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Boy Meets Mom Part 2 Someday, Somehow... (いつの日か, きっと... Itsu no Hi ka, Kitto...?) is the 143rd and final episode of Ranma ½ Nettohen. It is also the final Ranma ½ TV episode overall.

Ranma struggles with two conflicting desires; the yearning to finally meet his mother for real, and the fervent desire to avoid having to kill himself for his gender-bending curse.

Relation to the Previous Episode

Continues from the events portrayed in Boy Meets Mom Part 1.

Plot Overview

Dealing with Nodoka

Ranma and Genma discuss their close call with Nodoka earlier.

In the training hall of the Tendo Dojo, Genma (in his panda form) begins discussing the close call he and Ranma had earlier with Nodoka nearly seeing them in their normal forms. Ranma then mutters under her breath about how stupid Genma is for making an outrageous promise to Nodoka. Genma prompts Ranma to speak up if she has something to say, causing Ranma to angrily shout to Genma, demanding he take back his promise for all three of the Saotomes to commit Seppuku should Ranma not return as a man amongst men. However, Genma denies the request, citing that men and pandas don't go back on their word.

Ranma then says that she knew Genma would say that, so hands him a Tantō and says that she'll help Nodoka and perform the Seppuku right now. Genma quickly scurries to another part of the room and notices that Ranma has seemingly mastered the movements one does when handling the Katana in Seppuku. Ranma then rushes at Genma and the pair begin to fight each other.

Meanwhile, Nodoka has just finished helping Kasumi, which Kasumi thanks Nodoka for. Just then Genma and Ranma's fight overflows into the main house, and the racket they make quickly gets everyone's attention. As he runs from Ranma, Genma ends up crashing into Nodoka and knocks the bowl of hot water out of her hand. While the Tendos panic that if the water lands on Ranma then his secret will be out, Ranma speedily begins balancing the bowl on the end of the Katana.

Kasumi notes the similarity between Ranma and Nodoka.

Some time passes, and everyone sits down for dinner. After a few moments of quiet thought, Nodoka asks Akane, as Ranma's fiancé, thinks he's manly along with a few other questions, all of which Akane answers "yes" to. Ranma, however, asks Akane why she hesitated to answer when Nodoka asked if Ranma was handsome, but Akane doesn't engage. At that moment, Kasumi comes out by noting that Ranma resembles his mother, causing everyone to look over at Ranma sat next to Nodoka and notice that there is a similarity between the two.

As Ranma and Genma panic in silence, Soun asks for a change of subject before Nodoka catches on. This leads Nodoka to ask what Ranma's hobby is, which Akane says is fairly obviously Martial Arts, but Nabiki suddenly pipes up and she would say cross-dressing. Hearing this, Nodoka begins to get a tighter hold around her Katana and notes what an un-manly hobby that is, but Genma quickly defuses the situation by holding up a sign telling Nodoka that she misheard what Nabiki said, which causes Nodoka to believe that Nabiki actually said crossword.

Later On

Upstairs in Nabiki's room, Ranma questions her about what she did and asks if she has something against her. Nabiki plays innocent and asks if she said something wrong, Akane then joins in by asking Ranma about if she's going to tell Nodoka who she is. Ranma turns to Akane and tells her that she can take being blackmailed by Nabiki any day. Before Ranma can finish, Nabiki hears Ranma's mention of "blackmail", which prompts Ranma to ask if she's denying this claim. Nabiki replies by telling Ranma that this is what she gets for waisting her chance, she continues by facing her desk and sadly reminding Ranma that no matter how much she and Akane want to see their mother they can't.

Ranma and Akane are set aback by this odd behaviour from Nabiki and the room fills with silence. Eventually, Nabiki pipes up and tells Ranma that she'll let him off.

The Saotomes are temporarily reunited.

After leaving Nabiki's room, Ranma heads to her own room, but when she opens the door, Ranma is met with the sight of Nodoka who says that she'll be sharing her room for the night. Soun appears next to Ranma and whispers to her that even though they can't reveal their true selves they're still family, so should spend the night together at least. Kasumi arrives as well and informs Ranma that Nodoka will be leaving tomorrow morning, which leaves Ranma silent.

Late into the night, and only Nodoka has gone to sleep in the Saotome room. As Ranma thinks to herself, about what a relief it is that Nodoka is leaving soon, Nodoka suddenly shouts out her name. Panicked, Ranma backs away immediately, but soon realises that Nodoka is just talking in her sleep. Ranma looks on and comments on how Nodoka is looking for her, even in her dreams. Just then Nodoka begins to cry, but she suddenly pulls out her Katana (still in her sleep) and begins to swipe at her dream Ranma who didn't grow up to be manly. After Ranma narrowly avoids the blade, the Tendo sisters come rushing to see what's happening. While Nabiki and Kasumi believe that Nodoka must've had a terrible nightmare, Akane begins to think to herself about how she can't allow Ranma and Nodoka to part like this.

The Next Morning

Everyone comes out to see Nodoka off, after saying her goodbyes to everyone, Nodoka gives another one to Ranko (Ranma), before leaving. With Nodoka gone, Ranma and Genma have a bath to turn into their normal forms. Although Genma is happy to be away from Nodoka, Ranma isn't as she looked very upset as she left, which is made worse by Genma's attitude to her departure. Ranma then hits Genma. Genma then reminds Ranma that if they revealed their true selves to Nodoka then they'd both have to commit Seppuku.

As the pair head back downstairs, Ranma begins mocking Genma's vow, whilst Genma comments on Ranma's continuous nagging. Suddenly, Nodoka appears in front of them, talking to Akane that she forgot something. Ranma and Genma then quickly jump into the Koi pond before Nodoka notices them, so as to maintain their secret.

Mother Meets Son

Ranma imagines how the reunion with his mother will turn out.

Nodoka then departs yet again, only this time Akane chases after her. When she catches up, and arranges for her to meet Ranma. Akane also attempts to describe Ranma to Nodoka, but she stops Akane, saying that she'll know the moment she sees him. At Furinkan High School, Akane tells this to Ranma, but Ranma is a bit hesitant to do so. Akane continues that it's arranged for Sunday in the park, she then asks Ranma if the does want to meet his mother while in his male form. After imaging about how the meeting would occur, Ranma decides that he will go, he just has to make sure not to rush their and end up in his cursed form. Akane then tells Rama to make sure not to Genma about this, however, unbeknownst to them, Genma is listening to the whole conversation from behind a tree.

When Sunday arrives, Ranma gets himself ready to meet Nodoka, but before he leaves Akane gives him a Carnation for Nodoka. After thanking Akane, the two share a moment of silence, until Akane hostilely reminds Ranma to get going. Ranma then begins to worry that Nodoka may not recognise him as her son, but Akane tells Ranma not to be silly as Nodoka will know it's him since she's dying to finally meet him.

Ranma quickly runs towards the park, but is stopped by Genma, who tells Ranma that if he wants to meet his mother, then he'll have to get past him first. This fete is easily achieved by Ranma as he swiftly kicks his father in the face and continues his way to Nodoka. Genma, however, persists with stopping Ranma, eventually causing Ranma to demand he go away. With his determination high, Genma asks Ranma what he would do if he was splashed with cold water in increasing absurd circumstances, all of which happen to occur to Ranma as Genma talks about them.

Once Ranma gets splashed by water from a goldfish salesman, Genma declares that he's trying to save Ranma from Seppuku and slams him into the floor. With Ranma subdued, Genma takes his chance and ties up Ranma before dumping her in the fast flowing storm drain.

Ranma and Akane notice that Nodoka's been taken away by Genma.

Meanwhile, in the park, Nodoka waits for Ranma. In the bushes behind her, however, Genma is preparing a sign that will tell her that Ranma ins't coming. Fortunately, this plan is soon foiled when Akane stops Genma in his tracks. The pair then hear Nodoka call out Ranma's name and believe he finally made it, but they soon realise that Nodoka is mistaken as it's just a passing student, not Ranma. Akane calls out to Nodoka that this person isn't Ranma. When Nodoka walks over to Akane, she's told that Ranma doesn't look anything like his father, but Nodoka stops Akane before she reveals anything else and is determined that she'll get it right next time (although Akane isn't quite as convinced).

Just then Ranma manages to arrive in the park, luckily back in his male form. Akane calls Ranma over, however, Genma uses this chance to mislead Nodoka and take her away. When Ranma gets over to Akane, all they can of Nodoka are a set of panda footprints. Angered with Genma's dirty trick, Ranma and Akane give pursuit of the pair as Genma takes Nodoka over several rooftops to where he claims Ranma to be.

Genma takes Nodoka to a local restaurant, where he tells her that Ranma can't come, but won't specify why. At that moment, Ranma and Akane find the pair and Ranma, determined for his mother to see him as a full man, confidently walks over to them. He then places his hand on Nodoka's shoulder (who hadn't noticed Ranma enter as he back as to the entrance). Nodoka begins to shake as she believes that this male hand on her shoulder must be Ranma's, she then turns round to hug and apologise to her son. Unfortunately, as Nodoka does this, a waitress trips and covers Ranma in cold water. When Nodoka notices the person she's hugging as breasts, she looks up and sees it to be Ranko, and not Ranma.

As he's become Ranko again, Ranma plays out her role and asks Nodoka what's the matter, to which Nodoka says that she thought she was someone else. At that moment, Genma asks Nodoka if she'd like to meet, to which Nodoka excitedly exclaims she wants to right away. Genma then proceeds to attempt to pour some hot water over Ranko, warning her to leave now if she wants to live, but Ranko tries the same think on Genma and the pair begin fighting each other inside the restaurant.

Nodoka departs once again.

Before the fighting escalates too far, Akane takes Nodoka outside with her to wait. Outside, Nodoka asks Akane if Ranma doesn't want to meet her, to which Akane immediately tells Nodoka that Ranma does. Nodoka is still unconvinced, however, as she's waited so long to meet him, but he's still not shown himself. Akane rubs her face with a cloth, while saying that Ranma has it though. Back inside the restaurant, and both Ranma and Genma have turned into their normal forms. After turning Genma back into his panda form, Ranma tells him he wants Nodoka to see him once as a guy, he then begins to walk out, not before telling Genma just to be quiet. As Ranma picks up the Carnation, Nodoka begins to wonder if Ranma has a reason for not seeing her and starts to take out her Katana again.

Just as Ranma is about to talk to Nodoka, her Katana cuts the end off the Carnation. Terrified, Ranma quickly turns back into Ranko (Nodoka was too self indulged to take notice of Ranma when he stood next to her). Akane goes back in the restaurant to talk to Ranko and asks what's wrong, but Ranko only says that this sort of disguise is always discovered and will only make Nodoka sadder (Akane, however, just thinks that Ranma's afraid of dying). Just then Nodoka walks back into the restaurant and tells Akane that she's going home, she also adds that she's sure Ranma's a fine boy since she believes in him. Ranma, Genma and Akane just stand in silence...

The Final Attempt

How Nodoka remembers being saved by Ranma.

Once Nodoka has left the trio for a third time, Akane tells Ranma that she's sorry for meddling like she did and states she only did it as Nodoka wanted to see her so badly that she wanted to see her happy face. As Ranma becomes for infuriated with Akane, she also tells Ranma that she guesses that nobody wants to commit Seppuku and adds that she doesn't really blame her.

Meanwhile, Nodoka is walking the streets for Furinkan, but is self-loathing so much over not being able to see her son that she doesn't notice that she's wandered into a construction yard. While covering her eyes as she sobs, Nodoka accidentally sits on the lever to a hot water tank pump. At that moment, the eruption of water can be seen by people for miles around, including Ranma and co. Ranma soon sees Nodoka trapped in the large geyser and quickly rushes to her rescue.

As Nodoka falls through the centre of the geyser, Ranma jumps to save her, turning into his male form in the process. Ranma holds onto the overjoyed Nodoka as they fall through the geyser. By the time they exit the geyser, however, Nodoka has lost consciousness. While Ranma, Akane and Genma wait for her to recover, Ranma asks if she'll be disappointed when she sees him like this, but Akane, who's holding back tears in her eyes, reassures Ranma he'll be fine as what he did was very manly.

However, just as Nodoka is about to come round, a sudden short downpour causes Ranma to turn back into his female form. As Nodoka wakes she's greeted with the sight of a very disappointed Ranko and asks if she was the one who saved her, but Ranma shyly says that it wasn't. Nodoka then begins to believe that she dreamed that Ranma saved her, this causes Akane to nearly reveal that it wasn't a dream, but Ranma stops her before she can finish, telling her to let it be a dream for now. Not wishing to wait, Nodoka continues on her way, with the trio bedding her goodbye, with Ranma silently telling Nodoka to keep that dream with her until the day she becomes male again...

Ranma and Akane bid farewell to the audience

The next morning, things have seemingly returned to normal, with Kasumi giving Soun and Genma some tea as Akane and Ranma lose to Nabiki at Poker. Akane then realises what time it is and quickly heads off for school, with Ranma and Nabiki in pursuit. On the way there, Akane stops and as Ranma catches up with her asks she's doing, to which Akane simply says she's doing nothing. Ranma then tells Akane they'd better get going and the pair bid the audience farewell...

Cast in Order of Appearance

Character Name Japanese Voice English Voice
Ranma Saotome (female) Megumi Hayashibara Venus Terzo
Genma Saotome (panda, human) Kenichi Ogata Robert O. Smith
Nodoka Saotome Masako Ikeda Lisa Bunting
Kasumi Tendo Kikuko Inoue Willow Johnson
Akane Tendo Noriko Nagai Myriam Sirois
Soun Tendo Ryunosuke Ohbayashi David Kaye
Nabiki Tendo Minami Takayama Angela Costain
Ranma Saotome (male) Kappei Yamaguchi Richard Cox
Old Washer Woman Reiko Suzuki Janyse Jaud


[At the end of the episode]

Ranma: We waiting for something, Akane?

Akane: No. We're done.

Ranma: Shall we?

Akane: Yup.

Ranma & Akane: [to the audience as they run off] See ya!

[Episode ends]


  • When Ranma hits Genma in the bathtub, a Mecha with an appearance similar to a Gundam, followed by an image of Shampoo and Ukyo topless flash on the screen.
    • Similarly, when Ranma kicks Genma on his way to meet Nodoka an image of P-chan and Shirokuro flash on the screen.


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