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Duck, Ranma, Duck! (乱馬アヒル化計画 Ranma ahiru ka keikaku?) is the 96th chapter of the manga and the second chapter of the Mousse Returns Arc.


Mousse explains how he accidentally walking into the Spring of Drowned Duck several months ago at Jusenkyo. While there, he devised a plan to defeat Ranma by using the water from the Drowned Duck Spring against him.

Plot Overview

Mousse explains that he went to Jusenkyo in order to be able to defeat Ranma.

Mousse holds up a bucket of water to Ranma and asks him what he thinks it is. Ranma, obviously answers that it's water, but Mousse explains that it's more than any ordinary water... it is the fruit of his labours. Mousse then proceeds to have a flashback to his visit to Jusenkyo after being defeated by Ranma several months ago. In the flashback, Mousse explains how he attempted to train at Jusenkyo so he could defeat Ranma, unfortunately his first step towards his victory landed him in Yazunīchuan (Spring of Drowned Duck). The flashback then continues with the Jusenkyo Guide explaining about the tragic story of a duck who drowned in the Spring 1,300 years ago and now anybody who falls in takes the body of a duck. As the Guide looks at Mousse's new form, he notes how, despite working at the Springs for many, many years, Mousse is the first person he's seen fall into a spring on their first step!

Back in modern day, Mousse declares to Ranma that from the moment he fell into the Spring he devised a plan to defeat him. Unfortunately for Mousse, he hasn't got his glasses on and ends up pointing at a monkey, which bites his finger. As Mousse deals the monkey, Ranma takes the bucket of water and throws it onto the ground. After noting how Mousse jumped away from the water when Ranma threw it, Mousse reveals that it is from the Yazunīchuan spring, he then takes out two handfuls of water balloons, all filled with the spring water as well and attempts to hit Ranma with them.

As Ranma avoids Mousse's attack, Shampoo appears and sprays Mousse with cold water from a nearby hose, turning him into his duck form. While Shampoo tells Mousse she won't let him hurt Ranma, Mousse takes out a bouquet and offers it to Shampoo, however, she just hits Mousse over the head and reminds him she has no intention of dating him. Mousse, angered, then turns to Ranma and attacks him with some projectiles, but Ranma avoids them and tells Mousse to come and get him.

Ranma uses his Yukata to protect himself and some children from the Yazunīchuan spring water.

Ranma leads Mousse back to the festival and Mousse ends up taking out more water balloons full of Yazunīchuan water. As the water gallons explode just above Ranma, he notices the children below him and uses his Yukata to cover both himself and the children from the water, leaving only the goldfish in the tank behind them to be affected by the water and turn into ducks.

Angered by Mousse's actions, Ranma takes some Pinwheels and use them to pin Mousse by the wings to a nearby stall. Ranma then grabs Mousse by the neck and tells him that if he wasn't such a moron, her wouldn't have Shampoo pestering him all the time. Unfortunately for Ranma, Shampoo heard what he just said, so hits him with a fish tank, before she pours the water over herself so she can turn into her cat form and terrorise Ranma. Mousse just looks on in silence.

Using powder to render her unconscious, Mousse manages to kidnap the real Akane.

A little while later, Akane begins scouting the festival for the others. She then hears a noise and Mousse (now back in his human form) falls from a tree and greets Akane, only to get slapped by her as she mistakes him for a monster. After Akane realises that it was just Mousse, he takes out a flower which explodes and releases a powder which render Akane unconscious. He then begins to care Akane away, knowing for sure that he has her this time.

Some more times passes and a women working for the Chinese Acrobat Circus which Mousse joined begins handing out fliers for a new show "The Amazing Duck Girl". Just then Ranma appears (still terrified as Shampoo desperately holds onto him) and gets blinded by a passing flyer and runs into a tree. With Shampoo off him, Ranma looks at the flyer and soon notices that it's Akane who's being prompted as the "Duck Girl". As Ranma wonders what's going on, Mousse, meanwhile, has placed Akane in a glass tank, ready for the show, and evilly thinks to himself that if Ranma doesn't come to save his fiancé soon, she'll spend the rest of her life paddling on a pond.

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