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Cupids, Draw Back Your Bow (キューピッドの罠 Cupid no wana?) is the 121st chapter of the manga and the second chapter of the Waterproof Soap Arc.


Ryoga tries to ask Akane out, but chickens out again and runs away. Ranma and Shampoo disguise themselves as the Kew-Pid Twins and tell Ryoga that Akane wants to meet him at the Healthy Leisure Land Spa.

Plot Overview

Ryoga becomes overly excited at finally asking Akane out.

Having somehow miraculously cured himself of his curse, Ryoga decides that he now has no reason not to ask Akane out on a date. Excited at the image of him finally asking Akane out, Ryoga goes on a rampage, destroying several walls whilst saying "Please go out with me" over and over. Eventually Ranma appears and throws a bucket of cold water over Ryoga, and when he sees Ryoga still stays in his human form comments that Ryoga is really cured of the pig.

Ranma continues by pestering Ryoga to tell him how he did it, although Ryoga outrightly states he has no idea how it happened. Undeterred, Ranma begins giving Ryoga a noogie whilst claiming to be down on his knees beginning. This angers Ryoga who punches Ranma skyward before commenting how he has no time to be waiting with Ranma. Ryoga then declares that he wishes Akane was here, and no sooner does he finish saying this than Akane appears behind him and asks Ryoga if he wanted anything.

After a moment of silence, Ryoga reminds himself he's not a coward anymore, but he still can't bring himself to ask Akane to go out with him.

As Ryoga continues to struggle, Shampoo explains to Ranma about the Waterproof Soap and how she lost it yesterday. Ranma swiftly deduces that this must be how Ryoga cured himself. Just then Ryoga declares that he just can't say it and runs off whilst calling himself an idiot, leaving the confused Akane behind.

Ryoga meets the "Kew-Pid" twins.

Some time later, whilst pouting about what happened with Akane earlier, Ryoga sense something coming towards him and quickly turns around to grab an arrow with an envelope attached. At that moment a voice rings out telling Ryoga that they can help him win the love he wants. No sooner does Ryoga turn around than he gets slammed in the face by Ranma (in his female form) and Shampoo in disguise on Shampoo's Bike. Ranma and Shampoo introduce themselves to Ryoga as Akane's classmates "Kew" (Ranma) and "Pid" (Shampoo).

Ryoga then looks at the envelope as Ranma explains that Akane told them to deliver it to him. Upon opening the envelope, Ryoga sees it contains a ticket to the spa, Healthy Leisure Land. Realising that this could be Akane's way of asking him out on a date, Ryoga becomes overcome with joy. Ranma then tells Ryoga to must also follow the details written on the accompanying letter. As the pair leave, Ryoga thanks them for their help whilst Ranma comments to Shampoo about what masters of disguise they are.

Having read the letter, Ryoga follows the instructions and whats for Akane in the male baths with his bath supplies. Just as Ryoga thinks how bold it is for Akane to meet in a place like this, "Kew" and "Pid" reappear. Ryoga is immediately curious as to why two girls are so willing to be in the male baths, but Kew just tells that they're here to help him.

As Ryoga accepts Kew's request to help wash his back, Ryoga asks where Akane is, to which Kew promptly replies that he shouldn't worry about it yet as they have to get him cleaned up first. Ranma then notices some soap in Ryoga's bath supplies and swiftly hits Ryoga over the head before trying to make her escape, however, Shampoo intervenes by throwing several soaps towards Ranma, causing her to slip over and hit the floor.

Seeing Genma remaining in his human form, Ryoga realises it's the soap which cured him.

After retrieving the soap, Shampoo reminds Ranma that it's hers and as such she won't let him use it for free. Ranma then begins chasing after Shampoo for the soap when Shampoo accidentally runs into Soun and Genma who are bathing in cold water. Shampoo gets hit by the water and turns into her cat form, causing Ranma to run away in fear. Ranma continues running until she reaches the heated indoor pool where she jumps in with Shampoo in hot pursuit. Unfortunately, Akane is nearby with Nabiki and she immediately hits Ranma when she sees Shampoo holding onto him.

Ranma is surprised to see Akane and asks her what she's doing her, although Akane retorts that's meant to be her line. Ranma continues by offering Akane a word of warning not to go into the male baths. Akane immediately hits Ranma and rhetorically asks him why she would want to do that.

Meanwhile, Ryoga is still waiting for Akane but is beginning to wonder if she may have changed her mind. Just then Genma thanks Ryoga for letting him borrow his soap (which Shampoo dropped earlier). Genma continues by bathing in cold water again, but he remains in his human form. Observing this, Ryoga realises that it was the soap which stopped him changing form. He then declares that he will never let go of it, as Ranma looks from behind a fountain and tells himself that he won't Ryoga stop him.

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