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Cat's Tongue Got You? (猫舌やぶり Neko jita yaburi?) is the 45th chapter of the manga and the fourth chapter of the Full Body Cat's Tongue Arc.


Mousse continues to strip away Ranma's clothes until finally Ranma is completely naked. Akane dashes in for the sake of modesty angering the male onlookers. Mousse continues to win until Dr. Tofu counters Shampoo's Great-Grandmother's "Full Body Cat's Tongue" with the "Tokyo Grandpa Joint" allow Ranma to once again endure hot water.

Plot Overview

The remains of Ranma's outfit are shredded by Mousse.

Mousse continues to kick Ranma, seemingly not actually hitting him, but still able to rip her outfit. This goes on until Ranma is left with just enough material to cover her crotch area, part of her chest and the bottom portion of her stockings. Mousse then decides it's time to finish this and tries to strike Ranma again, but Ranma grabs Mousse's shop, before throwing it and revealing the spike which was hidden in the toe.

Akane shouts up to Mousse and asks him whatever happened to fighting with "bodies alone", to which Mousse replies that he is the master of concealed weapons, so his weapons... are his body! At this moment Mousse takes out a hook from behind his ear and uses it to shred the rest of Ranma's outfit (much to joy of the male spectators). However, before they can "get a peek" at the female Ranma, Akane steps in and pulls a pair of trousers onto Ranma's torso.

This action causes the male spectators to weep, while asking Akane how she could do something like that, but Akane angrily shouts at them to cut it out. Dr. Tofu asks Ranma why she wants to fight as a woman, to which Ranma replies he should ask the Ghoul. Akane explains to Dr. Tofu that Ranma can't change due to the "Full-Body Cat's Tongue" which Shampoo's Great-Grandmother used on him.

Dr. Tofu uses the Tokyo Grandpa point on Ranma.

The name strikes a cord with Dr. Tofu, who, after flexing his fingers a bit, pokes Ranma's back at the next opportunity he gets. Akane asks Dr. Tofu what he just did, to which Dr. Tofu explains that he used a Shiatsu jab that can undo the Cat's Tongue by pointing at the most heat-resistant point, the Tokyo Grandpa Point!

At this moment Akane prepares a kettle to throw at Ranma so he can transform back into a guy, but the Ghoul steps in cuts the kettle in half. The male spectators take this scene as evidence that if they throw hot water on Ranma, his female disguise will melt so they immediately surround Akane so she can't do so.

Ranma narrowly avoids Mousse's "Blow of the Ostrich Leg" attack.

Mousse notes how rowdy the crowd so decides that its time to end the fight and turns his back to Ranma, before standing in a rather odd pose. Akane, meanwhile, manages to throw the kettle to Ranma, however, before Ranma can get it Mousse uses his "Blow of the Ostrich Leg" to cut the kettle in half. Akane shouts to Ranma not to dodge the hot water, although Dr. Tofu tells her Ranma was dodging Mousse's attack.

Ranma then seizes this opportunity to kick Mousse in the face, knocking off his glasses. As the spectators note this'll leave Mousse blind so Ranma can wrap things up, Mousse disagrees and lets loose a smoke bomb. The gas produced makes several spectators flee, while Ranma stands amongst it with tears gushing from her eyes.

As Ranma waits for the smoke to clear, she senses something behind her, which she believes to be Mousse, and kicks. Unfortunately, Ranma actually sensed Genma (in his panda form), who knocks Ranma on the head as revenge. Just then Akane appears and finally manages to get some hot water onto Ranma and turn him back into his male form.

Ranma lays one final kick to Mousse, defeating him.

Ranma doesn't have much time to relax, however, as the remaining spectators notice Mousse high in the air. Mousse then begins to fall towards Ranma with his "Hawk's Talons" attack, where his shoes now sport three long, curved hooks coming out at the toe. Luckily, with his legs being longer again, Ranma performs his "Shish-Kebab" technique which hits Mousse before he hits Ranma.

Doing Mousse a favour, Ranma gives him back his glasses, allowing Mousse to notice that Ranma is a man again. Ranma notes that those glasses of his do work... so he should take a look at this and proceeds to kick Mousse in the face, knocking him to the floor.

With Mousse now defeated, Shampoo's Great-Grandmother says she is impressed with Ranma's skills, to which Ranma replies he hoped she enjoyed it. Ranma continues to gloat about how now he's over her Cat's Tongue things aren't going her way. However, Ranma's joy is short lived as Dr. Tofu tells Ranma that, although it pains him to say, the Tokyo Grandpa point can only be used once and never again. While Dr. Tofu explains this fact, it begins to rain heavily and Ranma turns back into his female form. Shampoo (now in her cat form) and her Great-Grandmother with her telling Ranma she'll change him back to a man if he agrees to marry Shampoo, but Ranma just tries to get away from Shampoo's cat form. Mousse, meanwhile, has come to and is hugging Akane's waist, believing her to be Shampoo, although Akane just hits him and says she's not Shampoo.

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  • It is never completely explained when, or how, Dr. Tofu came to know of Ranma's curse.


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