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Danger: Home Visit Ahead! (必殺!家庭訪問 Hissatsu! katei homon?) is the 279th chapter of the manga and the first chapter of the Hinako's Home Visit Arc.


Miss Hinako visits the Tendo Dojo to have a talk with Ranma's father but falls in love with Soun instead.

Plot Overview

As Miss Hinako enters the school, she sees Ranma and Kuno about to fight. Before they begin their daily routine Hinako steps in and uses Happo Five-Yen Satsu to drain their energy and gain her adult form. She grabs Kuno to chastise him when he regains his consciousness and asks her on a date, unaware of her power. She places a 50 yen on his forehead and absorbs his chi point blank, blowing him away.

Near the end of the class, Hinako announces that she's looking for a new place to stay. Ranma goes home early and tells Kasumi and Genma, while Akane brings her to the Tendo Dojo. While Hinako does not intend to live in the Tendo house, she wishes to visit to speak with Ranma's father about the fight he had this morning. But before they can get to the dojo Hinako gets distracted by a cat and doesn't realize what happened until she catches the cat and finds herself in a construction yard.

Soun finds Hinako.

She's unsure of what to do when Soun finds her and mistakes her for Akane's friend. She mentions that she's looking for the Tendo house he and brings her with him. When he offers her a lollipop and dinner, Hinako becomes enamored with him.

Akane once again reminds her that she should be house hunting, but Hinako has more important things to do, such as playing with Genma's panda form. Nobody except Ranma and Akane are aware of Hinako's child-like state, and they assume she's running late.

Hinako then uses a 50 yen on Ranma to temporarily gain her adult form just as Soun arrives. She introduces herself as Ranma's teacher and they begin talking. Ranma and Akane begin to realize that Hinako seems to constantly switch to her adult form whenever Soun is around. He goes out to a town meeting and Kasumi prepares dinner.

Everyone else except Soun is now aware of Miss Hinako's ability. She stays over for dinner and Kasumi remarks that she really enjoys anime when Akane reminds her that she was suppose to talk to Ranma's father. She is then told that the panda she's been playing with the whole time is Ranma's father, much to her excitement.

Tendo sisters notice Miss Hinako's crush.

When Soun returns, Miss Hinako prepares the Satsu again but Ranma blocks the hole so she can't absorb his chi. When Soun sees her in her adolescent form, he assumes that it's Akane's friend that he brought from the construction yard and asks if she would like to stay over for that night. She gleefully accepts, and the Tendo sisters realize Miss Hinako has a crush on their father.

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  • This is the first time Kuno meets Miss Hinako.
  • This is also the first time Miss Hinako meets rest of the residents of the Tendo Dojo.
  • This is the only arc where Hinako shows romantic interest.


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