Equals in Love (互角の愛 Gokaku no ai?) is the 222nd chapter of the manga and the fourth chapter of the Martial Arts Cheerleading Arc.

Ranma and Mariko both try to win over Kuno through cheerleading

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Ranma struggles to find a way to beat her opponent but there doesn't seem to be any way aside from falling in love with Kuno. Akane is among the crowd and has figured out a way to win without Kuno's love, but is unable to relay the information to Ranma.

Mariko readies her next attack and forms a human pyramid with the other cheerleaders and blasts Kuno with love letters out of her pompoms. Kuno reads the letter, each of which are addressed to him and feel touched by the amount of love she has for him. Ranma sees this and launches her own attack directly to Kuno. When Kuno catches Ranma's attack, he finds that they are pictures of her in various poses, some in lingerie and gym shorts. These prove to be more effective than simple letters. With Kuno empowered by the photos, Ranma laughs at Mariko knowing he still has a crush on her.
Ranma gloat

Ranma gloats.

Mariko is devastated that she may have been nothing but a passing interest to Kuno and gives a melodramatic monologue about the good times they had, recounting such incidents as Kuno falling on her head and being scribbled on by Kuno. The students of Furinkan High are rather disturbed that she considers these to be good memories. She then runs off crying and the students wonder if she has finally given up. Ranma too believes she is victorious when Kuno grabs her hand and tells her not to leave. By taking pity on her he forces the match to continue. Ranma kicks him in the back of the head and Mariko flaunts her comeback by revealing that her actions were fabricated to get Kuno to pay attention to her.
Mariko gloat

Mariko gloats.


Kuno comes up from behind and gives Ranma a pep talk loving him. Ranma punches him sky high, which causes him to be in a depressive state once again. Ranma is unable to properly cheer without love and feels hopeless when Seisyun team suddenly gets the first hit.

Mariko and Ranma turn to see the entire Furinkan team destroyed by this single man. While also confused on who this is since Marikio paralyzed her entire team earlier and that noone she knows should be that skilled. The final match seems clear as Kuno is the only remaining player on the Furinkan side. Kuno picks up his shinai and the two begin dueling with an impressive holdcoming from the mysterious Seisyun player.

Mariko doesn't like that the fight is on an even ground and attacks the Seisyun side with her batons but they are blocked by Ranma. Ranma decided that since she cannot love Kuno she must love this new player in order to defeat Mariko. But Mariko is still confident and readies her next move.

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