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Burning the Bridges (背水の陣 Haisui no jin?) is the 28th chapter of the manga and the sixth chapter of the Martial Arts Figure Skating Arc.


The crowd gets restless because Furinkan High seems to have slipped a new pair into the competition. Not only do Ryoga and Ranma not get along on the ice, they keep hitting each other and their outfits don't look good. After a quick clothing change, the match resumes, but not for long as Ryoga never bothered to learn how to skate properly.

Plot Overview

As the Announcer declares that Furinkan High School has sent in a substitute pair, Ryoga and Ranma begin arguing to each other about why the other is here. Mikado and Azusa look on and Mikado recognises the pigtailed girl from the Skating Rink where he kissed her and she ran away in happiness at being kissed (although Ranma quickly hits Mikado on the head saying that those are lies).

Ranma and Ryoga's new skating outfits.

Mikado tells the pigtailed girl he's delighted to see her again, to which Ranma retorts that they should get back to the match. However, Ryoga tells Ranma that he's in no condition to fight and choke holds Ranma trying to make her agree so Ryoga can partner with Akane instead (who's at the side of Rink looking on at the events). The crowd then begins to get restless about the change in pair (which turns out that they're most upset about the girl's outfit not being sexy at all), the Kolhotz High Fashion Club then steps in and take Ranma and Ryoga into separate booths. The pair then re-emerge in their new outfits.

With Ranma and Ryoga now having new outfits the match is resumed. Ranma whispers to Ryoga that she hopes he learned to skate, but Ryoga replies that didn't have time but Ranma should think it lucky he can at least stand up and walk. Before the two realise, Mikado has skated over to Akane and bend down on one knee, telling her he's disappointed they never got chance to kiss during the match.

Azusa recognises Ryoga's collar as belonging to Charlotte.

Akane asks Mikado what he's talking about, however, Mikado doesn't reply and kisses Akane's hand (much to her disliking). This display also angers Ryoga who throws Ranma at Mikado, hitting him. The throw knocks out Ranma, causing Akane to tell her to take a rest. Ryoga then asks Akane to pair up with him, to which she agrees. However, before the pair can start skating Azusa notices the collar around Ryoga's neck and says that that's her little Charlotte's collar.

Ryoga protest's this and is about to tell Azusa his name, only to be interrupted by Ranma who says Ryoga's name is P-chan. This obviously annoys Ryoga, who hits Ranma over the head and asks who P-chan is. Mikado then quickly skates up and asks Ryoga what he thinks he's doing to his girlfriend, this irritates Ranma who throws Mikado into the air asking Mikado who his girlfriend is.

Azusa and Mikado easily get chance for another Good-Bye Whirl.

The Announcer says that it seems to match is resuming. Ranma grabs Ryoga and begins trying to get skating, but as Ryoga can't skate he quickly falls on top of Ranma. While the pair argue on the floor, Azusa skates up, grabs Ryoga's legs while Mikado grabs her ankles. The two then perform another "Good-Bye Whirl". Mikado tells Ryoga if he lets go he'll stop spinning, unlike Ranma, Ryoga gladly accepts the offer although Ranma tells Ryoga if he thinks she'll let go that easily.

Ranma then wraps her hands around one of Ryoga's wrists and also bites on it. This obviously hurts Ryoga who punches Ranma off his arm, and sends Ranma flying. The Announcer says that another trusting couple has come to it's end, although the audience don't see the pair as being all that trusting to begin with. Mikado says that he hasn't done the final part of the "Good-Bye Whirl", he then lets go of Azusa, gets out a comb and quickly does up his hair.

As Ryoga is slammed into the floor by Azusa, Mikado skates off the grab Ranma before she hits the ground. Mikado then looks into Ranma's eyes and tells her that even though she's been betrayed by the man she trusted, she shouldn't fear as he'll be her lover as of today. Ranma doesn't fall for this and tells Mikado what he thinks he's talking about.

Ryoga's punch manages to break the rink.

Ranma returns to Ryoga and slaps him while asking him how long he plans to lay there. Ryoga angrily punches the rink, causing a crack to appears, he continues by saying that only if the ice wasn't there he could win. Ryoga then punches the rink again, this time causing a spray of water to come jetting out and spraying Ranma. As the two look at the water spouting out, Ranma notes that the rink is created by freezing over a swimming pool. Ryoga unhappily asks why he wasn't told his sooner, just as the rest of the rink begins to break into large chunks.

Ranma asks Ryoga what he's going to do, because as she's already a girl she doesn't care, but if Ryoga gets splashed by the cold water he'll turn into a pig in front of Akane. Ryoga cautiously stands up and tells Ranma that he will offer her a challenge of whoever falls into the water first has to give up on Akane. After some deliberation, Ranma accepts Ryoga's challenge.

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  • In the anime version, the feat of completely shattering the surface of the ice rink is given to Azusa Shiratori instead of Ryoga Hibiki.


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