Carpy Deum (悲惨・コイの成長 Hisan koi no seicho?) is the 243rd chapter of the manga and the second chapter of the Fishing Pole of Love Arc.

Ryoga has to figure out a way to convince Akane that he is not trying to go out with Ranma. Ranma is still living in Ryoga's tent with him, but when Ryoga tells her that he does not like her anymore Ranma beats him up!

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After seeing the incident yesterday, Akane can't figure out what's changed between Ryoga and Ranma since they're usually at each other's throats, but now... She then looks over at Ranma's notebook and sees he's drawn Ryoga's name repeatedly like a helplessly infatuated 13 year old and decides that he's gone off the deep end.

Ryoga-Akane fantasy - Carpy Deum

Ryoga imagines how to tell Akane about the Fishing Pole of Love.

Meanwhile, Ryoga stands outside the School gates, desperate to try to think up a way to explain the situation to Akane without looking idiotic. He then imagines himself explaining using the Fishing Pole of Love to Akane, only for her to become horrified at Ryoga trying to do such a thing. Ryoga's fantasy continues with Akane running away in floods of tears, with Ryoga chasing after her asking her to let him explain. No sooner does Ryoga imagine this than Akane appears behind him and asks what he wants to explain, much to Ryoga's embarrassment.

Some time passes and Akane sits next to Ryoga on a park bench, hoping to talk about the incident earlier. Ryoga tries to explain himself, but another voice booms out saying that Ryoga lost control and decided to show his true feelings to Ranma. Both Akane and Ryoga are shocked, and Akane asks Ryoga if he just said that, to which Ryoga outrightly denies that he just said that.

Ranma threatens Akane - Carpy Deum

Ranma tells Akane not to get in the way of him and Ryoga.

The pair then notice that the voice was that of Ranma's, who continues to claim that Ryoga's heart now belongs to him. Despite being beaten up and threatened by Ryoga, Ranma continues until Akane steps back in shock. Ryoga quickly turns to Akane and attempts to reassure her that Ranma's talking nonsense, however Akane is more focussed on Ranma and (whilst grabbing by the scruff of his shirt) tells him to stop playing jokes on Ryoga. After removing Akane's hand from his shirt, Ranma declares to Akane that she should stay away from his Ryoga, as otherwise he can't be held responsible for what happens to her.

Having had more than enough, Ryoga kicks Ranma into the air, before trying to apologise to Akane. Akane, however, says that she finally understand what's going on. She continues by talking about how lonely Ryoga must've been without a girlfriend and since he didn't have one he reached out for the next best thing, and even though Ranma was teasing him he gave in anyway. As Ryoga's eyes fill with tears at how much pity Akane has for him, Akane lets Ryoga that she's sure that somewhere there's a "normal" girl who can understand him.

A Couple's DisputeEdit

Ryoga misinterprets Akane's speech as her finally understanding his feelings for her and now there's only one thing left to do... get rid of Ranma! When Ryoga returns to his tent, he finds Ranma (now in his form) changing and notices that the Carp mark of her chest has grown, meaning that Ranma's love has fully matured. Undeterred, Ryoga attempts to tell Ranma to return to the Tendo Dojo, but Ranma moves in to try and kiss Ryoga, causing him to quickly push Ranma back to other side of the tent.

Ranma attacks Ryoga - Carpy Deum

Ryoga desperately protects himself from Ranma's attacks.

Ranma comments on how she assumed Ryoga would accept after the incident this morning. Continuing, Ryoga demands Ranma leaves or he'll be forced to throw her out. This angers Ranma, who uses some hot water to turn back into her male form before beginning to beat up Ryoga with his Kachū Tenshin Amaguriken. The fight quickly floods out of the tent and Ryoga begs Ranma to calm down, but Ranma refuses as Ryoga made his intentions perfectly clear this morning.

After Ranma punches Ryoga into the air, Ryoga decides that he has one chance to calm Ranma down. When Ranma comes up, Ryoga tells him that it's all his fault and it was just a moment of weakness. Initially Ranma doesn't believe Ryoga's plea of forgiveness, but quickly changes his mind and loves Ryoga again.

Meanwhile, in the crowd who gathered to watch the dispute, Kasumi notes how this doesn't seem like the usually fight between Ryoga and Ranma, to which Nabiki sarcastically adds that Ranma hugging Ryoga is some new "close quarters" technique.

Time to Move OnEdit

That evening, Kasumi and Nabiki tell Akane about the fight, but add that it looked more like they were hugging than actually fighting.

Akane's revelation - Carpy Deum

Akane learns about the Fishing Pole of Love, but still can't imagine Ranma and Ryoga in love with each other.

Back in Ryoga's tent and Ryoga is being fed by his new love. Ranma (in his female form) asks Ryoga if he likes the food, to which Ryoga plays along and says it's great, even better when Ranma feeds it to him. Ryoga then manages to get Ranma to eat some food laced with sleeping powder. As Ranma sleeps, Ryoga tells her that it's a shame as he's a good fighter, but he's the only thing standing between him and Akane and for that he must die! After Ryoga stuffs Ranma into his backpack, he begs Akane to forgive him and adds that as she understands him, she must be able to see why he has to get rid of Ranma before they can be together.

A little while later Akane arrives at Ryoga's tent (hoping to find Ranma and stop him from playing tricks on Ryoga), but finds it empty. She then comes across the instructions for the Fishing Pole of Love and realises that Ranma wasn't playing a trick and really is in love with Ryoga. Unfortunately Akane remembers what Kasumi and Nabiki told her and if disgusted by the thought and decides that Ranma's curse must've taken over his mind, while Ryoga must've been really lonely.

Meanwhile, Ryoga is somewhere in the wilderness as the now conscious Ranma comments on how she didn't expect them to elope before adding that she wanted a big wedding, but it doesn't matter so long as she can be with Ryoga forever. Ryoga, however, asks Akane to wait a little longer as tonight is the night Ranma dies!...

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  • The english title for this chapter may be a pun of the Latin phrase, Carpe diem.
  • In the Viz Media translation, while Akane is in class her teacher asks the students to write "don't put your thumb in the bowl". In the original Japanese it was written (in English) "don't put your dumb thumb in the bowl".


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