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Busted! (バストバトル! Basuto batoru!?) is the 360th chapter of the manga. It is also the first chapter of the Battle of the Busts Arc.


Akane's bust becomes bigger, but Ranma's bust grows as well. Nodoka shows up to buy some new clothes for them.

Plot Overview

The men of Tendo Dojo visit a bathhouse after Genma and Ranma break the bath yet again. Ranma senses danger nearby and turns to hide behind his father, who is splashed with cold water thrown by Happosai. He presents Ranma with a new bra hoping he'll turn into a girl to try it out. Ranma is unamused and kicks the pervert away, but he quickly comes back and hits him with a squirt gun and transforms him.

Meanwhile on the other side, Akane asks Nabiki if she looks any different. Nabiki doesn't notice, but Akane doesn't mind and is happy. She looks through her clothes and finds something amiss. Just then, they hear screaming coming from the men's side, which she discerns to be Ranma's.

Over on the men's side, Happosai is forcefully trying to make Ranma wear his new bra. The bra is too small for Ranma and Genma asks his master if the bra is meant to be constricting. Happosai reveals that the bra is actually Akane's new one. Akane immediately comes in and crushes him with a chair and takes her bra back from Ranma. Happosai recovers and jumps to her in excitement asking if she's currently not wearing a bra. She kicks him out of the bathhouse.

Back home, Akane is in a bad mood and sorting through her clothes when Ranma comes up from behind her. But instead of apologizing for the incident, he asks if her breasts got smaller. After taking a beating, she tells him that they actually got larger, which is why she bought a new bra. Ranma stares at her in disbelief and is subsequently thrown through the roof.

Nabiki reveals that Ranma's breasts have become larger.

The next day, they are still mad at each other and has their backs turned away while eating. Ranma claims she made it up, while Akane claims they're really bigger. Nabiki looks carefully at Ranma before splashing him with cold water, then grabbing her breasts with her hands and examining them. She reveals that Ranma's breasts have become larger as well. Akane and Ranma are equally shocked by this. Akane starts to feel that it's unfair that Ranma still has a larger bust than her. Ranma begins cheerfully teasing her and Akane retaliates by hitting her with a mallet.

Right then they turn to see Nodoka by the doorway. Genma quickly douses himself with cold water and greets her in his panda form. Nodoka regrets missing her son yet again and Akane takes this opportunity to get back at Ranma. She first reassures Nodoka that her son is a manliest of men before turning to nervous Ranma (currently going by Ranko) and pretending to notice that her breasts have gotten bigger and womanly. Nodoka stares at Ranma's chest while she tries in vain to cover herself with her hands before telling her that they should go pick out a new bra. Akane and Ranma then excuse themselves to the stairs to have a private talk about the matter.

Nodoka decides to buy Ranma a new bra.

Genma then comes from behind and turns Ranma back into a man before reminding him of their certain doom if Nodoka discovers their secret. They plan on going away for a training. Akane asks what Ranma intends to do about her mother, at which Ranma tells her to go with her instead so she can buy herself a smaller bra.

The father and son run out the door through various things being thrown at them by angry Akane. Unfortunately, a passing salesman with a tank of fish that squirts water happened to be passing by and transformed them both just as Nodoka comes out. Their plan now ruined, Ranma decides to just go with her mother.

At the mall, Nodoka and Akane are browsing while Ranma is in the dressing room. While there, Nodoka becomes the first person to notice Akane's increase in breast size. Akane is overjoyed that she could tell and cannot believe that this nice woman is Ranma's mother.

Ranma is transformed while wearing a bra.

Meanwhile, Ranma realizes she's forced to buy one to not be suspicious. She has several bras on hand and decides to try one out. A sales rep then comes by carrying a hot tea, but trips and tosses the tea into the dressing room occupied by Ranma. Nodoka asks if he's alright, but Ranma is unable to say anything. She's says she'll come in. He throws away the bras and leaps over to the dressing room next door before his mother opens the curtain. However, the next dressing room was currently occupied by Akane trying out a bra too. They both scream and get Nodoka's attention.

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  • This chapter suggests that Ranma's female form can develop just like a normal girl.


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