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This article lists the episodes of the original Ranma ½ anime series, released by Viz as the first season of Ranma ½ or "Digital Dojo".

It began airing on April 15, 1989 and concluded on September 16, 1989. In Japan, the series was cancelled after its conclusion in September, but was brought back in October of the same year as the longer running Ranma ½ Nettōhen (らんま½ 熱闘編?).[1]

One opening and two closing themes were used for this series. The opening theme is "Don't Make Me Wild Like You," also known as "Don't Make Me a Shrew" by Etsuko Nishio. The first ending theme "Let's Keep It Friends" by Kaori Sakagami, is used for the first thirteen episodes and is replaced by "Equal Romance" by CoCo for the last five episodes.

Plot SummaryEdit

Ranma Saotome, along with his father, Genma, arrive at the Tendo Dojo, which belongs to Genma's old friend Soun. During their first night Ranma and Genma reveal that they both suffer from curses which were given to them when they fell into the cursed springs of Jusenkyo.[2] The next day Ranma has to go Furinkan High School, along with his new fiancé Akane Tendo and her sister Nabiki.[3] While at the School Ranma develops a rivalry with Upperclassman Kuno, who eventually falls in love with the cursed form of Ranma. However, Kuno doesn't realise that Ranma and his "pigtailed girl" are the same person.[3][4][5]

Akane then injures her father, Soun, and promises never to hurt anything again. She then quickly breaks this promise by damaging Ranma's neck, which is quickly fixed by Dt. Tofu. Meanwhile, the boys at Furinkan High School stop fighting for Akane's love and Akane realises that her other sister, Kasumi, is in love with Dr. Tofu (who Akane has always had a secret crush on).[6][7] Akane then becomes depressed and Ranma decides to go on a date with her in an attempt to cheer her up.[7] An old rival of Ranma, Ryoga Hibiki, then arrives in Furinkan and challenges Ranma over a piece of bread that Ranma took from Ryoga a few years ago.[8] The two end up fighting and, despite the best efforts of the Chemistry Club, Ranma wins but Akane's hair end's up being cut.[9]


Episode # Title Card/Episode name Original Air Date SS Manga Viz English Chapter Counterpart
Vol. Ch.
Series001 April 15, 1989 1 1 Here's Ranma
2 Ranma's Secret
Series002 April 22, 1989 3 I Hate Men!
4 Never, Never, Never
Series003 April 29, 1989 5 To the Tree-Borne Kettle-Girl
Series004 May 6, 1989 6 Body and Soul
7 You'll Understand Soon Enough
Series005 May 13, 1989
8 Because There's a Girl He Likes
Series006 May 20, 1989
2 1 You're Cute When You Smile
Series007 May 27, 1989 2 The Hunter
3 Bread Feud
Series008 June 3, 1989 4 Showdown!
5 A Bad Cut
Series009 June 17, 1989 6 Who Says You're Cute?
7 The Transformation of Ryoga
Series010 July 1, 1989 8 He's Got a Beef
Series011 July 15, 1989 9 Kodachi, the Black Rose
3 1 The Love of the Black Rose
Series012 July 22, 1989 2 Take Care of My Sister
3 I'll See That You Lose
Series013 July 27, 1989 4 Hot Competition
5 I Give Up
Series014 August 19, 1989 (anime exclusive storyline)
Series015 August 26, 1989 4 5 Kiss of Death
6 You I Love
Series016 September 2, 1989 7 Akane Gets Shampooed
8 Shampoo Cleans Up
Series017 September 9, 1989 9 Formula #911
10 Bie Liao (Goodbye)
Series018 September 16, 1989 (season "clip show")


  • Shampoo with her green hair.Go to image
  • Kodachi with her lighter shaded hair.Go to image
  • The characters in the penultimate scene.Go to image
  • In the opening theme animation, several characters from the series appear but their hair colors differ from how they appear in the series itself, such as Shampoo having green hair instead of blue and Kodachi Kuno's hair being several shades lighter.


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