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The Evil Three

The Evil Three, called the "Evil T'ree" by Principal Kuno, was a brief alliance that he assembled which included Tatewaki Kuno, Happosai, and Nabiki Tendo for the purpose of fighting Hinako Ninomiya, who had rebelled against him. She was driven to do this after absorbing all of the pent up resentment against him that had been stored in a statue of the principal which countless students had been forced to grovel before to in order to escape the Repentance Room at Furinkan High School.

In order to get these three unlikely allies together, Principal Kuno resorted to bribery, paying Nabiki 10,000 yen and allowing Happosai to steal the female students' underwear. His reward offer of a date with Hinako to anyone who could capture her is likely what convinced his son to cooperate. The three were introduced when Hinako confronted the principal in the courtyard of the school. Initially all wearing capes, they were unveiled as the Evil Swordsman (Kuno), Evil Elder (Happosai), and Evil Queen (Nabiki). While Kuno resented being labeled as evil and smacked his father, Nabiki revealed that she would take anyone's side for 10,000 yen and Happosai claimed that Hinako had to be neutralised for the sake of humanity. However Ranma Saotome revealed that the old man was carrying a load of underwear on him and booted him away. Nabiki then fled with her bribe, leaving Kuno by himself. After Hinako blasted him away with the Happo Change Return, he quickly came back and tried to hit on her, but was knocked out with the Happo 50 Yen Attack, leaving the principal to deal with her and the angry students all by himself.


  • The pose the Evil Three strike when introduced is a reference to the Super Sentai genre. The "OK" sign that Nabiki flashes with her right hand in this pose is the Japanese hand gesture for money.
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