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Do Not Dessert Me (ごちそうさまのあとで Gochiso-sama no ato de?) is the 172nd chapter of the manga it is also the eighth and final chapter of the Martial Arts Dining Arc.


The match proceeds, and Ranma tries the Parlay again, this time tossing the food into the air so that it lands in Picolet's upturned mouth. Everyone sees him eating, but Madame St. Paul refuses to make a point deduction against him. Picolet decides to unleash another technique to prevent the Parlay, laying his face down onto the plates and eating like a dog.

Plot Overview

Food finds its way into Picolet's mouth

Ranma realizes that she has no way to successfully perform the Parlay on Picolet because he can simply counter back and make her lose points.

Despite this, Ranma makes one final attempt and Picolet counters back, but this time Ranma turns her head and misses his counter. While performing the Parlay she also switched the food for a flower and tossed the food in the air. The food comes directly into Picolet's upturned mouth and the audience calls for penalty because he was seen eating. Madame St. Paul, however, looked away from the incident so she doesn't have to penalize him. Picolet quickly finishes his food and prepares his final move.

Picolet holds up his utensils and drops them on the table, then plants his face into the food and begins eating it "like a dog". Soun remarks that this technique, though inelegant, completely prevents Parlay du Foie Gras. Madame St. Paul looks at Picolet, thinking that Ranma now has no more ways to oppose him.

Picolet uses his final technique against Ranma.

But just as she turns toward her, she sees that Ranma is busy making the food disappear, much to her surprise. Akane sees that Ranma is giving the food to the audience, all in quick succession. While the food is delicious, Soun realizes that Ranma is still at a disadvantage, because Picolet's technique requires minimal amount of energy to finish his food, while Ranma has to spend much more energy (in a starved state) to feed everyone in the audience. Ranma's vision starts to blur from the hunger and Picolet is down to his last piece of meat.

Ranma finishes the food before Picolet

He prepares his vacuum mouth and prepares to finish the match, but Ranma steals the dish and flings it to the side. As the dish flies back to the table and towards Picolet's gaping mouth, Ranma remembers that she can still eat the food. In her hunger Ranma quickly chows down the food and catches Picolet's dish before he can finish it off.

As promised, Picolet releases Ranma from their betrothal. As he takes his leave, he states that his heart will forever be Ranma's captive and walks away in sorrow. Ranma feels pity and shouts that there are a million girls more suited to be his brides than her, but he makes no comments and bids them goodbye. Ranma and Akane look on in awe at his beautiful exit.

Unfortunately Picolet has not forgotten about male-Ranma's bill and shows up at the Tendo Dojo and demands his future daughter as compensation. Soun tearfully asks Akane not to have any daughters while she wants nothing to do with this.

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