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Cat Hell (猫地獄への招待 Neko jigoku e no shotai?) is the 39th chapter of the manga and the third chapter of the Neko-Ken Arc.


Gosunkugi sets a trap for Ranma in the gym by dressing up as Akane and telling Ranma that she has been kidnapped. Ranma of course thinks it's ridiculous because is right beside him, so he goes to the gym to see what's going on.

Plot Overview

Kuno imagines himself going a date with the pigtailed girl.

Kuno is in the Kendo Club with the other Kendo members when Gosunkugi arrives and informs Kuno that he's found Ranma's weak spot. Ecstatic, Kuno asks Gosunkugi if he's really found Ranma's weak spot, to which Gosunkugi replies he'll have to come to the gym to find out.

Just then Kuno recalls his bet with Ranma and begins to fantasise about him finally going on a date with the pigtailed girl. Kuno's fantasy ends with him kissing the pigtailed girl, which ends with him kissing the pigtailed girl. Meanwhile, Ranma suddenly has a shiver send down his spine.

Akane asks Ranma what's wrong, to which Ranma tells Akane it was just a sudden chill. Ranma continues by saying he wants to know who wrote this letter and passes it to Akane. Akane reads the letter which claims to be from her, saying that someone's kidnapped her (which obviously isn't the case) and they are holding her hostage in the gym.

Ranma and Akane go to gym, and find Gosunkugi unconvincingly dressed like Akane.

Ranma and Akane walk into the gym and hear a voice saying that they're so glad that he's some to save them. It turns out that "Akane" is actually Gosunkugi dressed in the female uniform, tied up on the stage of the gym. This sight causes a very confused and negative reaction from both Ranma and Akane.

Angered by this miserably failed representation of her, Akane runs up to Gosunkugi and demands to know what he thinks he's doing. Gosunkugi doesn't answer Akane as he's just overjoyed that Akane's talked to him again. Ranma walks up to the stage, when Gosunkugi removes the ropes around himself and tells Ranma that he has fallen into his trap.

Gosunkugi pulls on a rope, which opens a trapdoor which Akane is stood over which obviously causes her to fall through to the basement. Gosunkugi looks down at Akane and realises his error, at that moment, Ranma jumps on Gosunkugi's head and asks him just who he was planning to send through the trapdoor.

In response to this development, Gosunkugi explains to Ranma he foresaw this possibility... and so set up another trap. The trap is then set off, which consists of a Tanuki statue falling on Ranma. However, things don't go better for Gosunkugi and Ranma is able to dodge the Tanuki statue; landing on Gosunkugi instead.

Ranma slightly sarcastically asks Gosunkugi if that hurt, to which Gosunkugi replies that it's all over for him. Continuing, Gosunkugi tells Ranma to accept this gift of his, which is a necklace of fish sausages. Ranma says that it can't be, when meowing can be heard behind them, revealing that the basement is absolutely filled with cats who were hiding in the darkness.

Gosunkugi stands up and tells Ranma to scream it all out, since his fear is cats. In preparation, Akane puts some her fingers in her ears. Surprisingly, instead of screaming, Ranma laughs manically, much to the confusion of Akane and Gosunkugi. Ranma proceeds to crush the fish sausage necklace and shouts that it'll take more than a mere cat to scare him.

Akane opens the door, revealing the Tiger behind it.

As Gosunkugi recovers from the shock and confusion of this odd reaction from Ranma, Akane notes that Ranma seems to be handling this situation quite well. Ranma then tells Akane that they'll both go home, but puts his arm around Gosunkugi and is about to skip away with him, until Akane kicks Ranma in the back of the head.

Akane shouts at Gosunkugi to take that dress off, which Gosunkugi gladly agrees to do, relishing in the fact Akane's spoken to him twice today. Meanwhile, Akane's kick has landed Ranma into the large number of cats, who have surrounded and are crawling all over Ranma's body; leaving only his head left uncovered. Ranma is still laughing uncontrollably when Akane pulls him out of the pile and demands to know what's so funny.

Gosunkugi, meanwhile, wonders what's gone wrong as he was sure that Ranma's weakness was cats. Gosunkugi notices that Akane is dragging Ranma to what she believes to be the exit and tells her not to open that door. Akane just tells Gosunkugi to butt out, however, Gosunkugi's warning was well placed as behind the door is a Tiger.

At this time, Genma is asked by Kasumi if it's possible to cure Ranma of his fear of cats. Genma explains that he did all he could, and lists what items than fish sausage he used to try and make Ranma learn the cat fist. Genma continues by saying that each failure tore at his heart. Suddenly Genma declares that the training created an even bigger tragedy, to which Kasumi is slightly surprised that there's more.

Ranma's fear has reached it's peak and he begins acting oddly.

Back at Furinkan High School, Ranma, Akane, Gosunkugi and the smaller cats are all backing up as much as they can at the sight of the Tiger. Akane asks Gosunkugi why he got a Tiger, to which Gosunkugi says that he thought it would scare Ranma. Hearing this, Akane says that this would scare anyone! The Tiger roars at the group, which scares the smaller cats more and they begin to climb onto Ranma (causing Ranma to get more frightened).

Meanwhile, at the Tendo Dojo, Genma tells Kasumi that when Ranma's fear of cats reaches its peak... he yowls. Kasumi wonders what Genma means by this.

Once again at Furinkan High and Ranma's fear of cats has peaked and so he yowls. Ranma at that moment gets on his hands and feet, in a feline posture, and stares at the Tiger as Akane and the confused smaller cats look on. Genma finishes explaining to Kasumi that when he gets to that point Ranma's unstoppable. Kasumi just says that that's terrible and has a sip of her tea...

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  • The foodstuffs that Genma tied to Ranma include: dired sardines; salted sardines and fish cakes.


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