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Exit of Misery (別れの出口 Wakare no deguchi?) is the 288th chapter of the manga it is also the second and final chapter of the Curséd Cave of Broken Loves Arc.


Ukyo is enraged that Ryoga has forgotten their plan at the first sign of attention from Akane, and tries to fake an injury to get him to carry her through the cave. Ryoga is still too enamoured with Akane and decides that if he and Akane live in the cave forever that she would have to depend on him to keep her safe. With that, Ryoga runs off with Akane in tow, but falls into a pool of water.

Plot Overview

The group their journey through the Cave, with Ukyo still determined to get Ranma and Akane together before the exit, while Ryoga tells Akane that he'll protect her with his life, much to Akane's pleasure. Ranma notices that Ukyo has suddenly stopped walking and asks if something's wrong, to which Ukyo says something's up with her stomach, but with a little rest she thinks she'll be fine. She continues by telling Ranma to take Akane and continue on while she catches up. Ranma, however, tells Ukyo that that's nonsense and offers to give her a piggy-back until she feels better.

Ukyo attempts to make Ryoga stay with her so Ranma and Akane will leave as a couple.

Akane becomes slightly jealous as Ranma never does anything that nice for her. She then decides to get her own back by holding onto Ryoga's arm and suggesting to him that they continue on. Ukyo, however, quickly steps in by hitting Ryoga with her giant Spatula and shakes Ryoga so it makes it look like he's making a suggestion to stay with Ukyo (when in fact Ukyo is trying to get the plan of breaking up Akane and Ranma back on track).

As Akane and Ranma look on, Ukyo whispers to Ryoga if he forgot that they want Ranma and Akane to walk through the exit together, to which Ryoga states that he didn't forget. At that moment, a large ghost with a skeleton's face appears demanding they hand over Akane. Ryoga quickly intervenes to protect the terrified Akane by throwing Ranma to the ghost. As Akane hides her face in terror in Ryoga's chest, Ryoga begins to wish that they could stay like this forever (Ukyo, meanwhile, is infuriated with Ryoga messing up the plan again).

Ryoga falls into a lake, leaving Akane to be victimised by more ghosts.

Ryoga then has an epiphany that he can continue to protect Akane like this so long as they remain in the Cave, he then decides to lead the way through the Cave with Akane in tow. Ukyo shouts to Ryoga, but he ignores her, causing Ukyo to retrieve Ranma and try to follow them. Back with Ryoga and Akane, Ryoga's lack of direction has led to the inevitable and the pair have become lost (much to Ryoga's joy). Ryoga thinks to himself about how as long as he's with Akane he'll make sure no ghost ever hurts her, however, Ryoga gets caught so much in his inner monolog that he doesn't notice the pool of water beneath him until it's too late.

Akane suddenly finds herself alone and is quickly subjected to another attack from one of the many ghosts. Ranma and Ukyo hears Akane's scream and rush over. Ranma reaches Akane first, but accidentally trips up and lands in the water also where she finds P-chan desperately swimming about in the water.

A little later, Akane is being escorted by Ranma whilst Ukyo follows when Akane declares she doesn't want to be in the Cave anymore, to which Ranma adds that Akane shouldn't leave her behind in the future. Ukyo then asks where Ryoga's gone to, before thinking to herself how Ryoga's much less trouble when he's not around, Ranma replies that she has no idea whilst secretly looking at P-chan who's hiding in her bag.

Ryoga tells Ranma he must walk through the Cave with Akane.

Just then the group come across the entrance to a public bath, much to Ranma's joy. Although Akane wonders why a Sentō is in the middle of a Cave, Ukyo notes that they seem to have no choice but to go through it. Whilst they enjoy themselves in the luxurious baths on the women's side, Akane comments on how she hopes Ryoga catches up with them. This prompts Ukyo to try and convince Akane to forget about Ryoga, as they both know Ranma's the only guy a girl can count on, although Akane isn't convinced as she finds Ryoga to be much more trustworthy. Akane continues by telling Ukyo to go on ahead while she waits for Ryoga, but when Akane looks over she sees Ukyo in a fiery rage about how dense Akane is.

Meanwhile, Ryoga and Ranma are in the men's side of the baths which is horrific by comparison to the women's bath. As Ranma notes to Ryoga how fortunate they were that the bath had hot water, Ryoga quietly sobs at being so close to getting truly lost with Akane. He then remembers he still has a chance if Ranma and Akane break up at the exit. Ryoga proceeds to rush over to Ranma and demand he (Ranma) walk through the Cave with Akane, leaving Ranma slightly confused about Ryoga's sudden change of heart.

Some time passes and Ranma and Ryoga wait for Akane and Ukyo to leave the baths. As they wait they observe several couples breaking up, either through the couple arguing about how long the woman spent in the bath or men just having enough of waiting and leaving on their own. When Akane and Ukyo appear, Akane is happy to see Ryoga has caught up, although Ukyo is less thrilled and quickly hits Ryoga with her giant Spatula and tells him to get lost.

Ukyo and Ryoga soon realise how odd this behaviour must be and quickly sneak off into a deeper part of the Cave to have a private discussion. After the pair leave, Akane notes how strangely Ukyo's been acting today, to which Ranma agrees and adds that Ryoga's been acting oddly too. Akane suspects something and drags Ranma with her to where the pair are talking. When Ranma and Akane listen in to the other's conversation, they hear about Ryoga asking for them to try all over again, whilst Ukyo asks him if she can trust him. After sneaking away, Akane and Ranma realise the truth... Ukyo and Ryoga are in love!

Overjoyed that their plan seems to have succeeded, Ukyo and Ryoga attract the attention of the ghosts of the Cave.

With their chat finished, Ukyo and Ryoga head back to make Ranma and Akane split up by walking through the exit together. However, the pair are met by an apologetic Ranma and Akane. After Ranma and Akane note they had no suspicions about the situation, they decide to walk off together and leave Ukyo and Ryoga alone. As they walk, Akane notes that their fighting was causing trouble for Ukyo and Ryoga, to which Ranma adds he's sorry he didn't notice it.

The exit then comes into view and Ukyo and Ryoga are overjoyed to have managed to get Ranma and Akane to leave as a couple, and sure enough the ghosts at the exit descend. However, the ghosts attempt to break-up Ukyo and Ryoga instead of Ranma and Akane. Despite their pleas, the ghosts refuse to leave Ukyo and Ryoga as they look more like a couple than Ranma and Akane. Meanwhile, Ranma cynically notes how passionate Akane was with Ryoga, to which Akane retorts by asking Ranma what was with his episode of offering Ukyo a piggyback.

Once Ukyo and Ryoga manage to leave the Cave they begin arguing over whose fault it was that everything went wrong. Ranma asks Akane what's up between Ukyo and Ryoga, to which Akane replies that the more a couple argue the more attracted to each other they are.

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