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For the technique, see Nekoken.

Cat-Fu (猫拳パニック Neko-ken panikku?) is the 40th chapter of the manga and the fourth chapter of the Neko-Ken Arc.


Ranma loses control after being around too many cats and the only way he can cope is to become a cat himself. He shreds the gym floor and Kuno's sword as if they were paper and then leaps outside and starts climbing trees and other cat-like things.

Plot Overview

The eruption of cats.

Ranma squares off against the Tiger as Akane and Gosunkugi stand back and wonder what's going on with Ranma. At that moment Akane notices that Ranma's stance is similar to that of a cat, so he must be doing the "Cat fist" technique.

Above the basement in the Gym, Kuno has just entered (disrupting a basketball game in the process). As Kuno thinks about how the pigtailed girl will finally be his, a sound comes from underneath the stage and a explosion of cats erupts.

As the basketball players note about just how many cats are emerging, the Tiger appears as well. The Tiger is obviously terrified and jumps onto Kuno, crying. Kuno tells the Tiger that he's sorry, but his heart belongs to another; which causes the Basketball players to say they don't think it's asking him on a date.

Kuno notices an object moving a high speed where the cats and Tiger just appeared from. It turns out to be Ranma, who sees the Tiger and tries to take a swipe at it, but is dodges by hiding behind Kuno. This sight makes Kuno ask Ranma is he's gone insane and hold up his sword to him, but Ranma just scratches at it until it's reduced to ribbons.

The basketball players note about what power it must've taken to turn the sword into ribbons like this. Angered, Kuno shouts at Ranma, saying how dare he defile his sword like this. Just then Kuno notices Ranma's expression so throws the remainder of his sword away and tells Ranma to "fetch".

Due to Ranma's current state he chases after the remains of the sword, while Kuno says that the coward ran away. Akane screams Ranma's name and chases after him. She soon finds him in a tree, scratching his face with his foot.

Genma explains to Akane what happens when Ranma's fear of cats becomes too great.

After another student notes Ranma's cat-like behaviour, Akane demands he tells them what's wrong with him. Suddenly, Genma appears next to Akane and tells her that words can't reach Ranma now. Akane asks Genma what's happened to Ranma, to which Genma explains that when Ranma's fear of cats becomes too great the only way he can cope is to become a cat himself!

Genma continues by saying that the only thing that every snapped him out of it was an old woman who lived in their neighbourhood. Akane tells Genma that they'll have to find the old woman, but Genma says that they can't and he'll just have to do it. The sight of Genma pretending to be an old woman has a never negative reaction from the crowd, but undeterred Genma tries to coax Ranma to him.

Unfortunately it doesn't work and Genma just gets attacked by Ranma instead. Once the smoke clears the students notice the shredded state of the tree. As Genma lies on the floor defeated, Ranma jumps away.

Desperately trying to stop Ranma from leaving, Akane sets out a large pile of Catnip to attract him. Akane quickly ties the catnip bag to an arrow and shoots it at Ranma. Ranma subsequently breaks the bag and lies in it in an almost ecstasy-like state, before jumping around madly, while meowing.

Ranma, still in his cat state, kisses Akane.

Ranma then jumps towards Akane, much to the worry of everyone present. However, instead of attacking, Ranma just sits on Akane's lap like he used to with the old woman and begins to purr. The other students are amazed that Akane was able to stop Ranma, with others noting that even in this state he must know his fiancé.

Embarrassed by these comments, Akane tells Ranma to get off her. However, Ranma instead puts his head up and effectively kisses Akane. As the other students note what just happened, Akane just sits in complete silence and blushing.

Akane gets angered by this situation so punches Ranma into the air while calling him an idiot. The female students begin to talk amongst themselves asking each other if that was their first kiss, to which others say it can't be since they're engaged.

Luckily for Ranma, he landed in the school swimming pool. Now in his female form, Ranma wrings out her shirt and thinking about she remembers being surrounded by cats, but can't remember anything afterwards. Akane, meanwhile, is returning home, all the time calling Ranma a jerk.

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