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Cursed Mirror is a large mirror that makes a copy of anyone who views it. The mirror is located in the lobby of the Mirror Mansion and is covered by a curtain which acts as its seal. It was first shown in The Two Ranmas chapter.


The mirror was made a century before Ranma came to the mansion and was previously owned by a young woman who lived in the Mirror Mansion. The woman was so beautiful and enamored of herself that she would gaze into the mirror constantly. After years of doing this, she fell ill and died, bitterly regretting that she never had a boyfriend. Her spirit then came to possess the mirror, as since then it would take on the appearance of whoever looked into it and aggressively flirt with anyone of the opposite sex.

Manga History

When Ranma and Genma arrive at the Mirror Mansion the mirror is covered with a curtain seal. The caretaker of the mansion warns them not to break the seal and look into the mirror, but through Genma's littered banana peel Ranma ends up breaking the seal.

Mirror Ranma emerges.

Since Ranma was a girl when the mirror was gazed upon, it produced a girl copy. Mirror Ranma, while similar to the original in appearance and behavior, would seek guys without hesitation. More importantly, the copy does not exhibit the Jusenkyo curse and does not transform into male when splashed with hot water[1].

The mirror copy seems to be able to return to the mirror if they wish[2]. It may also be possible to bring people into the mirror world, as Mirror Ranma attempted to trap Ranma in the magic compact and take him with her[2].

The mirror is normally completely covered by a curtain with the word "Taboo" written on it. The curtain acts as a protective seal and once broken, it takes about a week to fully repair[1]. The seal, however, is fragile as it easily falls apart when Ranma crashes into it[1][2].