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Coming Soon (カミング・スーン Kamingu・sun?) is the 379th chapter of the manga it is also the first and only chapter of the Meeting Akari Arc.


The Tendos and Saotomes continue their summertime vacation in the Futoraku Highlands. While heading up the mountain Ranma runs into Ryoga, who drops a letter revealing he is trying to meet up with Akari for a date.

Plot Overview

Akane looks out at the lake, while the others wonder where Ranma is with the food.

The Tendos and Saotomes are in a Cabin, preparing a barbecue. While Akane admires the view of the lake from the Cabin, Nabiki frustrated with the wait, asks when the food will get here. Kasumi explains she sent Ranma out to get the food and he should be back soon.

Meanwhile, Ranma has just finished getting what Kasumi asked and is making his way back to the cabin. Suddenly, the ground in front of Ranma breaks and Ryoga emerges from underneath. Ranma jumps on Ryoga's head and asks him if he's lost again. Ranma's presence confuses Ryoga, who panics, believing he's accidentally ended up at the Tendo Dojo. Ryoga's mood soon changes when Ranma tells him they're on a plateau.

Glad that he isn't lost, Ryoga takes out a map and notes to himself that he's nearly there. Curious, Ranma takes the map off Ryoga, only to be hit by Ryoga and have the map taken back. Ryoga tells Ranma that he has something very important to do, and it isn't any of his business and then leaves. As Ryoga leaves, Ranma notices a letter slowly falling to the ground. Ranma opens the letter (which has a seal in the shape of a pig) and reads that it's from Akari who's also added a map that even Ryoga can understand. Ranma realises Ryoga took the map Kasumi gave him to get to the shops, so chases after Ryoga.

Ryoga imagines having a romantic meal with Akane, before being reminded about Akari.

Ranma quickly gets to the shops and asks the owners if they seen anyone wearing a bandanna, but nobody has. This worries Ranma, who believes that Ryoga must've gotten himself lost again. When Ranma returns to the cabin, as well as the irate Tendos, Ryoga is there too saying that there should be a shop here. Ryoga soon notices Ranma and asks him what he's doing here, to which Ranma retorts that should be his line.

The food is now cooked and Akane invites Ryoga to join them. Ryoga agrees, then begins to fantasise about having a romantic dinner with Akane. Ranma quickly bursts Ryoga's bubble by reminding him about his arrangement with Akari. Panicked about being late, Ryoga runs off, although Ranma decides to follow him so he doesn't get lost.

Ranma points out to Ryoga where on the map he is. He then continues by telling Ryoga to just go around the lake and he'll be where Akari is waiting. Ryoga runs off around the lake towards Akari, so Ranma goes back to the cabin to eat. Akane tells Ranma that he could've taken Ryoga there, but Ranma says that even Ryoga couldn't miss it.

Ryoga, however, sees a stream feeding into the lake, so follows it (thus taking him away from the lake in completely the wrong direction). Nabiki, Akane and Ranma see this and are shocked, Ranma then says that if anyone would miss it, it would be Ryoga. By following the stream, Ryoga ends up deep in some woodland and demands to know where the lake is. He then uses his Bakusai Tenketsu to dig his way underground.

Shockingly, Ranma and Ryoga arrive back at the lake.

Having followed Ryoga, Ranma manages to find him and continues to follow Ryoga through the tunnel he's making with the Bakusai Tenketsu. Luckily, when the pair emerge they are just on the opposite side of the lake to where Akari is waiting. Even Ranma is shocked by this. Determined to meet Akari, Ryoga tells himself that so long as he can see the statue (which is where Akari is waiting) he can't get lost. He then rides a boat towards it. But he collides with another boat making him turn a right angle and still ends up back at the cabin where the Tendos are staying. Ranma walks up to Ryoga and tells him he has an idea... stop moving! Ranma then hits Ryoga with a hammer, rendering him unconscious. He then drags Ryoga to the statue, but when he arrives all he finds is a note from Akari telling Ryoga to wait here.

Elsewhere, Akane coincidentally meets up with Akari. Akane asks Akari where's Ryoga, this makes Akari believe that Ryoga might've made it to the spot. Ranma then appears and tells Akari that he got Ryoga to the spot (Ranma made Ryoga wait by tying him to the statue).

Unfortunately, when Ryoga comes round his anger towards Ranma's actions give him the strength to break the statue. Then rushes off to "find" the statue, while it's still tied to his back. He then goes back to the cabin and demands to know where Akari is (Nabiki notes that Ryoga found the statue at least). Akari, Akane and Ranma return to the spot but can't see Ryoga. Ranma just stares at the now empty pedestal for a bit. Akane then notices the elephant statue still tied to Ryoga's back so the three of them chase after Ryoga.

Ryoga hears his name being called by Akari, which throws off his balance mid-running. He then rolls around a bit then resumes his search for the statue while running away from Akari. It is then decided that Akari waits at the pedestal, while Akane and Ranma take the two sides of the lake to find Ryoga. Ryoga, at exactly the opposite side of the lake, still can't see the statue so decides that he must be lost again so uses his Bakusai Tenketsu again, just before Ranma and Akane reach him.

Ryoga sees Akari's reflection in the water, and the two are finally reunited.

Akari sighs at Ryoga's troubles, when suddenly Ryoga reappears from underground. Ryoga then hears Akari's voice behind him, but doesn't see her when he turns around. Akane and Ranma look on as Akari holds onto the statue which Ryoga has strapped to his back, with Ryoga continually turning around in the hope of seeing Akari.

Just as Akane and Ranma decide it would take a miracle for Ryoga to find Akari, Ryoga collapses in sadness and looks at the lake. He sees Akari's reflection. He then stupidly jumps into the lake. Ranma quickly turns Akane away, while Akari and P-chan is finally happy to see each other.

That evening, Ryoga apologises for all the trouble, but Akari says that it's alright. Akane is glad that they finally found each other, while Ranma wonders for how long it is before Ryoga gets lost again. Nabiki comments that she wouldn't have waited.

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