Embraceable You (抱きしめずにはいられない Dakishimezu ni wa irarenai?) is the 109th chapter of the manga and the first chapter of the Kairaishi Mushroom Arc.

A magical mushroom called Kairaishi arrives at the Cat Café. It has the power to make anyone that eats it follow any command. Shampoo mixes it into a pork bun and feeds it to Ranma, telling him to hug her. But before she can snap, Kuno sneezes causing Ranma to hug him instead. Now anyone that sneezes gets a hug from Ranma.

Plot OverviewEdit

The Misplaced OrderEdit

Kairaishi Mushroom explained

Cologne demonstrates the effects of the Mushroom.

Cologne is busy going through an order to the Cat Café with a Chinese delivery man. As Cologne goes through the items, she discovers which she states she never order, a Kairaishi Mushroom. Curious, Shampoo asks about what the Mushroom is, to which Cologne explains that it's poisonous and typically used in Black Magic. She then demonstrates by cooking the Mushroom, followed by placing it in some food which she gives to the delivery man. Cologne continues by clapping whilst commanding the man to sleep, which he does instantly. When the man wakes up, Cologne claps and once again the man falls instantly asleep.

Shampoo is impressed and asks if this will happen every time, to which Cologne states that it will cause the victim to repeat the action over-and-over so long as you repeat the command signal. This prompts Shampoo to fantasise herself feeding Ranma the Mushroom, followed by clicking her fingers and instructing him to hold her arm. Overjoyed at this though, Shampoo says she'll buy the Mushroom, much to the delivery man's appreciation.

To Furinkan HighEdit

Shampoo tries using Mushroom - Embraceable You

Shampoo tries using the Mushroom, but Kuno makes the command signal sneezing.

Meanwhile, at Furinkan High School, Ranma has agreed to duel Kuno yet again, however, Kuno appears to have contracted a cold and is having trouble breathing. Ranma asks Kuno if he's up for a duel, but Kuno tells Ranma to closer to him. When Ranma's nice and close, Kuno sneezes at Ranma, prompting Ranma to quickly jump away. Understandably, Ranma asks Kuno what he thinks he's doing. Kuno explains he's getting rid of his cold the fastest way possible... by giving it to someone else!

Unimpressed with Kuno, Ranma kicks him in the face and tells him to give his cold to someone else. Just then, Shampoo arrives on her bicycle (crushing Kuno in the process) and offers Ranma a Pork Bun, which she says is a new item on the Cat Café menu. Ranma eats the Pork Bun (which Shampoo secretly laced with the Kairaishi Mushroom), and Shampoo uses this opportunity to instruct Ranma to hug. Unfortunately, Kuno sneezes at the moment Shampoo attempts to click her fingers, thus making sneezing the command signal. The effects of the Mushroom then kick in and Ranma instantly hugs Kuno.

Realising what he's done, Ranma kicks Kuno away in embarrassment. Shampoo then attempts to make Ranma hug her by clicking her fingers, but hasn't realised what the new command signal is, so is left confused at how come Ranma does nothing when she clicks. Just then Kuno returns and prepares to fight Ranma, only to sneeze again. This makes Shampoo realise what the command signal is, so she attempts to use some Pepper in order to make herself sneeze. Unfortunately, a sudden gust of air roles past and blows the Pepper across to the male Furinkan High students who all begin sneezing and subsequently hugged by Ranma.

Angered that everyone got hugged but her, Shampoo hits Ranma on the back of the head before leaving grumpily. Ranma then begins to wonder what's happening to his body, but before he has chance for another thought, Kuno sneezes again and he uncontrollably hugs him. As Ranma kicks Kuno away yet again, Hiroshi and Daisuke tell Ranma they only want his happiness, but Ranma angrily tells them not to bother.

Akane's FearsEdit

Akane's fears - Embraceable You

Akane worries Ranma may force himself upon her while they're alone.

Back at the Tendo Dojo, Akane is saying goodbye to Kasumi who's going out on a trip when she suddenly sneezes. Kasumi is slightly concerned since Soun and Genma are out training, but Akane reassures her that she'll be fine. Nabiki then appears and notes that it'll just be her (Akane) and Ranma in the Dojo tonight as she's going out too. The sisters then give Akane a mallet to use on Ranma if he gets out of hand, but remind Akane to stop while Ranma's still breathing. Akane sarcastically thanks her sisters for putting her mind at ease.

Later that day, Akane watches a television programme where a woman is overpowered by a man while the woman's family is out. Akane then suddenly sneezes and Ranma appears to uncontrollably hug her and realizes that sneezing triggers it. After sending Ranma flying through the roof, Akane fears that Ranma will try and force himself upon her. Akane's fears worsen when she decides that her cold will make her weaker, thus unable to hold Ranma off. She then sneezes again and, sure enough, Ranma hugs he. Ranma tries to explain what's going on, but Akane sends him flying again.

While Ranma's condition causes trouble for a couple walking around Furinkan, Akane finishes arming herself up to defeat herself from Ranma through the night at least.

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  • The reason why Umakichi and Ushiko are known as "Horsebert" and "Cowbert", respectively, in Viz's translation is because "umakichi" is Japanese for Horse, whilst "ushiko" is Japanese for Cow.


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