Dinner Wars: The Final Course! (決戦!!食卓ウォーズ Kessen!! shokutaku wozu?) is the 171st chapter of the manga and the seventh chapter of the Martial Arts Dining Arc.

The day of the match arrives and Picolet makes a stunning entrance into the ring by once again stealing everyone's bread. The match begins and everyone from Furinkan High watches on as Ranma seems to hold her own against Picolet. Soon though the food on Ranma's plate seems to be reappearing and Picolet reveals his secret technique, "The Sheild du Foie Gras".

Plot OverviewEdit

Final PreparationsEdit

Ranma arrives - Dinner Wars

Ranma arrives for her rematch.

With everything ready the students of Furinkan High learn of the rematch between Ranma and Picolet to be held in the school gymnasium after class. As the students admire the elaborate table that's been laid out in the boxing ring, the announcer introduces Ranma as the first contestant.

Seeing Ranma's arrival spurs on Hiroshi and Daisuke, who are still upset about having their bread stolen. But no sooner do the pair wish Ranma good luck, Picolet arrives by sweeping through the crowd; stealing bread as he goes (including Hiroshi and Daisuke's).

This display of arrogance for eating before the match by Picolet irritates Soun, although Ranma is less so as the Parlay du Foie Gras works better the fuller the opponent. Picolet then turns his attention to his bride-to-be and states the match will end in his victory. He continues by giving Ranma a kiss, engulfing her entire upper body in the process, prompting Ranma to send Picolet skyward once again.

The Main CourseEdit

Ranma vs Picolet - Manga

Ranma and Picolet prepare to face each other again.

Now that both fighters are present, Madame St. Paul explains that she'll act as the referee of the match. She then goes on to add that the first person to finish their meal is the winner, but also states that at no point are you allowed to be seen eating. Finally, Madame St. Paul reveals that if either contestant is seen eating they'll suffer a penalty.

Meanwhile, Kasumi wonders why Ranma chose to have the fight at school, to which Nabiki replies that Ranma is still annoyed at being beaten in front of everyone last time.

And so the rematch between Ranma and Picolet begins. Ranma wastes no time in using the Parlay du Foie Gras to stuff Picolet's face with food. But just as Akane notes how ingenious the technique is, Picolet tells Ranma that he's beaten her parlay when suddenly a cooked chicken appears in the air before landing on Ranma's plate.

Picolet's CounterstrikeEdit

Undeterred, Ranma throws another item of food in Picolet's direction. Picolet, however, uses his own counter technique, the "Shield du Foie Gras"! The audience then look on in shock as Picolet uses a plate placed within his mouth to block the food. Madame St. Paul is quick to congratulate Picolet for his elegant strategy, although the other members of the audience aren't quite as impressed.

Mouth avoidance

Picolet avoids Ranma's Parlay du Foie Gras.

Despite seemingly being at a disadvantage, Ranma quickly comes up with a solution by throwing another plate into Picolet's mouth; creating a gap through which she can force food through. As Madame St. Paul looks on in shock, Picolet decides it's time for a change in tactics and so spits out both of the plates. Ranma immediately seizes this chance to launch another item of food at Picolet, but Picolet uses his mastery of the engorged lips to move his mouth out of the direction of Ranma's food every time.

Tired of being on the defence, Picolet goes on the aggressive and launches his own food at Ranma, who does the same back. Unfortunately, Ranma almost immediately finds herself with whole cooked chicken lodged in her mouth whilst Picolet's mouth remains out of Ranma's reach once more. As Madame St. Paul issues Ranma with a 150-point penalty, Akane looks on in horror as it looks ever more likely that Ranma will have to marry Picolet!…

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  • (Hiroshi) "Ohhhh, my poor chow-mein bread!"
    • (Daisuke) "Clobber him this time, Ranma!"



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