This includes all special episodes relating to Ranma ½, whether they have been released by the Kitty Animation Circle or by other means.

1) Ranma 1/2 Nettou Utagassen (Hot Song Contest) - The companion to the CD of the same name, this is a two-part best of music video countdown, hosted by the Jyusenkyou guide and Sasuke, and complete with commercials for Ucchans' and the Nekohanten. Originally released in November of 1990 as a Laserdisc, it is one of the most widely available specials.

2) Doco Music Vids - This is a laserdisc, released in 1995, that has the OP and ED animation for the DOCO songs used for the Ranma OAVs. The videos themselves are available as extras on the VIZ OAV box set released a few years ago. What isn't available here is the 20+ minute long cast interview, recorded during the filming of the "Tunnel of Love" OAV. 

3) Tendo-ke no oyoibidenai yatsura (Tendo Family's Annoying Acquaintances) - This is a 24 minute recap special (sometimes known as the "Nabiki Special"). Along with the recapped footage from the TV series, it features new animation of Nabiki as she lounges around the house by herself, going through her daily routine. (Exercising, having a bath, etc. At one point, she wonders about the true identity of P-chan and tries to dump hot water on him!) Released only to the Kitty Animation Circle, this episode is very rare, but a must see for any fan of Nabiki's or the series.

4) The 1994 Music Calendar - Ranma has "Song Calendars" from every year from 1990-1995, if I'm not mistaken. Usually they are done as a CD, but in 1994 they released it as a VHS tape with footage from the TV series showing Ranma's various battles (with the fighting techniques used listed on screen). A Kitty Animation Circle exclusive. 

5) TV Titles - This was a 27 min laserdisc that had all of the original OP and ED animations from the TV series.

6) Chuugoku Nekonron Daikesson! Preview - A short preview of the first movie that was released to the KAC before the theatre release. 

7) Batoru Kaiibai 29 Hitou Korinai Yatsura (Huge Battle! 29 Unteachable Fools) - Released in 1995 to the KAC, it is a collection of 29 of Ranma's most memorable opponents. 

8) Best Of Memories - This special focuses on romantic moments through the series, and apparently contains another interview with the cast.

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