The Cursed Spatula is a fabled spatula amongst okonomiyaki chefs which is said to be to have never been successfully used by anyone, and brought misery to those who have touched it.

Manga history

Shorty after purchasing the spatula from an unknown source, Occhan falls foul to the spatula's curse, so calls Ukyo to help him who brings along Akane and Ranma.

Once the group arrive at Okonomiyaki Heracles they find Occhan holding the spatula as it burns a nearby cushion. Curious, Ranma picks up the spatula just as Occhan warns Ukyo that it shouldn't be touched. The group then learn about how the spatula will remain stuck to the user's hand until is used correctly. This prompts Ranma to try and make some okonomiyaki with the spatula, only for it to reduce the batter to a pile of dust.

After running around Furinkan trying to get the spatula to cook some okonomiyaki batter and avoiding several of his angered rivals, Ranma recalls how the spatula was burning a cushion when they found Occhan so decides to use the spatula as clothes iron, resulting in the spatula finally coming off Ranma's hand.

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