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Burn, Happy, Burn (燃えろ! 八宝斉 Moero! Happosai?) is the 134th chapter of the manga and the tenth chapter of the Ultimate Weakness Moxibustion Arc.


Ranma meets Happosai at Furinkan High for another match, but Happy still is not getting angry with Ranma. Ranma's only choice is to use some embarrasing photos he took of himself dressed in lingerie as a girl. Happosai's lust proves stronger than his Battle Aura and soon Kuno, the Principal and Mousse make their way into the fray.

Plot Overview

With the news of Ranma's return and subsequent challenging of Happosai having spread throughout Furinkan High, almost the entire student body heads out to the sports field in order to see whether Ranma's gotten his strength back.

Ranma takes out several pictures of him in lingerie to try and get Happosai to release his Battle Aura.

As Akane and co. look on, Ranma sets the terms of their fight with Happosai, where, should Ranma win, the old lecher will agree to hand over the Moxibustion Chart. Happosai seemingly agrees to the terms, but calmly begins ironing several pieces of underwear whilst telling Ranma to come at him when he's ready. Cologne notes that Happosai isn't giving off even the smallest bit Battle Aura, meaning Ranma can't do anything.

Meanwhile, Akane wonders what Ranma's plan is to release 120% of Happosai's battle aura. She then begins pondering if it has anything to do with the clicking and flashes she heard/saw coming from Ranma's room earlier. In another part of the crowd, Ryoga also watches in anticipation, but can't understand why Ranma's holding back.

After thinking to himself about how he never planned to resort to this, but has no choice anymore, Ranma casts aside his last scraps of pride and pulls out a series of photographs of his female form wearing revealing lingerie. As Ranma waits for the old lecher's passion for girls' underwear to burn up, Akane quickly realises that this was what the noises she heard earlier were. Ukyo and Ryoga, however, don't understand Ranma's strategy, so Akane explains that although Ranma wears skirts often enough, he always boy's underwear underneath, but this time he's wearing lingerie!

Happosai reacts to the pictures when Kuno threatens to take them.

While Ryoga is shocked at how Ranma's risking everything of this strategy, Cologne humiliating training Ranma was put through gave him this strength. However, a silence then falls across the ground as Happosai does nothing but stare at the photographs from a distance. Fortunately, Kuno declares that he wants the pictures and begins chasing Ranma for the them, Happosai makes his move by projecting his battle aura into a giant version of himself whislt declaring that the pictures are his.

As everyone else is amazed with how intense Happosai’s "lust aura" is, Ranma starts moving the old lecher into the spiral for the Hiryū Shōten Ha. However, Mousse and the Principal suddenly appear and enter the fray. Ranma desperately tries to avoid the trio of troublemakers, when suddenly Happosai rushes towards the photographs. After narrowly avoiding Happosai's attack, Akane notices the Moxibustion Chart falling from Happosai's clothing, but it's too late as the aura has become spiralling with great intensity.

Ranma finally launches the Hiryū Shōten Ha on Happosai.

Cologne shouts to Ranma that he should use the Hiryū Shōten Ha, but Ranma is concerned with the Kuno and co who would get caught in the blast as they've done nothing wrong. At that moment, however, Ranma remembers when they attacked him after learning of his weakened state, so puts that worry aside. With this four attackers at the centre of the spiral, Ranma launches the finishing move for the Hiryū Shōten Ha with great success.

However, as the light begins to dim down, Ranma sees Akane somehow got caught in the blast and is now flying into the air…

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  • The english title for this chapter is a pun on the line "Burn, Baby, Burn" from the 1976 song Disco Inferno.


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