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Cheerleading for Love (愛の応援勝負 Ai no oen shobu?) is the 220th chapter of the manga and the second chapter of the Martial Arts Cheerleading Arc.


With Kuno as the prize, Ranma finds herself difficult to fight against Mariko.

Plot Overview

In Furinkan High School, news began to spread of Ranma challenging Mariko in a competition. The excited boys rush out to see Ranma in a cheerleader outfit twirling batons. Kuno rushes up to Ranma to thank her for cheering for him when he is hit by the two batons that Ranma was using to practice with. He is then smacked from behind by Mariko who loosens the batons that were jammed into his face.

She finally introduces herself to her love and shoots a sharp glance at Ranma, promising to use all her love to fuel Kuno to victory. Mariko then tells Ranma that if she truly loved Kuno she would allow him to do whatever he wants with her and turns to him to prove her point. She confesses her love for him and asks him to do to her whatever he desires, to the shock of all around them. Kuno is covered in sweat and considers before asking Mariko to close her eyes.

Mariko fights off athletes.

All students know what is coming and can only watch, but unexpectedly, Kuno merely scribbles on Mariko's face. Strangely, this does not deter her in any way and is taken as a joke, validating her love for him. As a reward for her love, Kuno offers to give her a real kiss, and the surrounding athletes attempt to stop him. Mariko sees them coming and takes out her batons before ripping off her school uniform to reveal her cheerleader outfit underneath. She then goes on to effortlessly beat all the athletes attempting to stop the kiss while Ranma and the boys sit back in amazement. Because martial arts cheerleaders are meant to help out the team in all circumstances, they become a master of every sports to ensure victory.

Ranma believes that this is the reason she was able to beat Akane when Akane interrupts her. She presents Ranma with a book on Martial Arts Cheerleading and tells her that there is more to cheerleading than martial arts proficiency.

They look at Kuno who appears to be magically empowered by Mariko's cheers as she pummels her opponents while spelling out KUNO. He is brought to tears before accepting her love with a great aura of confidence. Ranma is unfazed and simply walks to Kuno and says his name and receives a hug. However, Ranma's disdain for Kuno leads to him getting stomped in the head for the hug. This completely destroys Kuno's fighting strength as he sits in gloom. He is then suddenly revitalized by Mariko's flashy cheers. She tells Ranma that to beat her, she would have to love Kuno more than her. Ranma accepts this to the shock of all around him, especially Akane. Ranma and Mariko glare at each other while Kuno believes these two are trying to win over him.

That night, Akane is trying to convince Ranma to back away from this match while he is busy twirling his batons in the dojo. She doubts that Ranma will be adequately trained for the kendo match next week. She also questions him on his ability to love Kuno, but Ranma tries to avoid telling her his motivation.

Ranma practices cheerleading in the dojo.

Just then Nabiki shows up and tells Soun that Ranma has fallen in love with Kuno, which releases Soun's angry spirit head. Akane gets rid of him and tries to get a real answer out of Ranma. He tells her to stay out of the matter and is taken aback when she mentions that even in a win he won't gain anything. He asks who she thinks he is doing this for and Akane figures that Ranma is doing this to avenge her for losing the volleyball match. When she mentions this, Ranma blushes and attempts to tell her that it was for his own reputation. He then quickly transforms and begins a cheer, which attracts Kuno, who is immediately punted through the ceiling. Meanwhile, Mariko already has a large portrait of Kuno hanging on her bedroom wall, which she kisses before going to bed.

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