Cold Summer Noodles (サマー・ジャンボ・冷し中華 Sama * janbo * hiyashi chuka?) is the 330th chapter of the manga. It is also the first and only chapter of the Noodle of Power Arc.


Cologne holds a noodle-eating contest to get rid of a disgusting cold noodle stock and offers a special strength-giving piece of noodle hidden in one of the bowls.

Plot Overview

Cologne Shampoo Mousse taste the noodles.

Shampoo returns to Cat Café after a delivery and Cologne wants her to try a bowl of noodles she purchased. They and Mousse give it a taste test, but realize that its taste is bad enough to kill. The noodles were unfortunately bought in bulk so Cologne comes up with a plan to get rid of it. She takes out a 4000 year old "On Earth As It Is In Heaven" noodle that grants anyone who consumes it the strength of 100 men.

The coveted noodle.

The fliers are distributed around town and students begin to flock to the Cat Café. When Ranma, Hiroshi and Daisuke try the noodles, they realize it's so bad most people give up the challenge immediately. Ranma refuses another bowl, but when Kuno appears with noodles sticking out and delirious but still wanting more to find the noodle that he can use to defeat his rival, Ranma presses on. Ryoga is also there, seeking the same thing. Ranma sees this as a challenge and the three of them prepare to eat as much of the wretched noodles as they can.

As they struggle to finish their portions, Cologne lays down a giant noodle-stacked plate. The others believe that in such a large pile finding the prize noodle is inevitable. Ranma digs in, but Kuno thrusts his bokken through the noodles and nearly hit Ranma. Ryoga also joins the fight but a light splash of water by Ranma renders him transformed and incapacitated. After disposing of Kuno, Ranma digs in, but falls unconscious after only finishing half of the noodle mountain.

Cologne gives a giant plate of noodles.

Ranma has a near-death experience as he finds himself alongside Ryoga and Kuno near the Sanzu River. He discovers that while he was unconscious Ryoga and Kuno finished half of the noodle that he could not. They manage to wake themselves to another mountain of noodles and Ranma ask Shampoo if the noodle even exists.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, Mousse is cooking all the noodles and is well aware of the legendary noodle's whereabouts. He cooks the noodle to eat for himself when the other three stomp him and start fighting for the actual noodle. Ryoga and Kuno figures the best way to win in a three-way match is to team up and get rid of the main rival, i.e. Ranma. After they get rid of him they start fighting for the noodle when Ranma uses a special noodle attack to wrap Ryoga and Kuno with noodles.

After disposing of them he finally eats the 4000 year old noodle. He tries to use his new strength on Cologne, but is easily defeated. Cologne then reveals that the noodle allows you have the strength to digest 100 men's portions, but does nothing for person's physical strength.

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  • Sanzu River mentioned in this chapter is the Japanese version of the River Styx that acts as a boundary between Earth and the underworld. It is popularly believed to be located in Mount Osore.


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