Don't Follow Me (ついてこないで Tsuite konaide?) is the 122nd chapter of the manga and the third chapter of the Waterproof Soap Arc.

Ranma and Shampoo disguise themselves as the Kew-Pid Twins once again and give Ryoga a new note to meet Akane outside. Ryoga finds Akane and she immediately recognizes Ranma and Shampoo. Akane assumes that Shampoo and Ranma are trying to fix her up with Ryoga so they can go out together.

Plot Overview

Continuing from the Previous Chapter

Realising that the soap is what's preventing him from changing form, Ryoga declares that there's no way he's letting anyone else touch it, especially Ranma. However, no sooner does Ryoga say this than Ranma appears and hits him over the head with one the fountain statues before grabbing the soap and making off with it. Ranma then quickly tries to use the soap, however, when he splashes himself with cold water, he still turns into his female form, much to the shock of the male bathers.

Shampoo arrives - Don't Follow Me

After getting tricked by Ryoga, Ranma turns back into "Kew" to get the Waterproof Soap.

Ryoga walks over and begins throwing and catching the real Waterproof soap whilst asking Ranma if he thought he could take the soap from him so easily? At that moment, Shampoo returns in her "Pid" disguise, prompting Ranma to put on her "Kew" disguise as well. Once the pair have finished making their entrance, much to the other bath patrons enjoyment, Ryoga (who still can't see through the disguises) thanks them for being so kind to a stranger like him.

Wasting no time, Shampoo takes out a letter and tells Ryoga that this is directions to the new location where Akane'd like to meet him. Ranma then quietly questions Shampoo if she didn't really tell Akane about the meeting, but Shampoo replies that she did.

Going Outside

Some time later and Akane waits patient for whoever sent her the letter instructing her to wait by the water fountain. Just then Ryoga appears and plushes whilst thanking Akane asking him out. Akane is confused by this, but when she rereads the letter she notices it's written in Shampoo's mannerism and deduces that Shampoo set her and Ryoga up.

Akane's revelation - Don't Follow Me

Akane realises she and Ryoga have been set up by Shampoo.

Just then a small squid appears and sprays Ryoga's face with ink. The Kew-Pid twins swiftly arrive and attempt to wash the ink off with water, but Ranma tells Ryoga that just water doesn't seem to work. Panicking, Ryoga decides that he must use his soap. Almost immediately, Ranma and Shampoo hit Ryoga so that they can get the soap for themselves. Unfortunately, Akane shouts at the pair and asks what they're doing, causing Ryoga to finally see through their disguise.

As Ryoga comments on how he won't let the pair fool him twice, Shampoo imitates Akane's voice and tells Ryoga to kiss her. Akane then sees Shampoo behind her as Ryoga does as Shampoo instructs and closes his eyes. Ranma then proceeds to hit Ryoga with a large cement block. Akane, meanwhile, kicks Shampoo into the air for imitating her voice to say things like she did before pushing Ranma aside to check if Ryoga's okay.

Akane agrees to date - Don't Follow Me

Angered at the thought of Ranma setting her up with Ryoga, Akane decides to go ahead with the date.

Literally hopping mad, Ranma demands Akane stop butting in, but Akane is curious as to why Ranma is helping Shampoo anyway. Akane quickly asks Ranma if he's trying to set her up with Ryoga so that he's free to go out with Shampoo. Ranma attempts to deny these claims, but Shampoo intervenes with a megaphone and shouts that it's all true. Shocked that Ranma would play the same stupid games as Shampoo, Akane decides to let Ranma have it his way and drags Ryoga so they can go on a date. As the infuriated Ranma (who never got to explain himself) calls Akane an idiot, Shampoo looks on whilst commenting that Ranma and Akane are sure to split up now...

Ryoga and Akane's Date

Akane takes Ryoga to the Spa's restaurant and thinks about how much of a jerk Ranma is, she then goes on to decide that, if that's how Ranma wants it, she's going to have fun with Ryoga. She then looks at the still unconscious Ryoga and decides to hit him with a toy hammer, which seems to do the trick as Ryoga almost instantly awakes.

After looking around, Ryoga asks if this means that their date has finally become. Akane confirms Ryoga's suspicions, much to his delight. Ryoga then proceed to ask Akane where she'd like to go, but upon hearing all the far-flung places Ryoga suggests, Akane notes that she's prefer something a little closer to home, prompting Ryoga to decide that they'll go to the theatre.

Unfortunately, Ryoga's complete lack of a sense of direction takes him and Akane to a Haunted House instead. As they look on, Ranma notes that he can't believe Akane was dumb enough to follow Ryoga to a place like this, although Shampoo adds that the darkness could be useful. Ranma soon uses on the House's trick walls to grab Akane and keep her out of sight of Ryoga. As he searches Ryoga starts getting coarsest by a pair of hands which he believes to be Akane, but can't see that it's actually Shampoo trying to find the Soap.

Shampoo searches for Soap - Don't Follow Me

Ryoga mistakes Shampoo for Akane, while the real Akane argues with Ranma.

Meanwhile, Akane asks Ranma what he thinks he's doing, to which Ranma half-heartedly apologises for interfering with Akane's fun date. Akane tells Ranma that he date is fun and demands Ranma get's lost. Back with Ryoga, and (still mistaking Shampoo for Akane) begins to think to himself that if he doesn't respond to Akane's advances then he can't call himself a man. Ryoga then proceeds to try and hug "Akane", but Shampoo stops him by making Ryoga hug a giant toy Molidae.

Ranma then tells Akane that he didn't care about Akane anyway, which prompts Akane to slam the fake wall over Ranma whilst demanding Ranma stop following her. As Ranma looks on, he demands Akane leave Ryoga her (since Shampoo still hasn't found the soap). Akane, however, stops out with Ryoga, who's still hugging the toy whilst commenting that he thought Akane would be a little smoother...

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  • The locations Ryoga suggested to Akane that they could go on their date includes, Hokkaido, Shikoku and Kyushu.


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