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Care to Join Me? (わしと組まんか Washito kuma n ka?) is the 51st chapter of the manga and the first chapter of the Breaking Point Arc.


Ranma recieves a letter from Ryoga telling him that he's been training in the mountains and is ready to face him again. The old ghoul finds P-chan and tries to cook up before he changes back to a yelling and screaming Ryoga. After talking for awhile the old ghoul realizes that Ryoga blames Ranma for his curse and offers to train him.

Plot Overview

Ranma reads his challenge letter from Ryoga.

Ranma receives a letter from Ryoga which says that he's been training in the Mountains and tomorrow he'll be arriving at the Tendo Dojo so he should prepare to meet his doom.

A week passes and Shampoo's Great-Grandmother walks into the Cat Café, revealing this is a lucky day as she found a delicious piglet. Shampoo agrees that this is a very lucky day. As her Great-Grandmother goes to cook the piglet, Shampoo gets a better look at it and is sure she recognises it from somewhere.

In the kitchen, Shampoo's Great-Grandmother has boiled some water and talks to the piglet, telling it that it's about to become a delicious boiled pig and someday it'll thank her for it. Suddenly Shampoo remembers that this piglet is Akane's pet piglet, P-chan, and rushes to tell her Great-Grandmother that she can't cook it.

Ryoga's curse is revealed to Shampoo and co.

Unfortunately it's too late and her Great-Grandmother has put the piglet into the water. Luckily for Ryoga he turns back to his human form, much to the surprise of everyone present. Ryoga then goes to attack the old ghoul, but is quickly defeated.

Some time passes and Ryoga is now fully dressed and explaining his relationship as Ranma's rival. Hearing this, the old ghoul asks Ryoga if he'll join her against Ranma. Ryoga asks what she means by this, to which the ghoul replies that she's offering to train him to which Ryoga refuses since he isn't so weak he needs training from an old lady.

Ryoga proceeds to bid the ghoul farewell, the ghoul tells Ryoga if he changes his mind he can come back any time. The ghoul then goes about herself, watching television and eating some shredded ice. She then finds Ryoga is still about and looking for the front door, Shampoo explains that he has a bad sense of direction.

Meanwhile, Ranma goes to Dr. Tofu's Clinic where he sees Dr. Tofu with a large selection of eels which he'd gotten from a patient. Dr. Tofu continues by saying he'd like Ranma to give one to Mr. Tendo. Ranma agrees and so takes the eel in a bowl back to the Tendo Dojo.

Ryoga attacks Ranma, but doesn't land a single hit.

While running across a fence, Ranma senses something when Ryoga appears and attacks him. After dodging Ryoga's attack, Ranma tells Ryoga that he's a week late although that's not bad considering it's him. Ryoga retorts by saying that he gave Ranma another week to live and he should be grateful.

Ryoga proceeds to attack Ranma with a flurry of punches, but Ranma easily dodges them all. While avoiding Ryoga's punches, Ranma tells Ryoga to hold it as he has to deliver the eel. Ryoga doesn't care all just says that he'll eliminate whatever Ranma needs to deliver as then he'll have a clear conscience to fight. Ryoga tries to then destroy the bowl containing the eel, but can't hit Ranma or the bowl he's still carrying.

Ranma notices this and, with the bowl now on his head, tells Ryoga that he's getting slow. This obviously angers Ryoga who tries to hit Ranma again, but Ranma dodges and punches Ryoga in the face all without the bowl hit the floor.

Ryoga is about to fall into the fountain with Akane present, but is saved at the last minute by Ranma.

As Ryoga recoils from Ranma's punch he sees Akane, only he's about to fall into a nearby fountain. Ranma quickly acts and grabs Ryoga by the nose before he lands in the water. Akane is slightly unimpressed with the fact Ranma keeps fighting with Ryoga, although Ranma reputes that he can't help it when Ryoga keeps attacking him.

Meanwhile, Ryoga is getting more humiliated about being held in his current position and so strikes out a kick against Ranma. This doesn't as planned, however, as Ranma quickly places the eel bowl down and hits Ryoga several times with his free hand. Ranma returns his attention to Akane and asks her if she's found P-chan yet, to which Akane says that she's been looking for him before questioning Ranma about why he asks.

Ranma replies by rhetorically asking Akane if she wants to see P-chan, and then lets go off Ryoga's nose only to catch him again before he hits the water. Akane quickly walks over to Ranma, and kicks him high into the air for picking on Ryoga. While in the air protests, but is hit in the face by an object thrown by Akane.

Ranma realises that he may have gotten stronger.

Somewhere in Furinkan, Ranma has landed in a tree and begins to wonder about how weak Ryoga seems to be despite training in the mountains. It then dawns on Ranma that perhaps Ryoga hasn't gotten worse, but he's gotten better.

Back with Ryoga and Akane, where Akane is unsuccessfully trying to realign Ryoga's joints. While struggling, Akane tells Ryoga that she thinks that he shouldn't challenge Ranma anymore. Akane continues by explaining that although Ranma doesn't realise it, his battles with Shampoo and her Great-Grandmother have made him much stronger. Ryoga looks at Akane and sees the pity in her eyes, so scampers away shouting that he won't have it.

Ryoga is somewhere on the now darkened streets of Furinkan and cursing Ranma for what he's done while punching a wall. Just then Ryoga hears a voice saying that it seems he's been made to play the fool. The voice turns out to be that of Shampoo's Great-Grandmother who adds that she was thinking about talking to him again. Ryoga darkly replies that he was just thinking the same thing.

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