can gain from Kuno's love for Ranma's female form and Akane.

Plot Overview

Kuno in Ranma's Nightmare.

Ranma finds himself in a Hot spring when the water begins to churn up and a very large Kuno appears out of the water, holding a bouquet. Kuno then says that he loves Ranma. Ranma calls Kuno an idiot and tells him to look that he is a boy. However, Ranma then looks at his chest and sees he's changed into his female form, much to Ranma's shock and surprise. Kuno then begins to tell Ranma to go out with him, which causes Ranma to shout that she is a boy. Ranma then tries, and fails, to swim away from Kuno who then grabs Ranma and picks her up. Kuno then tells Ranma once again that he loves Ranma. Ranma then wakes up in his room as birds sing outside, realising that it was all a dream. He then remembers Kuno telling him that he loves him again.

Some time later, and Ranma and Akane are running trying not to be late for School again. As they both enter the school grounds the usual mob of male students meets them. However, Akane and Ranma manage to deal with the students very easily as they continue to run into School. Kuno then appears carrying his Shinai, but Akane and Ranma kick Kuno in the face simultaniously which easily knocks Kuno down to the ground. Akane then turns to Ranma and says that he doesn't have to fight her battles for her. Ranma replies that he's not doing it for her, he then thinks to himself what a pervert Kuno is and that he thinks he's going to be sick.

Kuno's gift for his "pigtailed goddess".

Kuno drops a toy Panda on Nabiki's desk. Nabiki asks what it is and Kuno says that it is a gift. This causes Nabiki to reply that this isn't her "style". This leads Kuno to say that the gift isn't for her and is for his "goddess in pigtails", Nabiki is humored by this and spits out her drink onto Kuno's face, much to her and Kuno's displeasure. Nabiki then brings out a set of photographs and spreads them across the table, all of which are pictures of Ranma in his female form. Nabiki then tells Kuno he can have a set of five for ¥3,000. Kuno is shocked by how "defenceless" the pigtailed girl is, which Nabiki compares to as "kind of like a boy."

Nabiki then goes on to say to Kuno that he's really something, with him dropping Akane for his new "pigtailed girl". Kuno asks how Nabiki gets the impression of him dropping Akane. This causes Nabiki to look at Kuno fiercely and ask that Kuno's not planning on two-timing Akane. Kuno replies by saying that Akane is so pure and tidy, while the pigtailed girl is bursting with health and beauty and that both of them are so dear he can't give either of them up. He then asks Nabiki if she calls it "deceit" if he excepts them both, Nabiki replies that no she doesn't call it deceit she calls it two-timing. Nabiki then puts down photographs of Akane training and tells Kuno a set of five will cost him ¥3,000. Kuno comments on the ferocity of the photographs and says that he'll accept Nabiki's prices.

Nabiki goes to class 1-F and tells Ranma that Kuno wants him, while Akane looks on in confusion. Ranma then goes outside and asks Kuno what he wants, however, Kuno says that it's "Upperclassman" to him. Kuno then gives Ranma the toy panda and asks why he has to give the present to him in order for it to reach his pigtailed girl. Ranma is greatly confused by this. Kuno explains that Nabiki said that in order for his gift to reach the pigtailed girl he must give it to Ranma. Ranma throws the Panda toy back to Kuno begins to walk off saying to Kuno that he'll probably never see her again. However, as soon as Ranma rounds the corner of the building some water falls on him. Two students are then seen talking near the window in one of the school's corridors, with one student holding a bucket while the other asks what if someone was down there; to which the student with the bucket says not to worry.

Kuno finds the pigtailed girl.

Meanwhile, Kuno thinks about what Ranma said and then realises what Ranma said and decides to chase after Ranma. However, when Kuno goes round the corner he can't see Ranma anywhere and decides that he must have fled. In anger Kuno cuts down the tree next to him, only for the now female Ranma to fall out. Kuno then goes in to hug Ranma while he says how much he's missed her, but before Kuno gets to hug Ranma he punches Kuno in the face telling him back off. Despite this Kuno quickly recovers and hugs Ranma.

Ranma then has some hot water poured onto him. Nabiki then asks Ranma if that was too hot for him. Ranma then tells Kuno it's time to let go of him and promptly kicks Kuno in the face. Ranma continues by asking Kuno if he get's it now and is about to leave when Kuno demands Ranma stops and asks what he has done with his goddess. Nabiki decides that Kuno won't understand until they spell it out for him. Nabiki then tries to explain by telling Kuno that the girl's body and soul belong to Ranma, she then asks if Kuno understands now. Kuno is greatly angered and brought to tears by this and then swings at Ranma with his Shinai while calling Ranma a tyrant. Ranma then says to Kuno that he still doesn't get it, to which Kuno replies that he knows perfectly well.

Kuno attacks Ranma while he's distracted.

Kuno then has a fantasy of Ranma telling the pigtailed girl, who is in her underwear, to be quiet and both go out of sight with Ranma telling the girl that she is nothing but his while a flower wilts. Kuno then attacks Ranma, while calling him an "enslaver on women". Ranma is confused by what Kuno is talking about and tells him to get a grip. Meanwhile, Akane appears and looks on from a distance at the fight between Kuno and Ranma. Kuno then shouts that he shall defeat Ranma and free the pigtailed girl. Ranma then kicks Kuno in the stomach and says that if that's the case if he wins then Kuno should forget about the pigtailed girl. Just then the pictures that Nabiki took of Ranma fall out of Kuno's clothes, Ranma grabs one and is shocked by the fact he's on it. Kuno then hits Ranma on the head with his Shinai while Akane looks on worriedly.

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  • This sweet treasure... I save for my goddess in pigtails! - Kuno telling Nabiki who the toy panda is for.
  • Now look what you made me do. What... I... made you do? - The conversation between Kuno and Nabiki, after Nabiki spat out her drink from hearing who the toy panda is for.
  • You'll probably never even see... her... again. - Ranma talking to Kuno just before he gets water land on him (out of the sight of Kuno).


  • When Kuno says he loves Akane and the pigtailed girl so much he can't let either of them go, Raijin, the god of thunder, and Fūjin, the god of wind from the painting "Fujin Raijin Zu" by Tawaraya Sōtatsu are shown in the background.
  • The image of the flower wilting is most likely a reference to deflowering, although it appears in a later chapter about what could happen when Ranma and Akane are left alone.


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