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Evil and the Bean (邪悪と豆の字 Jaaku to mame no ji?) is the 308th chapter of the manga it is also the first and only chapter of the Evil Oni Arc.


Soun, Genma and Ranma are all visiting a local temple to assist with the re-sealing of an ancient, evil Oni. The box it's kept in has grown old and it seems that the creature will soon break it's bonds. Happosai soon arrives and blows his nose on the paper seal that was to be used on the Oni, which allows the monster to escape.

Plot Overview

Ranma has gone with Soun and Genma (in his panda form) to a local temple, where a Priest has called them to in order to help him defeat a demon. When they arrive the Priest explains that 1,000 years ago when a High Monk(ey) fought with a demon and ended up trapping it within a box.

The group then go into a temple, where a box on rattles slightly on a table. Soun asks if this is where the demon is sealed, to which the Priest explains that it is, but due to the age of the seal the text has almost completely faded so won't be able to hold the Oni much longer so they'll have to catch it with a new seal.

Happosai uses the seal as a handkerchief, causing Ranma to punch him in revenge.

At that moment the Oni begins trying to break out, but Soun, Genma and Ranma quickly react and hold the lid tightly shut while the Priest prepares the new seal. However, just before the Priest can place the seal, Happosai appears and uses the seal as a Handkerchief due to his getting a runny nose from it being winter. Ranma then calmly walks over to Happosai. Happosai notices Ranma and asks what brings him here, Ranma then punches Happosai into the air telling him that he wants to know that exact same thing.

With Ranma not helping, the Oni is able to break free from it's seal. As the Oni escapes it warns everyone that his malevolence can't be contained and that the hour of vengeance is nigh. These claims worry Ranma and the others, but these quickly disappear when they see Oni first hand, which looks almost cute. The Priest explains that although it looks harmless, the Oni is able to possess people. Just as he explains this, the Oni possess Genma and some small horns sprout out of his head.

Ranma fights the Oni-possessed Kuno, launching him in the direction of the Tendo Dojo.

The possessed Genma then takes out a marker pen and begins doodling on Soun, when asked by Soun what he thinks he's doing Genma just holds up a sign saying "heh heh heh". Ranma, unimpressed with the "evil" of the Oni, asks if there's anyway to get rid of it, to which the Priest explains that by striking the victim will force the Oni out of them. This prompts Ranma to gladly punch his father through the roof. Ranma and the Priest chase after the Oni but find that it has possessed Kuno. Kuno begins stating that a malevolent shadow has been cast over his gallant warrior's heart and is being compelled to do evil. He then begins to trash out at Ranma, saying that he doesn't know the reason for his actions. Ranma, however, kicks Kuno into the air telling him that this is what he always does.

Meanwhile, Ryoga has dropped by the Tendo Dojo where he's met by Kasumi who explains that Ranma is out fighting a demon while Akane's in the bath. Kasumi then gives Ryoga some tea and tells him make himself at home for a bit, to which Ryoga notes that it's nice to be able to relax for a bit. At that moment, Kuno falls through the ceiling and lands on Ryoga. The impact causes the Oni to leave Kuno and go into Ryoga.

The Oni-possessed Ryoga declares he's going to peak in on Akane having a bath.

Ranma and Soun soon get to the Dojo, where they meet the now possessed Ryoga. Ryoga laughs darkly and says that he has an odd feeling to do a little mischief, this causes Ranma to demand that he hits Ryoga just once, however, Ryoga is having none of it and punches Ranma instead. As Ryoga runs away, Ranma asks him where he's going to which Ryoga replies he's going to do the most evil thing he can think of... take a peek at Akane while she's in the bath!

Akane has just gotten out of the bath and has put a towel round herself as she dries her hair. She then hears a noise outside the door when suddenly Ryoga and Ranma come in, with Ryoga being punched in the face by Ranma. This exorcises the Oni, but before Ranma can do anything about it, Akane stands on Ranma and slaps him multiple times before booting both Ryoga and Ranma out through the bathroom roof.

Some time later and the Priest asks Ranma where the Oni is now, to which Ranma says that he's lost track of it, but it should be around somewhere nearby. This angers the Priest, but Ranma asks if they can't just let it go since it wasn't real much of a demon. Kasumi then walks in carrying a stew and tells the guests that they're welcome to stay for dinner. Ranma quickly uses this as an excuse to end his conversation with the Priest (much to his annoyance), while Kuno notes that the Gods of Fortune must be smiling upon him for him to be having dinner at Akane Tendo's house.

The group notice that Kasumi is now possessed by the Oni.

The group taste the stew, but soon feel the effects of the paralysis powder that's been placed in it. Kasumi then asks if she's done something evil, causing everyone to notice the horns which she's grown (thus making her possessed by the Oni). Kasumi's evil then continues, with her sewing "freak" into Ranma's clothes and ironing Genma. She then offers Soun a back rub, brining tears to his eyes as even while possessed she's still the perfect daughter, however Kasumi then reveals her extremely long nails. Akane then tells Ranma that he has to do something, to which Ranma explains that the only way to get rid of the Oni is to hit Kasumi, something which he just can't bring himself to do. Reaffirming this, Soun angrily shouts that no one will hit Kasumi, causing Ranma to say he was speaking rhetorically.

The Priest then pipes up and says that there is another way to exorcise the Oni, which is by placing a new seal on Kasumi's forehead and the demon will leave instantly. Ranma takes the seal and hits the Priest for not saying this sooner. Soun then places the seal on Kasumi's forehead, but she doodles on him, meaning she's still possessed. After some confusion about why the seal didn't work, Ranma and Akane notice that the seal has been misspelled. As Ranma hits the Priest for his mess-up, Akane simply rewrites the seal so it's spelled correctly.

Akane corrects the seal so that the Oni will leave Kasumi.

With the correct seal placed, the Oni leaves Kasumi. Ranma then quickly chases after the Oni with it's box and new seal and soon manages to trap the Oni inside. Soun cries in joy that Kasumi is all right, while Kasumi tells Soun that she thinks he needs to clean his face. The Priest meanwhile says that his mission is complete and the Oni should be trapped for another 1,000 years. Ranma notes that while it wasn't too evil, but it was kind of disgusting. The next day, Ranma and Akane see the Priest chasing after the Oni again as the bottom of the box fell off. Ranma is shocked to learn this fact, but the Priest says that the box is over 1,000 years old.

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  • The striped outfits which Ranma wears on this chapter's title page and that worn by the Oni are likely references to the outfits worn by Lum and Ten from Rumiko Takahashi's previous manga series, Urusei Yatsura.
    • The same could also be said for the horns which appear on those possessed by the Oni.
  • The item Ranma can be seen holding on the title page of this chapter appears to be a Kanabō, an item commonly associated as a weapon used by an Oni.
  • The reason why there is a "monkey priest" who sealed the Oni originally is because this creates a pun in Japanese, where "Monkey" and "certain" are the same word (saru). So the audience would assume the Oni Priest was talking about "a certain priest" when he actually means a literal "monkey priest".
  • In the Japanese version Kasumi stitches "okama" onto Ranma's shirt. Viz Media translates it as "freak" but it's much coarser than that and is closer to "cross-dresser".
  • The reason that the kanji for "bean" has the power to seal away the Oni is connected to the Japanese holiday of Setsubun, when beans are tossed to drive out evil spirits.


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