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Bow Down! (土下座させまーす! Dogeza sasema–su!?) is the 359th chapter of the manga it is also the second and last chapter of the Repentance Room Arc.


Hinako finally confronts the Principal with the intention of blowing him away.

Plot Overview

There is a clamor within the students as they watch the face-off between Ms. Hinako and the principal. The principal seems very confident with his bodyguards standing right behind him. He introduces the Evil Three, and the shadowy figures uncloak themselves one by one. They are aptly named Evil Swordsman, Evil Elder, and Evil Queen. When they reveal themselves, they turn out to be Tatewaki, Happosai, and Nabiki respectively.

The Evil Three revealed.

Kuno reveals that he did it in order to have a chance to date Hinako. Nabiki reveals that she did it because the principal offered her 10,000 yen. When confronted, Happosai claims that he did it to stop Hinako from getting too powerful, but Ranma taps his head a few times and several gym shorts fall out, revealing that he had been bribed as well. Ranma promptly boots him out of the field. When the principal calls upon Nabiki, she flees the scene with the money, leaving only Kuno to fight for the principal. Unfortunately, Ms. Hinako proves too strong for him, who is blasted away by Happo No-Yen Coin Return. He returns immediately, this time Hinako uses Happo Fifty-Yen Satsu to flatten him and rolls him up.

Having dealt with the Evil Three, Ranma turns to the principal only to find a bomb in a shape of a papaya. The bomb then blows up in the face of all the students. They leave the area to search for him, but it's revealed that he burrowed himself in the ground and the bomb also acted as a mask.

Ranma thinks that the only way for Hinako to release the negative energy is when she finally defeats him. Hinako leads the search by first going through all the students' desks and lockers, stealing their food in the process. Ranma spots the principal going into a room. When Ranma enters the room, a giant chalkboard eraser falls on him and on the ground he notices markings for placing his hands and knees for bowing posture. Principal Kuno sits in front of the marking telling Ranma he has no choice. But instead of bowing, Ranma places his hands on the marking and kicks the principal's face.

Ranma holds onto Principal Kuno as Hinako charged her chi blast. Instead of a simple Happo No-Yen Coin Return, she charges up her shot and unleashes Happo No Yen Hatred Bazooka, which blasts a hole in the side of the School building.

Happo No Yen Hatred Bazooka

Even with such a tremendous blast, she retains her adult self. Meaning she missed. She finds Ranma under a blanket to hide from the blast. She scolds him for being a coward while he counters that he doesn't like extreme pain. When Hiroshi and Daisuke lift up the blanket to see if the principal is also hiding in there, they once again see markings of hands and knees. This time, a cupcake is placed on the marking, which Ms. Hinako goes for without hesitation. The markings turn out to be a trap, one designed to clamp the person into a bowing position once triggered. Ranma pushes her out of the way just as the clamp closes. However he's caught in it. While eating her food, Hinako senses that Ranma is angry with her and offers him some of the now messy cupcake. He angrily refuses.

Just then they notice the principal running away, covered with a blanket but still wearing his iconic sunglasses. He runs into a building that has never existed before. Ranma follows him in and finds another marking, this time made in some kind of glue. Ranma doesn't fall for the trap and stands at the doorway, but Hinako bumps into him and they both fall into the glue. The building walls then collapse to reveal the sticky floor and Principal Kuno celebrates his victory.

Ranma does not accept defeat and manages to lift himself and Hinako up along with the entire glue board. Hinako unleashes her final Happo No Yen Hundred Fold Return attack that blasts the top half of the board, manages to hit the principal and sends him flying skyward. Afterwards Hinako returns to her normal self, but has no memory of the event. She and the rest of the students return to class and Hinako resumes teaching, unaware of the remains of glue board or the annoyed Ranma under her.

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