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Danger: Fight Path of Love! (必殺!愛の逃避行 Hissatsu! ai no tohi ko?) is the 281st chapter of the manga and the third and last chapter of the Hinako's Home Visit Arc.


Ranma and the Tendo sisters resort to desperate measures to keep Soun away from Hinako.

Plot Overview

Soun is on the floor, desperately seeking amends from Hinako, who he assumes was violated by Ranma. He tells her that whatever Ranma may have done, he takes full responsibility for his actions. Hinako finds this to be the perfect moment for the proposal, but, before she can utter the words, she shrinks back to her younger body. She flips the floor to hide and disappears.

Hinako uses a pair of dogs to restore her adult form.

She finds a pair of dogs fighting and absorbs their ki to regain her adult body. While she's gone, Ranma and the Tendo sisters board up the house with a notice outside telling her to leave. Hinako does not take this kindly and unleashes her attack on the barricaded houses.

A single blast from her Happo No-Yen Coin Return is enough to blast through their defenses, but the attack also deprives her of the adult body she so desperately needs for the proposal. She runs back to the dogs to absorb their ki again.

Ranma is dressed up to play the role of Soun's wife.

While Hinako busies herself getting her body back, the Tendo sisters resorts to their next plan: make Ranma be the wife. They splash cold water on him and dress her up to resemble a mother figure but Hinako has hard time believing such a young person can be Soun's wife.

Hinako mistakes Ranma to be the cleaning lady instead of the wife, and even with Nabiki and Akane claiming her to be their mother she remains skeptical.

When Soun arrives Ranma jumps into his arms hoping he would play along, but Soun sees through the disguise too easily. He presents Ranma with a kettle of hot water, but is stopped by Kasumi, who pours the hot water on Soun's foot to avoid it splashing on Ranma. Soun is taken by Akane and Nabiki whose ominous auras keep him quiet.

Hinako feels that there is only one way to break up such a strange family and prepares for a final attack. Instead of a coin, she takes out 10000 yen note and presents it to Nabiki. Nabiki accepts Hinako as the new mother without hesitation and even dresses Soun before waving goodbye to them on their date.

Ranma and Akane are left dumbfounded that they were defeated so easily, so Akane kicks Ranma away to get Soun back. It is now morning, and Hinako and Soun are sitting on a driftwood. Soun asks what she wanted to talk about, and Hinako timidly asks if he would marry her. She looks up to see Soun staring at her with a slight smile on his face, and her eyes twinkle at the prospect of having her proposal accepted.

Ranma knocks Soun out.

However, she soon realizes that Soun has in fact fallen unconscious from the heavy blow he had gotten from a large mallet that Ranma was carrying. At the same time, Hinako returns to her adolescent body and the two start arguing. Akane soon arrives on her bike and shakes Soun awake. Once he recovers from the deadpan expression, Akane asks if he's getting married, worried that he might have already accepted Hinako's proposal.

The word marriage reminds Soun that the day is actually he and Mrs. Tendo's anniversary. The Tendo sisters are now convinced that Soun loves their mother through and through. Hinako watches this display of devoted love and decides to not pursue him any further. The next day, however, Hinako is still idling around the house watching TV, much to the family's annoyance. Soun, having never witnessed her transformation, still thinks that she is Akane's friend.

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