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The members of CoCo on one of their albums.

CoCo is the group that DoCo took it's name from. They debuted on September 6, 1989 with the album Strawberry which included the single Equal Romance. Azusa Senou went solo in 1992 and recorded Mo Nakanaide (Don't Cry Anymore) also used in Ranma ½, and CoCo called it quits on August 3, 1994. Azusa later retired from the entertainment business as well. They released ten albums over the course of their existence as a group.



Songs used in Ranma ½


  • Strawberry (March 1990)
  • Snow Garden (November 1990)
  • Straight (March 1991)
  • Ichiban! (July 1991)
  • Share (March 1992; last featuring Azusa Senou)
  • Sylph (December 1992)
  • CoCo Personal Best (August 1993)
  • Sweet & Bitter (July 1994)


Equal Romance, Final (En vivo) - CoCo Ranma

Equal Romance, Final (En vivo) - CoCo Ranma

CoCo's final performance, Equal Romance closing their final concert. Features Azusa Senou as guest.

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