Bread Feud (対決 Taiketsu?) is the eleventh chapter of the manga and the second chapter of the Ryoga Hibiki Intro Arc.

The day of the match arrives and Ranma tries to pay Ryoga back for making him so upset when they were classmates.

Plot Overview

In the Forests of Japan

Ryoga is wandering, seemingly aimlessly, through a large forest while holding a Walnut. He then begins to think to himself about Ranma and how he'll get his revenge for what Ranma did to his life a disaster. Ryoga continues to think that just like the Walnut he's holding, and subsequently breaks, he'll break Ranma's throat and that his time has come.

At the Tendo Dojo

Akane asks Ranma what exactly he did to Ryoga, which Ranma (who's in his female form) replies he wishes he knew. Kasumi then walks up to Ranma saying she has a letter for him, from a boy named Ryoga Hibiki. Ranma opens the envelope the letter's in and finds out its a challenge letter. Akane talks to Ranma that this must mean Ranma did something serious and not just some common annoyance. Ranma then finally remembers something and explains what happened to Akane and Nabiki.

Ranma's Flashback

Ryoga first meets Ranma

Ryoga first meets Ranma Saotome.

Ranma then has a flashback to his old High School. A group of male students are seen running towards the cafeteria, when they get there a Lunch Lady shouts that she has the last Curry Bread of the day and then throws it into the crowd of students. Ranma (in his male form) appears, jumps on several student's heads and manages to get the bread. When he lands he looks behind him and sees Ryoga looking back at him. Ryoga asks Ranma who he is, Ranma replies by telling Ryoga his name, Ryoga then walks away, crying tears of bitterness, telling Ranma he shan't forget this offense of Curry Bread.

Back to Present Day

Ranma remembers about the Bread Feud

Ranma panics about the Bread Feud.

Ranma then says that lunchtime was always like a war, since it was a Boys' School. Hearing this shocks Akane, Nabiki and Kasumi, however, Ranma quickly tells them that this shouldn't be a shock since this was when he was a boys all the time. Akane then says this is pretty extreme for just taking some bread. Ranma tells her that extreme isn't the word (as Kasumi pours some hot water onto Ranma, turning him back into his male form), but there wasn't anything else to do. Just then Ranma remembers all the different times he got the bread before Ryoga, this causes Ranma to go into a slight state of panic and worry about how mad Ryoga must be if this is the reason for the challenge. While Kasumi simply says it sounds like a lot of straw on one Camel's back.

Akane then looks at the letter again and notices the date for the showdown was yesterday. Ranma tells her is doesn't matter since Ryoga's got the worst sense of direction in the world and is probably asking for directions as they speak. Ryoga is then seen asking if the road he's facing is the correct one, when a man with a cart says that's wrong and the other road is the correct one.

Ranma Tries to Make It up to Ryoga

Ranma throws some bread

Ranma gives Ryoga some Bread.

One week passes, and now Ranma is facing Ryoga at the sports grounds at Furinkan High School. A large crowd of students gather to watch the fight, including Akane. Ryoga then says to Ranma he's glad he finally had to guts to show up. This causes Ranma to say he didn't come here to fight and simply give him something. Ranma then throws some bread at Ryoga. Ranma then asks if this makes them even, Ryoga is angered by this and asks if this is meant to be some kind of joke. Ranma then calls Ryoga a greedy jerk and throws some more bread at him.

This throwing of bread continues some more, until Ranma finally says if he forgot anything else. Ryoga then angrily shouts at Ranma asking him just what he's trying to pull. This confuses Ranma slightly and he asks that this is a "Bread Feud" that they're having. Ryoga replies that this is about avenging his honor, he also says that all the bread is past it's "Sell By" Date, to which Ranma replies that Ryoga did keep him waiting a week. Ryoga then picks up his Umbrella from his backpack and that's enough chatter and he'll attack now.

The Fight Begins

Ryoga attacks Ranma with Umbrella

Ryoga attacks Ranma.

Ryoga then lunges towards Ranma with his Umbrella, which is easily avoided by Ranma who backs away as Ryoga comes forward. The two then jump into the air and Ranma tries to offer some more bread to Ryoga, but Ryoga tells Ranma that because of him he's seen hell. Ryoga then attacks Ranma with his Umbrella again, only for Ranma to dodge it again. When the two of them land, Ranma asks Ryoga what he's talking about. Instead of answering Ranma's question directly, Ryoga tells Ranma that words cannot convey the depths of his suffering.

Ryoga catches Ranma's wrist

Ryoga catches Ranma's wrist.

Ryoga then opes his Umbrella and throws it at Ranma, which Ranma avoids yet again. However, Ryoga uses this moment to attach a bandana to Ranma's wrist. Ryoga explains to Ranma that this is to stop him running away, however, Ranma asks Ryoga how many bandanas he's wearing (since Ryoga still has a bandana on his head despite the fact he just removed one that he attached to Ranma's wrist).

Meanwhile, Ryoga's Umbrella has spun round the edge of the sports ground and eventually lands of the grass (cutting into it as well along the edge which came into contact with the grass). A student behind Akane says that this guy (referring to Ryoga) might be a match for Ranma. Just then Akane hears a male student shouting there's something wrong with this Umbrella, when Akane goes to investigate she finds out the Umbrella is exceptionally heavy and difficult to lift (thus revealing how strong Ryoga actually is, since he can wield it with one hand). Akane then shouts to Ranma not to stay close to Ryoga and he should get out of his reach. Just then Ryoga tries to punch Ranma, which he narrowly avoids, however, the punch did cut Ranma's cheek slightly. Ranma then rubs his hand against the wound, licks the blood, and says it looks like he's going to have to get serious.

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