The Embrace of Passionate Love Incense is an incense from the Joketsuzoku village that will temporarily cause the inhaler to hug and proclaim their love to whoever utters a trigger word. This effect will last up to a week.

Manga history

Ranma Saotome procured the incense from Cologne in an attempt to bring Ryoga Hibiki and Akari Unryu closer together. He knocked Ryoga out and told him that the trigger word was "pig". When a man passing mentioned a special on pig's feet, Ryoga instantly revived and hugged him. Ranma then told Ryoga that he had a date with Akari in a week and informed her that Ryoga had asked her out. However Akari had come under the mistaken impression that Ryoga hated pigs as a result of his curse and tried to train herself to hate them for one week with the aid of Katsunishiki.

On the day of the date, Ryoga arrived at the appointed place, hugging Ranma first when the latter said "pig". However after Akari saw him things appeared to be going well until a group of men came in and variants of "pig" such as "pigment" and "spigot" came up in their conversation. Ryoga compulsively hugged them all, but Akari was willing to overlook this. However a sudden rainstorm prevented the two from kissing and when Akari saw P-chan, he jumped at her when she said "pig". However she slapped him unconscious in an attempt to display her hatred of pigs, but ultimately could not overcome her longstanding love of them. Ranma decided to take things into her own hands and revealed Ryoga's curse to Akari back at the Tendo Dojo. Akari gladly accepted this and was overjoyed, but Ryoga was still under the influence of the incense and compulsively hugged female Ranma when she said "Pearls before pigs". Akari subsequently ran off in shock that Ryoga was in love with another woman, but later wrote him telling him that she bore him no ill will and would wait for him forever.

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